How App Development cost for Startups can be reduced?

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  • 01-03-2023
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app development cost for startups
In the current time, the completion in the app market is quite a lot. Hence, you can’t compromise on the application quality that you produce. 
But, if you are looking out for high quality app, then you would have to spend a lot of cost. 
Hence, this is the reason not many people prefer to opt for app development. But, it is rather doing them a lot of harm rather than any good. 
Globally, mobile is expanding at a very rapid pace and if you are running a business, it is important that you find a place in so much competition. 
With the assistance of mobile app, there are a number of businesses, who have increased their sales and revenues a number of times. So, investment in mobile apps can certainly benefit you in the long run. 
However, if you are a startup, then mobile app development cost can sometimes be high. But, if you hire a good mobile app development company, then the cost associated with it would significantly drop down. 
The reason is that they avoid certain mistakes and use some of the best strategies such that the development cost is reduced. 
So, in this blog, we would talk about how app development cost for startups can be reduced. Let’s dive in:- 

How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App?

In general, to develop a mobile app, it can cost you anywhere $35000 - $300000. 
There are a number of factors that lead to the mobile app development cost. These are design process, app development agency location, platform used etc. 
So, based on the complexity of the mobile app, the cost of development would increase. 
Further, if you are developing custom app, then the cost would be significantly increased as well. 
The reason is that there are not many expert developers who can work on customized project. Besides this, modern technologies and tools need to be integrated as well. 
Also, once the robustness and complexity increases, app development cost increases as well. 
Some of the other factors which contribute towards the cost are backend security, adding complex features, app maintenance etc. 

How the App Development Cost for Startups is reduced? 

First of all, it is important that you hire a reputed app development company. After this, there are a number of techniques which can be used through which startup cost is reduced. Let us have a look about them:- 
  • Developing MVP 

MVP is basically a model in few features of the product is added and in the process the cost associated with it is low. Further, it can be released publicly in order to get the feedback for the same. 
In this way, the money and time which is spent on building the app for the very first time is avoided. After this, based on the feedbacks that you get, you can develop original product. 
  • UI/UX Simplicity 

One of the best ways through which app development cost can be reduced is by opting for elegant and simple design. In this way, adaptation would become a lot easier. 
There are a number of apps & websites who tend to prefer having design which is minimalistic. The reason is that it doesn’t cost a lot to design. 
It is generally seen that if complex designs is present, then users can get confused unnecessarily. Moreover, it will add up to a lot of cost as well. 
  • Skilled Testers need to be hired 

If you are looking to save your time and money, it is important that you get hold of an expert tester’s team. This can prove to be one of the best investments that can potentially make. 
Also, ensure that the top mobile development company that you are hiring makes use of the testing process which is agile. 
Hence, in this way, the time and money which would be spent would be quite less. The best part is that through this process user experience for the app would be improved as well. 
  • Slow down the process 

There are a number of times when app development companies hurry up clients such that the project finishes soon. But, you should certainly avoid doing so. 
The reason behind this is that if any kind of mistakes occurs, then you would have to pay extra bucks. Hence, it is advised that the process is slowed down and watch the development process happening slowly. 
  • App Development Outsourcing 

One of the reasons a number of businesses outsource their app development work is because they have to pay lower cost. Thus, you can utilize the money that you saved in perhaps doing something more important. 
  • Troubleshooting 

Once the app is launched, it is important that regular fixes and improvements are done. 
So, if you hire the best mobile app development company, then they can help you in cutting down the app development cost. 
Also, avoid hiring cheap freelance developers because if the work needs to be redone, then you would have to pay a lot more cost. Thus, it won’t prove to be beneficial especially when you are trying to reduce the cost. 
  • Have necessary features 

Every mobile device comes alongside with some specific features such as GPS, Camera, and Call Options etc. 
Using these features into your app can be good idea but there are a number of problems that you might have to deal with. 
You should understand that not every mobile device tends to have the same set of features. Hence, only specific users would be able to access it. 
Also, if you add on those features, then you would have to pay extra cost for the same. Thus, you can simply avoid them but not adding them into the app. 
  • Communication is Important 

It is important that proper communication happens between developers and clients. In this way, things would be clear between both the parties. Additionally, you can keep a track of the process and the costs that are associated with it. 
  • Make use of existing templates 

If you want to cut down on the cost for app development, then use existing templates. 
You can easily find a number of templates which are available online. The best part is that it can easily match with the app that you are developing. Hence, app cost and time would be reduced. 
But, if you are looking to stand out from the competition, then opt for custom app development. 
In this way, you can scale up the app as per the market requirements which may not be possible if you use existing templates. The only downside is that your budget would be increased in doing so. 

What are the mistakes that you need to avoid when developing an app?

In general, it is seen that the cost that it takes to develop an app exceeds the budget for the same. 
The matter of fact is that during the app development process, there are some hidden costs involved. It is important that it is identified and removed. 
So, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when developing an app. Let us have a look:- 
  • Wrong Cost Estimate 

One of the mistakes that are made by a lot of people is wrongly estimating the cost involved in app development. 
For instance, the cost of UI boils down to the OS used features and number of devices. It also involves the designing which is done for the app. 
You should understand that if simple features and designs are selected, then it is far more cost effective. 
Another place where a lot of cost increased is during the stage of testing. 
Independent testing is performed for each of the OS and device. 
Hence, it is advised that conservative testing is performed before the app launch. 
So, once the app has been launched, then based on the feedback that you get, you can perform the testing whenever needed.  
  • Cost of the Updates 

There is a common thinking that a lot of people have that updates need to be launched when you need to change something. 
But, the fact is that regular updating of mobile app is required if you want to fix any kind of problems or need updating. Also, it is important to provide enhanced user experience and hence it is important that UI tests are run on a regular basis. 
So, in general, mobile apps are updated twice on everyday basis. In this way, active users are increased and performance is increased. 
But all the updates that is done incur a lot of cost. So, you should plan all of them accordingly such that development cost is reduced. 
  • Not choosing one between hybrid and native app 

If you are running a startup, then you may not know the difference between hybrid and native app. So, once you are aware of the difference, you can know the one which is best for you. Also, the cost which is involved in both type of app development varies. 
Further, you should know that native app needs to be developed from scratch. Hence, you would have to pay double the development cost. One for the iOS app and one for the Android app. One of the advantages of native apps is that they are quite high in terms of performance and provide best in class user experience. 
On the contrary, hybrid apps can be used for a number of platforms. But, there is a difference in quality of hybrid apps as compared to native apps. Moreover, the cost involved in making hybrid apps is significantly lower than native apps. 
So, you should have a fair understanding about the app that you want and the cost involved in it with regards to its development process. 
  • Ignoring the cost of adding features 

There can be times when extra features need to be added in your mobile app. In this way, you can easily resell it once the licensing has been done. In the process, there can be a lot of profit. 
But adding the extra features would initially cost you a lot of money. 
So, in order to tackle, it is important that you collaborate alongside good app Development Company. Thus, you will notice that there is significant reduction in app development cost. 
Hence, if you are having a startup, it is important to hire a reputed company such as Mobulous Technologies. 
  • Not keeping a check on the implementation cost 

You should understand that if you don’t keep a check on the implementation cost, then it can get difficult to make an app in your budget. 
For example, you are developing a mobile app for eCommerce. Some of the features that you are putting in the app are product category, payment gateway, specific features etc. So, you should understand that all of these features need to be maintained and improved. 
The matter of fact is that a number of people tend to ignore the implementation cost. So, if you want to stay in your budget, keep the above factors in your mind. 
  • Product Concept changed 

Another mistake which is made by a lot of people is perhaps changing the concept of product which was designed earlier. This can lead to increase in development cost and time. Hence, in the process project deadline would be missed as well. 

Final Verdict 

Above are some of the ways through which the app development cost for startups can be reduced. Additionally, we have also mentioned the mistakes that you need to avoid in doing so. 
With the tips that we have given, we are assure that the app development cost would be optimized. In the process, you would also be able to create a mobile app that is robust. This can help you to stand out in the current competitive market. 
So, if you are searching for mobile app Development Company for startups, then Mobulous Technologies can be your help. We can help you to implement all of the strategies that have been mentioned above. In this way, the ROI for your business would be maximized. 
Besides this, we have a team of expert developers who can develop innovative mobile apps for you integrated alongside important features and modern technologies. We have served customers from all across the globe in wide range of industries. Hence, we are capable for taking up all kinds of projects. 
So, contact with us today if you are looking to hire our team of expert developers.

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