How to Build a GoJek Clone App: Step-by-Step Guide

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  • 12-05-2023
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how to build a gojek clone app: step-by-step guide
The on-demand applications have become an important and inseparable part of our life. Whether we are crawling for some yummy food or wish to travel anywhere, the emergence of on-demand apps has made things easier for us. 
Due to the huge scope of this industry, many businesses are making an entry into it with feature-rich and tech-savvy apps. These applications have made their place in every industry, whether it is food, transportation, grocery, or service-based industries.
If you plan to start your business in the on-demand apps industry, you can get a Gojek clone app designed for your business. The app can provide different services, such as food delivery, transportation, grocery ordering, logistics, or any other services.
To get the best and fastest results, your app should have a user-friendly design and the latest features. Make sure to get it designed by an expert on-demand app development company. The blog will provide a step-by-step guide about how to build a GoJek clone app and the features required to make it function well.

Major Components of the GoJek Clone App

Before further understanding the GoJek clone app development, you must look at the major components contributing to the app's functioning. There are four major components of the GoJek clone app. These components include:

1) Customers

The customers are an important component of the GoJek clone app. They are the ones who will demand for the services offered by the app. The customers are the major source of revenue for the app.
The more the app's customer base will be, the more the market area it will be able to capture. The app must contain attractive features and an innovative design that could offer the best user experience to the customers using the app.

2) Merchants

They are the second most important component to make the app function properly. The merchants are the service provider who will list their products and services on the app.
Multiple merchants on the app will offer products and services at different prices. The customers have to choose the merchant from whom they wish to order the product.
In order to maintain a good reputation for your app in the market, it is very important to choose authentic merchants selling genuine and good quality products and services.

3) Drivers

The drivers, also known as delivery partners, act as intermediaries between the merchants and the customers who have ordered the products and services. They will deliver the products and services at the customer's doorstep.
The drivers can choose the products they will deliver and arrange a suitable vehicle for the delivery. The drivers are paid according to the number of orders they will deliver. While choosing the delivery partners for your app, you must check their authenticity and past work experience.

4) Admin Panel

Apart from all three major components of the app, the fourth and major component is the admin panel which will administer the working of the app. They will ensure that everything is going well on the app and make improvements to it whenever needed.

GoJek Clone App: Step-by-Step Development Process

Well, after knowing about the extensive features of the GoJek clone app? Are you planning to get the app designed for your business? Here is a step-by-step process to be followed:

1) Market Research & Analysis

When you plan to enter any new market, it is very important to conduct a deep market analysis. During this analysis, the market trends are being analyzed. The analysis will help you check which products and services are trending among the customers. 
The market trends must be analyzed properly using the adequate tools and the latest technology. During this phase, adequate time should be invested so that you will be able to decide what is best for your business.

2) Design and Development

Once you have completed your market research, the next thing you need to do is to find a reputable and expert on-demand app development company. The firm you choose should have experience in designing on-demand delivery apps.
The development company will start with the designing of the app. The company will initiate the development with the help of its managers, development team, and app designers. Do not forget to discuss your development requirements with the development company.

3) Multi-level-Testing

Once the app is fully ready, before launching it into the market, you need to undertake testing of the app. Testing should be conducted at multiple levels to ensure everything is going well During the testing phase, the app is launched at a small scale, and the market response is being analyzed.
Ensure the company you chose for app development has an experienced testing team available. If any error is found in the testing, they are removed, and the app is made error-free.

4) App Deployment

After the app's testing, the development company is satisfied that the app is error-free and is functioning, pre pre-development team will launch the app and hand it over to the client. During the deployment, the company will give the client all the login credentials and id passwords.
Once the app is handed over to you by the development company, you can launch the app in the market and kickstart your business journey. Ask all your queries regarding the app's working and features.

5) 360 Degree App Marketing 

After the app is being launched in the market, the next thing which needs to be done is marketing the app. The development company you choose will provide you with the best quality and impactful app marketing services.
During this 360-degree marketing service, the marketing team will promote the app on social media platforms and inform people about the presence of the app in the market. The 360-degree marketing services have a very good impact on your business success.

6) App Support and Maintenance

Once the app is marketed properly, the next concern is app support and maintenance. The responsibility of the development company does not end with developing the app. Rather, they are also irresponsible for app support and upgradation.
During this process, the app performance is being tested, bugs in the app are removed, and new features are installed in the app from time to time. This will help the app to function properly and give the users the best user experience.

Must-Have Features of The GoJek Clone App You Should Know

Well, you must have understood the working of the GoJek clone app and its functioning. Here are some exclusive features which can make this app the perfect choice for your business:

1) Gojek Clone Customer App

These days customers are very tech-savvy in nature and prefer applications that give them the best user experience. Given below are some exclusive features which make the app popular amongst the customers:
- Multiple Payment Options

The app has multiple payment options starting from COD to online payment modes such as card payment, online transfer, and other payment options. Customers can choose any mode as per their convenience.
- In-App-Navigation

The app has an in-app -navigation feature that allows customers to track the location of the delivery agent after placing the order. This will help the customers get an estimated time when the product will be delivered to them.
- Feedback Submission

The app provides the customers with feedback on the delivery service offered by the app. They can share their reviews on the product quality and delivery quality.
- Appointment Scheduling

The customers can schedule an appointment with the delivery agent as per their convenience.
- Language Preferences

The app can operate in multiple languages, and the customers can choose the language in which they want to use the app/

2) Gojek Merchant Clone App

The Gojek Merchant App is an exclusive app that will help merchants to list their products and services and get a large number of orders from customers.
- Billing Invoice Included

The app has a billing feature included in it which allows businesses to send the billing invoice to the customers automatically after the payment is made.
- Multi-Country Support

The app has multi-country support, facilitating businesses to manage their workflow with multiple locations easily.
- Accept/Reject Orders

In case any order cannot be fulfilled due to limited stock or locational constraints, the business can reject the order.
- Systematic Assignment of Orders

The business can assign delivery partners' orders according to availability, location, and experience.

3) Gojek Delivery Partner App

The app is used by delivery partners who will be delivering the customer's order. Here are some features which will make app usage easy and simple for them:
- Set Availability

The delivery partners can set their availability for the upcoming week in advance so that the orders will be assigned to them accordingly.
- Manage Earnings

The delivery partners can check the orders completed by them in a month and check the earnings they have received for each order.
- Integrated Maps

The app has an integrated map in it which guides delivery partners in order delivery and helps them complete more orders.
- Live Chat Features

The drivers can chat with customers in case they have any queries regarding their location or delivery time.

4) Gojek Clone Admin Panel

The app is used by the company that has launched the app in the market. The following features make the management easier and simpler:
- Feature-rich Admin Dashboard

The app will have a well-designed and feature-rich admin dashboard where the admin can see all the activities undertaken on the app in a single view.
- Manage the revenue model

The admin dashboard will help in managing your revenue model and make modifications to it whenever needed.
- Maintain Quality

The app allows the admin to make upgrades and add new features to enhance its functionality and performance.

How Will The GoJek Clone App Work?

The functioning of the GoJek clone app will be different for all three components of the app. Here is the functioning of the app for all three components:

1) For Customers

First of all, the customers will define their requirements. They will check the product or services available in the app and choose the service/product they require.
Once the customer has chosen the product they need, they will choose the merchant from whom they will buy the product. After choosing this product and merchant, they will add the items to the cart and place the order.
After placing the order, customers will pay from the payment options available in the app.
After making the payment, the order tracking will be provided to the customers. They can talk to the delivery partner and check where the order has reached.
The customers will receive the order from the delivery partner at the last stop. They can provide feedback for the delivery.

2) For Merchants

Once the customer has placed the order, the merchant will receive the request and check the order details and payment status.
After the receipt of the order, the merchant will start working towards the order. They will make the order ready and pack it for delivery.
Once the order is ready, the merchant will assign the delivery task to the driver and send them customer details, such as address and personal details.

3) For Drivers

To become a delivery partner, the drivers need to download the app on their smartphones.
After this, they will sign up on the app and fill in their personal details such as name, mobile number, qualification, and work experience.
Once they have become the delivery agent on the app, they will start receiving the order request from the merchant side.
Once the order is ready for shipment, they will pick it up at the merchant location. Then they will deliver it to the customer's location. They will be paid monthly or weekly as per the orders completed by them.

4) Admin Panel

The major task of admin members is to check the members associated with the platform. They need to make sure the orders are being completed on time and service quality is being maintained by the merchants. If any new updates are to be made, the admin panel will execute those upgrades in the app.

GoJek Clone App Revenue Model

After understanding the GoJek clone app development process, the next thing you need to understand is the app's revenue model.:
- Customer Service Fee

This fee will be charged to the customers who place their orders through the app. The fee will be charged based on the distance between the customer location and merchant premises or according to the order value.
- Commission From Merchants

When the merchant lists their products on the app, they will have to pay a certain commission to your business. The commission is charged on every order retailer gets through the app,
- Commission From Drivers

The drivers registered with the app will have to pay a certain commission on every order delivered by them. The app owner can choose the rate of commission themselves.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the GoJek clone app, its development process, features, and revenue model. The app will be designed in a customized manner considering your business requirements.
To get the best quality development solutions, you need to find an expert company having exclusive knowledge and experience in the GoJek clone app and its development procedures.

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