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  • By Molly Cobb
  • 02-06-2022
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The health care industries have been completely changed after the situation of pandemics. All the stuff related to medicines and medical habits has turned upside down all of a sudden. The need for telemedicine and telehealth has uprisen and is uprising day by day, even today too. After the pandemic is over there is no turn back from this telemedicine.

Telehealth services are one of the most essential services of day-to-day life. You are not sure what you will need in the middle of the night or maybe anytime a day long. So it will be good if you have an application on the go to run such your needs at your fingertips.  

According to a study from Statista, it has been observed that “The global telemedicine market will grow almost four times in six years. This number is predicted to take a jump amid COVID pandemic lockdown.”

The telemedicine market has grabbed so much popularity among clinics, doctors, and patients. The applications such as MDLIVE simplify the process for doctors and sometimes it does that for the patients too. MDLIVE is one of the most popular applications among all the other healthcare and telemedicine applications.

So it is very much advisable that if you are interested in the healthcare sector then you must invest in this industry. And if you are interested in building an application such as MDLIVE then it will be the best. But first, let’s know some features of MDLIVE or let’s see the benefits of telemedicine applications.

A study from MarketWatch has spotlighted the fact that the US telemedicine market saw revenue of around $11.8 billion and about 50% of the hospitals in the US use telemedicine programs.

This telemedicine application promises the growth of the business and that too with 100% efficiency.

The first benefit of this is Remote Access to your healthcare industry

Remote access to healthcare
The people who live in the backward areas, this kind of application can be very useful to those people. The people who live in distant or who are in the rural areas or even those who cannot travel long to another place in seeking the healthcare service.

The telemedicine application can be the future of the healthcare industry. Patients can directly access healthcare services with one touch at their fingertips.

Video conference
The doctors can examine their patients from far away. The patient who lives in areas from which they can not reach their healthcare facility in the situation of emergency. The video conferencing feature can really give a huff to them.

Real-time treatment advice
You may also build an application using metaverse that supports the healthcare industry and with the help of this, the doctors will be able to examine their patients on the go and that too in the metaverse. Well, the thought will take time to get implemented.

The telemedicine app now allows people and patients to ask anything that relates to their healthcare or particular their hospital. The patients are able to talk to the nurses and doctors.

So now let’ us know the features of the telemedicine application should have

Registration/Sign up
If you are having an application such as a telemedicine application. At the start, the application should ask for certain things such as an address, mobile number, email address, etc.

Personal profile
The next thing that comes after registration is your personal profile. Yes, your personal profile is very important. As this is a telemedicine app your personal information such as your blood group will be required for your personal profile.

If you are looking for a good and authentic application that has a very good opportunity in the future then you should ask your customers for ratings and reviews about your application. If some bug has been noticed in your application then you should fix it right away.

Advance Search and filters
The advance search option gives the authority to the patient to search the specialist according to his/her disease.

Calender and appointment booking
Your telemedicine application should have a proper calendering also you will have to maintain the appointments as a healthcare service and if you are a patient then you will have to look for the best booking options in order to get appointments

So finally

let’s discuss that what are the technical stacks required for the telemedicine application.

Machine learning
is an important part of building any application, it helps to integrate the data from the huge medical industry. The doctors will be able to make faster and better decisions with the help of Machine learning.

Internet of Things
There is some devices in Internet of Things which helps patient to determine their condition. No, really if the doctor asks online to the patient what problem does he have then he will not need to explain everything. But just show the device.

Other development tools and programming languages that are helpful for building a telemedicine application

Programming language
- Kotlin, Java for android
- Swift

Back-end Development
- Node.js
- RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC for video conferencing
- Twilio and for Chat
- MySQL database

- Elastic search
- Mailing
- Geolocation
- Firebase cloud messaging

The applications like telemedicine are very much in the market right now. And the application is still in processing yet it needs some updates such as metaverse immersed healthcare industry. It can be a revolution in this world. The healthcare app development service will be one of the best services in all of them. This article can essential guide to certain things such as the features of the application, and the requirements of they to build.

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