Why Businesses Should Look For Android Application Development

  • By Jessica Smith
  • 22-02-2019
  • Mobile App Development
android app development
In the current scenarios, if we talk about the mobile market, it is well-known worldwide that Android is a leader. There is a huge population using smartphones. Today everyone is using mobile phones and the number of applications is available to users making their lives easier. Developers are utilizing android application development to develop innovative and unique apps. It is most widely used operating software for application development and generating employment opportunities for the developers.
Let's learn about Android
Android is mobile app development software that is based on open source software. This operating software is developed by Google. It is mainly used for the development of the Smartphone and touch screen devices. It is the best selling operating software for mobile apps in the world. As this platform has most of the users, business is utilizing it for increasing growth and revenue and brings their business at a global platform.
Advantages of development of applications for android platform

- Open source: Android provides an open source platform for developers to implement skills for app development. Open source SDK is provided. They also have the facility to incorporate the existing app development projects into this platform for increasing sales and revenue.
- Easy customization: Google is putting its prime focus on providing highly customizable operating systems for the purpose of developing customized applications. As it is an open source platform and offer a vast opportunity for the developers to use their innovative skills for the creation of unique apps. There are lots of options for easy customizations are available.
- Affordable cost: Android provides an open source platform to the users which means it is providing free of cost app development platform. The developers have to pay applications distribution registration fees only for a single time. They have the facility to utilize any devices for app development. It promises an increased rate of return due to reduced investment and increased popularity and engagement among the users.
- Multiple market channels: The Android applications have the advantage to be deployed in multiple ways and the users do not have to depend on just a single market for the distribution of applications. There are multiple market channels, to create self-distribution markets.
- Easy adoption: Any developers who have knowledge of java can easily build Android applications. The android apps are built with JavaScript that is supported by the extensive libraries and help developers to build an application at ease.
- Social media integration: Android platform facilitates easy integration with all social media platforms without any complexities.
- Increased productivity: Android platforms have very wide applications and it helps in enhancing the productivity and leverages revenue generation for the business. This facilitates in reaching the global market.
- Wide market: Businesses are getting multifold benefits with the help of android applications with the increasing reach and easy access. It gives a boost to the productivity of the business and adds to the revenue of the business.

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