10 Essential Skills Any Proficient Android App Developer Must Have

  • By Kenneth Evans
  • 06-08-2018
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The mobile market is growing at an astronomical pace with Android app development being at the head of that market. With more than 2 billion Android users on the planet, the demand for Android app is massive. Currently, there are more than 18000 Android devices and over 40 Android device manufacturers. Aside from this, many businesses are beginning to take the mobile-first approach to introduce their business to the world. These impressive numbers have made Android app development a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. 
This lucrativeness has attracted several app developers in India to the field, some of whom may not be qualified enough to offer a great job. In order to be able to deliver quality mobile apps, there are certain qualities and skills that app developers in India must have. This helps to set them apart from the fray. Below are some of the essential primary skill set that any proficient Android app developer must have to develop powerful, feature-rich and cutting edge Android app;
1. Proficiency in Java Programming:
This is the number one quality that qualifies an Android App developer. In order to be able to create a cutting-edge Android app, the developer must be well-versed in Java programming language. Native Android apps require the use of Java and Android Studio, to be used as an integrated development environment. 
An Android developer or app development company must be knowledgeable in the most complex Java syntax and its programming syntaxes. The developer must be abreast of the details of the latest version of Java.
2. Technical expertise:
technical expertise
Technical expertise is required for developers who wish to deliver quality Android mobile apps. The developer should be adept and experienced in the use of Android Studio, Android SDK, APIs and other important tools. The developer or app development company must have a fair knowledge of adding third-party libraries. Being able to develop applications for one platform is not sufficient in the current dispensation, any worthy developer must be versatile and able to create different applications for a wide range of devices. The developer must be adept at control structures and object-oriented concepts.
3. Proficient with XML:
XML is the standard way by which data is encoded for internet-based applications. It shares many features with HTML and it's a structured markup language. Its basic function is to pass information between devices in a way that would be understood consistently. Developers can use XML for the creation of layout which would serve as the bedrock for UI definition for Android apps. Overall XML plays an important role in the creation of Android apps, therefore the mastery of XML is integral to Android developers.
4. Must be proficient in design:
The growth in the number of Android users has brought about a growth in the number of Android app development company and applications that would run on these devices. The app market is rich as it is competitive. Therefore, app developers in India must do all that is necessary to make their products stand out from the crowd. Creating an excellent and captivating design is one of the ways to go about that. Design can be described as the look and feel of an app. This is what catches the attention of people that then turns them into users. In a highly competitive market, it is the design of your app that people notice first, not the functionality of your app. You may have developed an app with excellent functionalities, but if you don't get the design right no one would know you. 
No client or customer will want an ugly app on their smartphone. Everyone wants a beautiful app with excellent features and functionalities. In order to be an excellent Android developer or app development company, you must have a good understanding and appreciation of design. You must know the design requirements for the app. As a developer, if you have a good design aesthetic sense this will greater improve your value in the market.
5. Understanding of cross-platform solutions:
The astronomical growth in the mobile market is causing a fragmentation with regards to the operating system being used. To be proficient in Android app development, you must have expertise in cross-platform solutions. You must know how to improve communication between the smartphone and other platforms.
6. Proficiency in SQL:
In order to store the data that is generated by the user and the app itself, developers would require a back-end store. This is where SQL proficiency comes into the picture. App developers in India must be proficient in SQL as this would help them to manage a large amount of data and these data can then be stored locally.
7. Proficiency in Android SDK:
Android SDK is another important parameter that defines the proficiency of an Android developer. Any worthy developer must have a good knowledge of Android Software Development Kit, popularly called SDK. The concept that the developer must familiarize themselves with includes a basic understanding of layout and views, action bar, storing data, user input, getting data from the web, activities and life cycle. Developers must also have a good knowledge of Android documentation.
8. Keen to learn more:
IT is a highly dynamic field with updates coming out on a regular basis. This simply means that Android app development standards will change regularly and quite quickly. To be proficient in Android development a developer must be flexible to adopt changes and learn new things. 
The developer must like to find new and creative ways to solve problems. This will keep you abreast of latest trends and your applications will not primitive.
9. Communication and collaborative skills:
communication skills
Depending on the scale of the project but most Android applications are developed in collaboration. The ability to work as a team and collaborate with other developers and even non-technical people is essential. A proficient developer must not only be good at writing excellent codes and creating wonderful designs, they must have good communication and collaborative skills. They must be able to explain to both technical and non-technical people what they are working on. They must be able to accept feedback on their work and make corrections when necessary. 
10. Must be adaptable:
Adaptability describes an Android app developer's acceptance to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities. He/she must not react negatively to criticism, comments or any kind of uncomfortable situation. Adaptability is one of the key qualities that define an excellent developer.

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