10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps in 2018

  • By Nitesh Behani
  • 30-07-2018
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Mobile technology is evolving with time and now is an era of mobile apps. Mobile app development has grown with a much larger pace than expected. So mobile app development is an important aspect to which we should look forward to. Not to worry as there are variety of app building platforms available for your rescue which will help to develop a highly optimized app without much investment. 
These platforms for building the mobile app are the excellent way to have fully fledged fast development and have provision of variety of smart features of development. Here is a list of top most platforms for building mobile apps in 2018 which you can use for your app development:
The AppBuilder
app builder
The AppBuilder is a mobile development tool aimed squarely at the enterprise. With an impressive client list that includes Heathrow Airport, The App Builder has build modes for both employee apps and outward-facing software. 
The first is the online mode and the other one is using the platform itself to build the application. You can save time building an app for all platforms. It also offers protection by means of passwords and username and ways to update even after going live.
Appery.io is also one of the app building platforms having a cloud based interface and can be used for both iOS and Android development. The builder interface has drag and drop menu editing items which help to visually edit the web and mobile application.
If one has the need to store mobile data, then a cloud database and backend can be used for the storage purpose. Collaboration is simple, allowing users to share a mobile project with development teams.
Appy Pie
appy pie
It is another cloud based app building platform. Appy Pie allows you to edit your apps, and publish on just about every available platform. With variety of price plans available, it offers a lot of flexibility for those who are starting up, as well as provides ready-made templates of games and a drag-and-drop user interface.
The positive side of having its own app marketplace is that publishing to it is extremely easy, but there is no support to publish app to the App Store or Google Play.
AppMachine is a tool that makes your app development activity a lot easier and hassle free. It scans your site for content and iterate through the building blocks to make your app. With the help of these building blocks, one can link to online stores. The AppMachine helps you to add various kinds of design and font style features according to your needs and customize your app.
GameSalad created by GameSalad Inc. was launched in 2010 for the building of gaming applications as the name suggests. It helps you to build applications on both iOS and Android without having a prior coding knowledge and experience.
The community forum on the GameSalad helps you to get the knowledge and learning from other game designers as well. There are variety of add on features also provided and you can even publish your gaming app. 
Bizness Apps
bizness apps
Built as the app maker for small businesses, Bizness Apps offers a simple way to aggregate existing content from websites and social media. Pre-built design system is being used for the customization process. 
Real-time previews option is available to check the progress and development of the app. One doesn’t have to send the app for a lengthy update with Google, this can be done online instantly and everything inside can be updated.
ShoutEm is a robust platform that provides an easy to use solution for developing your mobile application.
It provides with features like integration with social media content such as Facebook and twitter, management of the users and the content. It is a fifth generation platform which enables users to create native and cross-platform mobile apps.
Adobe PhoneGap, web tech product is an easy to use platform for building mobile apps using CSS, javascript and HTML. It uses the concept of RAD i.e. rapid application development for quick development of the mobile application with more releases and iterations within a short span of time. 
Hence if you have time constraints for your app development you can go for this easy to use cross functional platform.
GoodBarber is a free web mobile-based version is ready to use platform for any developer, which they can access from their phone’s browsers. The user can add sections varying from videos, photos, sounds, live events and more. 
Good Barber provides a platform to build mobile applications for both IOS and Android, allowing you to take control of every detail of your app without producing a single line of code. GoobBarber provides you with a number of colorful, highly customizable design templates, and access to over 500 Google Fonts.
Mobile Roadie
mobile roadie
Mobile roadie is an app building platform which helps to develop and manage your iOS and Android app. You can use the free Mobile Roadie Connect app to preview your app accurately, and you will get the view same as your users would have on their devices. 
The app also guides you through the submission process, by checking the quality and appropriateness of your content. So in short Mobile Roadie not only helps you in app building but also the after processing of it which is next step of mobile app development.
There are plenty of more platforms also to build various kinds of mobile apps on both iOS and Android. With small amount of investment one can create their own mobile site or mobile applications with the help of these amazing platforms which provides you with quick, cheap and easy solution to the app development. 
If you are new to app development you should try these tools and platforms so as to get exposure and design ideas regarding your mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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