10 Ways To Improve Your Mobile App UX

  • By Shobhit Saxena
  • 10-09-2019
  • Mobile Apps
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How to make a mobile application successful? Well, this is the most interesting question for everyone who is planning to develop a new mobile app or also for those who already have. There are lots of factors that play a direct role in ensuring mobile app’s success. Some of these are advanced security options, integrating cutting-edge technologies, offline functionality, simple and intuitive UI, etc.
Apart from above, user experience (UX) is another most important factor that also determines your app’s usability and success. So, you need to be focusing on improving UX of your mobile apps and look for innovative methods to implement. We’re going to outline here simple and innovative methods to enhance your mobile app UX.
Make your App Eye-Catching
As it’s known to all that first impression is the last impression. Your app design should be quite appealing to catch the attention of users even in the first glimpse. Putting too much content will not help your app as it misleads your users. You should only keep necessary content that users love to engage with. It’s also a great idea to focus on using attractive images, videos, etc.,to create a wonderful user experience.
Know your Target Audience
Getting ideas of your target audience and their needs is something that you can’t avoid, if you wish to improve UX of your mobile app. It’s advisable to go through the reviews and feedback of similar apps to know what they like with the apps and also what makes them so irritated. In other words, it gives you a clear idea of the most and the less engaging content in mobile apps.
Simplify your App Design
Always remember, users wish to accomplish their goal hassle-free while engaging with your mobile apps. And this could be possible only if your app design is simple with easy navigation, which lets users find their favorite content easily and take action accordingly. This increases their interest with your app and thus improves user experience of your mobile application.
Provide Users Assistance
No matter how user-friendly your mobile app’s design is, users always wish to have an assistance for the product and services they are searching for or the related things. As they are habitual of getting such kind of assistance from any traditional stores, your app should also provide the same kind of services. So, integrating chatbot or other live chat option to your application could be a great thing to engage users.
Integrate Search Feature
When users engage with apps, they wish to gather information regarding products and services through search feature. All they need to do is to just enter the product name or anything that they wish to explore in the search box and can explore the relevant details, once they click on the ‘search tab’.
Reduce User Efforts
Whether it’s app registration, login or product search, the app should get minimum user’s input to reduce their efforts in completing their action quickly hassle-free. To ease out the search process and assist users with a proper guidance in this arena, you can implement barcode scan or similar techniques.
Signup through Social Media
A hectic and lengthy signup process makes the UX of your mobile applications bad. As users’ don’t want to indulge themselves with the time-taking registration process, which tends to make the signup process incomplete.
So, to make the process easier, you can allow them to login the app through social media account, which is highly convenient and smooth.
Consistency in UI Design
Consistency is the most important factor that not only plays a pivotal role in making your app’s UI design meaningful but also improves user experience. Having consistency in app design prevents users from being confused while accessing mobile app and lets them feel like they are using the same application. To get the better outcomes in this arena, you can approach a reliable UI/UX design agency.
Animated Transition
Be it animated progress, indicators, login screen, or any other things, animation witnessed its wide use in mobile applications to improve its usability. Transition is another crucial factor that also tends to make or break your app’s user experience.
Today, animated transition is quite in vogue nowadays and lets users engage with app by a long time with a great experience.
App Loading Speed
No matter how good your app design is, it will not engage users if your mobile app is slow. Mobile users don’t want to wait for a long time for page loading and eventually abandon using your apps and uninstall it. Your app should be quick to load and not take more than 5 seconds to download.
Above are some reliable ways that help you improve user experience of your mobile app. Doing this helps you enjoy maximum user engagement, increases product sales and revenue.

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