11 Reasons To Choose Android Development As A Career

  • By Kenneth Evans
  • 18-07-2018
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As a young person, choosing a career path can sometimes be challenging. This is due partly to the wide range of options available. However, if you are into IT, and most specifically a programmer, then opting for Android development as a career is the best option. There is an astronomical rise in the number of people using smartphones. Our smartphones have become an indispensable aspect of our lives. In the global market for smartphones, Android accounts for more than 70%. Most people prefer to use Android platform rather than iOS or Windows. Currently, there are more than a billion Android users in the world
This huge interest in Android devices has made Android app development a very popular career option for programmers. One reason for the astronomical interest in Android devices is its open source nature. This allows it to be open to anyone who wishes to develop on its basic framework. The demand for Android developers is on a high as businesses require to hire an android app developer to market their business. If you are still not sure regarding the choice of Android development as a career option, then read on to find out the benefit of this career choice;
1. Open source:
This is perhaps the number one reason for the huge popularity of the platform and equally the number one reason to consider Android app development as a career option. Android is an open source platform requiring no license fee. This means that the software is free to use. App Developers India can, therefore, develop modify the framework to develop apps which they can use to earn a living. This is a very nice career option as it does not cost you anything to begin, except knowledge and perhaps experience.
2. Support:
No one is an island of knowledge, no one knows it all. This simply means that whether you a complete beginner or a pro you can run into challenges while developing your Android applications. But there is really nothing to worry about. To find a solution to whatever snag that intrudes your way, go online and search for a solution. You can be rest assured there are dozens of resources and documentation online that can be of help when you hire android app developer or during your development process.
3. Monetization of apps:
You must have been wondering where your income would come from. You don't have to worry. Although Android apps are majorly free to download, app developers in India can earn huge income by allowing advert on your app. The better and more popular your app the more you can earn. Running adverts on your apps is a sure way of minting money.
4. Access:
The cost and access to raw materials or resources is one of the major challenges that many young people have when considering starting a new business. But there is a different story when it comes to android app development. Android development does not require physical infrastructure, the open source platform can be accessed at any place, this could be at home, office, park etc, as long as there is a computer and it is connected to the internet. This simply means you can start your business from anywhere, literally.
5. Opportunities to excel:
There is a continuous increase in the number of smartphone users in the world. This has brought about an increase in the demand for Android app developers in India. Businesses that are interested in interacting more closely with their customers hire Android app developer to develop android apps. These apps can also be used by them to gain visibility and popularize their brand. As an android app developer in India, you can gain a tremendous reputation for developing outstanding and user-friendly apps that can give you the opportunity needed to excel. 
6. Affordable go-to-market cost:
After the completion of your Android app development, you are required to make the app available on the appropriate platform, i.e. Google Play Store. The process of making your app available for user download is seamless, easy and most affordable compared to other operating systems. Also, Google allows your app to be available for user download faster than what is obtainable in another platform.
7. Easy to download:
easy to download
The user-friendliness of the Android platform can be seen also from the working of Google Play Store. After uploading your app in the store, it is very easy for users to download it. Aside from the ease of usage, the download speed is also another thing to be interested about. The apps download at a very fast rate.
8. Easy to customize:
When it comes to features, no other platform matches the feature-rich platform that android offers. Android comes with many options geared at keeping developers mind creative as well as giving them power to create whatever they want to create. When it comes to android app development, the only limitation you have is your imagination. 
9. Multiple distribution channels:
Google is described as the king of the internet, owning platforms such as Google +, Gmail, YouTube etc. Google also owns Android. Therefore, when you hire android app developer or develop your Android app, Google brings all its products to bear in the promoting and marketing of your app. They make all of their platforms available to you so you can reach a greater number audience as soon as your app is launched. The more avenues for the promotion of your app, the greater the number of people you would reach and the higher your revenue.
10. Support extensive graphics:
Graphics is an integral aspect of any development process. The graphics of an app goes a long way in determining user acceptance and interaction. The Android platform offers developers both 2-d and 3-d graphics suites, giving them the power to create some awesome app graphics.
11. Regular updates:
Android cares about its users and app developers in India and does all that is possible to ensure that they keep up with the competition. This usually requires them to update their platform frequently. These regular updates does not just help them keep up with the competition but it also helps to fix any bugs that is present in the previous version. 

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