21 Tips To Become A Successful Mobile Application Developer In 2020

  • By Akash Sharma
  • 15-11-2019
  • Mobile Apps
tips to become successful mobile app developer
The mobile application development scene is exploding with the ever-increasing mobile application users and demand of the new applications. The Year 2020 will see an unprecedented requirement for skilled mobile apps developers in multiple technology areas.  What are the skills which the mobile apps developers should possess to develop into master craftsmen into their trade in 2020?
1) Existing Tools
Have a good grasp on the existing tools which you know and others which you can explore. Being a cutting-edge app developer will need you to be on top of the available technology stacks, software development kits available for your choice of platform. Being good at what you know will make you a good developer but for producing more with greater efficiency and awesome end-results, look for newer tools which could help you accomplish your development goals faster through automation and lesser debugging efforts.
2) UI & UX
The mobile apps are the ones used directly by the end user, keep abreast yourselves with the latest in the UX design. Your application is as effective as an end user thinks it to be. There are new tools ever emerging with the libraries for the UX and UI elements, be on the lookout for those such that you excel at coding an exceptional user experience. The app is successful app is the one which user can navigate easily and perform the intended functions seamlessly with expected responses. Develop your skills around these prospects to become and effective developer.
3) Programming Languages
Learn and be proficient in the programming languages used for the mobile application development. Some of the top languages used for the application development are Java, Python, Php, JS, C++, JavaScript, C#, HTML5, Ruby and Kutlin. Pragmatically it is difficult to master all of these, but you need to pick a few which are mandatory for you to get your job done efficiently for example you may want to acquire good knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5 in addition to PHP. However, you need to have a decent knowledge about the other languages and its capabilities as well.
4) Cross Platform
Okay you are an ace developer in iOS applications application development space, but the future holds for the ones who can look at the other end of the spectrum as well. Don’t confine your skills around one platform or technology. Look for acquiring some skills on corresponding platforms as well. Prepare yourselves to be master of all trades irrespective of the platform be it the Android or iOS.
5) Hybrid Apps
Hybrid Apps transcends the platform dependencies in the mobile application development by focusing on the core logic of the application through a common core web app using technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These are encapsulated within the native apps, changing this encapsulation will enable the Hybrid Apps to run on any device, thereby making it truly web and device independent. Be in the thick of this development paradigm.
6) Progressive Apps
Another platform independent approach to the web mobile application development. The web apps are rendered using the device’s browser and app-shell capabilities to provide native apps like experience. There are suppose to be browser independent and reliable to work in varying qualities of network connection.
7) Communication Skills
As a professional in 2020, you are not only required to follow on to what is required but also put across your point of view, ask relevant questions, collaborate with colleagues and customers across the globe. You need to have good communication skills to understand others and articulate your point of view.
8) Problem Solving
You are expected to be a problem solver. Try to be inquisitive about the whole process of the development when faced with problems. Diagnose the problem, think about the root causes, possible solutions or workarounds. An attitude to resolve problems at your own will take you to the next league of a professional developer and as a valued worker.
9) Agile Development
The customers in this fast paced world are not willing to wait for an extended periods to review the fruition of the development process. Unlike the waterfall model, they expect quick turnaround times of the development cycles to quickly review the progress and make amends. It is an iterative approach to the software delivery. Get some reading done on this and preferably volunteer for some project.
10) Application
What differentiates from a good app developer to an awesome one will be one who could envisage the application performing securely in the devices of the end-users. The mobile apps are continuously gaining currency in processing highly sensitive data through the functions such as payment gateways and mobile wallets there by increasing the ever need for the development of the secure applications. Learn how to ode your applications to withstand malicious attacks. The mobile application security would be one of the most sort after skills in 2020.
11) IOT Apps
Learn about the internet of things. IOT is going to be one of the top app development trends in 2019. It is becoming amply clearly that there would be ever-increasing requirements for smart devices to connect with wearable gadgets or consumer appliances through mobile applications. Watch out the developments in this space and be ready to jump at the next opportunity.
12) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
There is going to be an exploding marked of the augmented reality and virtual reality thereby increasing the need for high-quality gaming apps. The Mobile app development in this space will require further specialized skills, get a quick start by going through a quick course about the augmented reality and virtual reality.
13) Chatbots
The companies are increasingly experimenting with deploying the virtual assistants using the chatbots. These are the applications which can mimic the human style of conversation and can provide the programmed replies there by freeing up humans from providing the level-1 support. The manifold increase for the development and deployment of chatbots would manifest in the demand of skilled developers who can make Apple’s Siri like virtual assistants. How about learning from skills around the chatbots developments?
14) BlockChain
The apps using the Blockchain technologies would be in-vogue. The functions where the cryptocurrencies need exchanged for payments there would be the primary ones using such technologies. It is supposed to be a next big thing to propagate. Having knowledge about the BlockChain would be great asset for mobile developers who wants to make it big in 2020.
15) Beacons Technology
The apps to receive signals from beacons for carrying out pre-defined actions is becoming big in the location-based marketing. Keep yourselves abreast with the development of the beacon technologies to be among the frontrunners.
16) Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
The mobiles applications based on AI such as natural language technology, speech recognition technology, voice managers and Classifications/forecasting  based on Machine learning opens up plethora of development opportunities which are on offing for the developers with just the right skills on such technologies.
17) Payment Gateway and Mobile Wallet
The number of mobile payment applications is increasing with almost all banks and financial sectors providing the mobile banking services. A report by Business Insider says that the mobile payment will reach $503 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 80% between 2015-2020. As a mobile developer desirous of making waves in 2020, be in the thick of the payment gateway and mobile wallet technologies.
18) Location and Motion sensing
The modern smartphones are equipped with location sensors that use several methods to offer various granularities of position information. Coding apps to deliver content based on user’s location is one of the fields in-demand. Apps for motion sensing such as anti-theft, security, games, and power-saving are a big draw. Be on lookout for the location and motion sensing-based technologies.
19) Mobile First Indexing
The Google Crawls and Indexes the web traditionally by how the web site appears on a desktop. But recently, it has changed the mechanism now, assuming that all the web sites look same on both mobile devices and desktops, the sites are indexed first the way they appear on the mobile. Be aware of this and ensure that your mobile sites experience is consistent with the intended one.
20) Low Code Development
Explore the low code development platforms for the rapid application development. You need not write the code line by line but provide a flowchart for what you want to be coded, the services provided by this platform will generate the code as desired by yourselves. There are various low code development platforms which could be used for such purposes such as DWkit, Appian, kiSSFLOW etc.
21) On-Demand Apps
The On-Demand Apps have made a big splash. Be it the food ordering or delivery or the booking of a car ride to ordering a movie. The demand for apps like Uber and Netflix will keep peaking. Prepare yourselves with the right skills to take the plunge into this genre of Apps making.

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