4 Awesome Ideas To Increase Your App Downloads + A Killer One

  • By Charles
  • 02-09-2019
  • Mobile Apps
increase your app downloads
So, you managed to tap into a marketable niche which everyone seemed to have overlooked and here you are with an app that is valuable, user-friendly, and enticing.
As a developer, building apps warrants a mark on your checklist. And if you managed to tick all the aforementioned attributes, you expect your app to hit a home-run.
Weeks later, no one is fussing over your app. Then, it dawned on you that creating a one-of-a-kind app is not enough. Publishing it is only the beginning.
The next step is to drive app downloads. But, how do you do that? And just how important is this next step, anyway?
Does Increasing App Downloads Help With App Optimization?
App Store Optimization (or simply ASO) is the optimization of mobile applications to rank highly in the search results in every app store. This indicates that an app has managed to shine above the dense number of highly-rated apps.
By prioritizing app store optimization, more people will download your app. And an increase in app downloads, along with other factors, can improve app store optimization. So, the two are correlated and work side by side to improve one another.
Secret Revealed: Boost Your App Downloads By Taking Note of These Simple Tips

1. Make Sure Your App Icon Magnetizing
app icon
What is the first thing you notice when looking for an app? The App Icon, of course! Scrolling through search results in the app store can get overwhelming, especially when there are thousands of apps with 4.5 ratings. Your app icon should stand out. Aside from making your design eye-catching, it should clearly depict what your app is all about. The icon should be simple and straightforward.
2. Give Your App a Good Name and Description
good app name and description
You wouldn't want your users to refer to your app as “this new app I recently downloaded.” The challenge of making your name stick is something you need to take seriously. For one, never use names that are already used. Not only will you create confusion amongst your targeted users, but you might subject yourself to a lawsuit. Limit your app name to below than 25 letters. Anything longer will not show up in the results.
Descriptions are as important as the name. Be strategic in using select keywords. If a meta-description tags can convince you to click on a website, your app description should be able to convince the user to click on the download button.
3. Reward Your Users When They Make Referrals
referrals reward
Referrals work mostly because you earned the trust of users enough for them to recommend your app to a friend or two. So, why not show your appreciation to them? Giving an incentive for every referral made will not only deepen their trust, but will also encourage them as your brand ambassadors.
4. Use Social Media to Widen Your Reach
social media
How do small businesses promote their products? Online businesses are a hit because tons of people use social media several times a day. Spread your app's awareness through different social media platforms. However, do not just promote your app. Write relevant content that will allow your users and potential users to stay engaged and recognize your expertise.
These four tips got the bases covered. But if you really want your app's success to be in the bag - this final one will surely cut it.
Keep Users in Mind at All Times
Getting so many downloads will certainly make your heart flutter, but first, you need to understand the basics of who, what, where, when, and how of your app. Analytics is your anchor. By observing user behavior, you can understand and provide their needs. it is the key to generating ceaseless downloads. Universal Analytics, along with other helpful tools, can improve the overall user experience of your app.
A viral app is what most developers want to accomplish. But by neglecting your users, you can't deliver an app that is of true value and likability, no matter how good and high-quality it is. Boost app downloads by doing all of the four tips while keeping the final tip in mind every step of the way.

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