4 Things You Should Know Before Sharing Your App Idea With The Development Company

  • By Andrea Bell
  • 01-09-2018
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With the ever-increasing use of mobile phones, more businesses are turning towards making an app for their products/services. Stone Temple reported that having a mobile app has swiftly become a requirement since would-be customers use their mobiles for almost half their time spent on the internet. Your potentials and loyal customers alike spend about 80% of that time in mobile apps. This translates into a more significant number of businesses beginning their mobile app development journey in a year. If you or your company will be joining them, hiring an app development company is a smart decision.
An app development company does not just know all the ins and out of creation, it will also have the resources required in making that happen. So, once you have decided that you will be handing your idea for your app to the developers, pay attention. This is a huge step, which requires due diligence on your side. 
Thus, before you contact an app development company, it is better to know about the following four things:
1. Protecting your app

protect your app
You can protect mobile apps in various ways. We discuss one of them below along with its advantages and disadvantages:
According to USPTO, copyright is the protection of intellectual works, such as literary, artistic, musical, and dramatic. Therefore, even if you have yet to publish your app, you should consider getting copyright. The two biggest benefits of copyright include the ease of obtaining one and its inexpensive nature. Once you have a copyright, it would mean all physical and intellectual assets, such as source code, graphics, and in-app copy will be under its protection. However, that protection doesn’t extend to the idea itself!
2. Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Plan
create mvp
After the app protection, the creation of an MVP should be your next step. In the field of app development, it refers to planning the simplest version of your app. That means no excess features and only enough to show the developers the merit of your app idea. Within this plan, you will be describing the core features that make your app what it is. 
When making this plan, try to envision the needs of your target audience and how those will be fulfilled when they use your app. If, for example, you have designed a smartwatch selling app, then any details about the smartwatches simply aren’t needed at this point. Instead, describe what the app does and how it solves the users’ problems.
3. Readying the prototype 

This step is doubly important if you don’t have the capital needed to create the app. For investors to become interested in the app, you must have a prototype.  The creation of a prototype achieves two objectives. Firstly, having a prototype will help them envision how your app can be used. Secondly, it will show that you are willing to put in the hard work for the execution of your idea.
4. Find the right app developers

find the right app developers
You can’t choose just any app development company to turn your novel idea into an actual app. It will have to be the right one, i.e., a company that understands what you want to achieve through your app. When they are working with you, you will feel empowered. So, how do you choose a company that will be right for you? Your first step needs to be considering all development options. Having a plan right from the start can help save you time and money later.
Do not think hiring app developers can be a rush job! Instead, it requires you to spend some time considering multiple candidates. Draw up the criterion that you can compare your choices against. What your criteria are would depend on your objectives. You could focus on one feature, such as how much experience a company has. Alternatively, you could take an adequate amount of time to consider several features. 
Regardless of your decision, do not forget to ask the developers about their most recent projects. When choosing the right mobile app development company to design your app, it is best to view their portfolio. That way, you can see the kind of work they have done in the past and whether it matches the requirements of your app. Consider finding out which apps they have designed, download them from the app stores, and use them. Do your research when it comes to the company’s reviews and ratings as well as those of their apps. 
Then, it is time to begin asking them the important questions, such as how long it takes them to complete a project. You would also want to know the kind of challenges the developers have faced and successfully resolved. Some insights you can glean from their answers. For instance, what can be done to make app security airtight in the face of Airg Spam? Others you will have to determine for yourself. For instance, when you sit them down and discuss your app idea with them, how do they react? Do you see them offering valuable advice? Or, are they just sitting there and listening to you? A continuous flow of creative input from both sides is necessary. The company you choose should not just be able to guide you through the process of development. Anyone who can use the internet can enumerate those steps for you. Instead, an experienced team of developers should offer advice based on the expertise gained from making apps in the past. To be sure, you will need their technical expertise, experience, good communication skills, enthusiasm, and a healthy sense of accountability for the realization of your app vision.
With the right mobile application development platform helping you at every step, you will soon be holding the app that you envisioned in your very hands. Without one, you may face considerable difficulty in achieving your objective. Don’t forget to do what you need to do to protect your app! Then create an MVP plan and make a prototype of the app before starting to look for its developers.

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