4 Ways You Can Host a Game on The Zoom App

  • By Charlotte Lin
  • 20-11-2020
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The uncertain circumstances of the pandemic have kept us distant from our friends and family. We are obliged to follow the social distancing and quarantine norms.

Our day begins with working from home, spending time on social media, reminiscing the olden times, binge-watching tv shows, and then going back to sleep. And the next day? Its the same thing all over again!

People have started connecting to their distant friends and families through Zoom calls. But how long can one enjoy the small talk that follows after every call?

A little bit of spice makes everything nice! It's time for you to spice up your zoom calls by hosting games that you can play to connect. Here are four ways you can host games on the Zoom app.

What you will need to host these games 

Apart from a laptop and the downloaded version of Zoom, you will need a stable internet connection. The last thing you will want is a frozen screen when you are trying to explain the rules to your game. If you are using the free version of Zoom, note that it will allow you to share your screen only for 40 minutes. Don't worry! You can always join the meeting again by creating a recurring link.

If you want a hassle-free experience on Zoom with no time limit on the meeting, the paid version is here to your rescue!

1. Exciting escape room challenge 
Escape rooms
are one of the most exciting ways to spend time with your loved ones. The good news is that escape brands have started designing virtual escape rooms. Now you can bring the mystery and fun of an escape game right to your living room! Here’s how you can do it!

Choose your favorite escape room brand – There are plenty of escape room brands that have virtual rooms. The advantage is you are not limited to any brand in your location. You can book escape rooms from any brand across the world. The only thing you have to look after is the timing, in case they are located in a different time zone.

Open their official website – Every brand has their own website with detailed information on the games they have to offer, to the prices and booking.

Select a room – Every room has a different plot, storyline and theme. Some can have a spooky theme like dungeons and haunted houses, while others can be focused on mystery and investigation. Ring up your teammates while you make this decision so that everyone is satisfied with the room you have chosen.

Select a suitable date and time – Make sure you opt for a time when all your teammates are free and ready to play. Evening time is most suitable for this as everyone is usually having their tea/leisure time.

Make your booking – After you are done selecting your preferences, select the number of members and pay up the individual fees. The staff will then send you a Zoom link, a couple of hours prior to the game so that you can send it to your teammates.

Invite and host! - Send your teammates the link and join a few minutes before making sure there are no technical issues. The escape room staff will then join along and explain the rules to you before they start. They will make sure you have an amazing experience all along! So what are you waiting for? Book your room and get escaping!

2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt  
Scavenger Hunts are a perfect idea for Zoom games if your team includes energetic members like kids and teens. This game is simple to host as it is to play. Here's how you do it.

Make your team - Since this game includes a lot of running around, make sure you have a team with younger and enthusiastic people. 

Jot down a list - Write down a list of household objects that is present in most homes. Some of the items can include a roll of tape, red nail polish, straw, juice box, plastic spoon, etc.

Host the game! - Readout these item's names. The first person to find these things and show them to the screen will be declared the winners. With all the running around, this game is best for couch potatoes! A scavenger hunt will guarantee a fun and exciting time!

3. Singing whisper challenge 
This game is for all you music enthusiasts out there! In this challenge, one of the members will have their microphones muted. They will then have to sing a song assigned to them by you, while the other players will guess what they are singing. 

The idea originated from the Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon when he played this challenge with Millie Bobby Brown on a Zoom call. 

Make a list of songs - Include a minimum of twenty songs that are popular and make sure most of your teammates are familiar with them. Try splitting them into genre categories like pop, country, and rock.

Host your zoom call! - Choose a participant at random and assign them their song. Tell them to incorporate actions and little dances while lip-syncing to make the song easier to identify. Have a good laugh watching them act like a mime while the other member wracks their brains trying to figure the song!

4. Virtual trivia games 
This is another game that you can host easily using an online quiz creator through the following steps. These are majorly used in online classes but can be used as party games as well!

Create the game - Search the website triviamaker.com on google. Choose a game style among grid, trivia, or feud.

Customize - The site has many themes that you can use to customize your game. Give your game a description and you’re ready to go!

Launch the game - When you launch it, the site will ask you how you want to display it to your team members.

Start your Zoom call! - Invite your friends and family, share your screen and watch them think long and hard! This trivia night will be both fun and informative!

Since partying with friends and meeting them over the weekend aren’t safe options anymore, connecting to people through screens has become the new normal. With the help of the ever-growing technology, no one seems to live far off and the people living across continents show up on our screens with a click. Now that we have found a way to connect to our loved ones, hosting games through video-conferencing apps and keeping the happy spirit alive is of utmost importance in such trying times. To be the one that keeps the fire of living a happy and fulfilled life ablaze is a joy! Try out one of the few ways you can bring people together to add some life to their mundane routines! 

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