5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

  • By Anurag Vats
  • 02-07-2019
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reasons why your business needs its own mobile app
Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. From booking cabs to ordering food; mobile apps have not only made our lives easier but have also changed the way we transact. The present generation has embraced mobile applications for almost everything; from reading the morning news to playing games, entertainment, booking and food delivery apps.
The deciding parameters of a good app is its user-friendly interface, navigation options and value-added services. Mobile apps have given both large brands and small businesses a common ground to compete. A new brand can even grow exponentially if its app breaks the trends and penetrates the market.
One thing is for sure, a company with an innovative and user-friendly app goes farther than an organization which hasn’t adapted to the world of smartphones.
If you still aren’t convinced about the necessity of building a mobile platform, here are the top five reasons why your business needs its own mobile app.
1. Use Mobile Apps as a Marketing Tool
You can use your app as an effective marketing tool through which you can efficiently push products and services that you offer. With timely notifications, you can promote upcoming products and services or educate the users about offers and discounts.
Apps also let you catalogue different sections and categories which provides the user a variety of options to choose from. With the data acquired by analysing the sell and purchase, you can also receive insights about which products sell like hot cakes and which ones don’t. With the help of an efficient application performance management software, you can easily keep a track of the user data and statistics. After understanding the demand, you can modify your inventory accordingly.
2. Be Visible to The Clients Constantly
According to a study by Millward Brown, people across the globe spend around 147 minutes on their Smartphone in a day. However, we only use a handful of mobile apps often, amongst the list of applications we have on our phones. The reason is utilitarian, as we use those apps that we need; such as banking apps, food delivery apps, music and entertainment apps, and gaming apps, to name a few. Some of the best security apps are also available in online marketplaces to keep your personal data safe.
In order to find any application in a widget on the mobile device manager, the user goes through other useful apps.  The users’ mind subconsciously records catchy texts and icons and remembers to use them when needed. This can be advantageous to businesses who are providing something unique and appealing.
3. Connect with Customers for Feedback Directly
Mobile applications are really easy to use and can be opened with one tap. Moreover, it empowers the user to send positive/negative feedbacks to the brand with the help of the app itself. It also enables users to read reviews about the app, the brand and the products they’re offering. Hence, mobile apps are important for the users to connect with the company as well as fellow consumers as they are often available on the public domain.
4. Create a Useful Marketing Channel
A mobile application is multifunctional. From browsing for products and services, to choosing, purchasing, ordering and payments; you can follow step-by-step process to complete a transaction. For instance, some of the best mobile data backup apps provide a step-by-step process to secure your data.
Apart from this, it can also provide information about the organisation, provide personalised accounts to specific users and much more. With the help of applications companies can provide push notification services to the customers who can receive updates on offers, discounts and new products.
5. Beat Market Competition
Even in the current day, apps are a disruptive model to expand your business as people are more focused on physical stores. Apps offer everything that a physical store does, minus the hassle. It makes shopping extremely convenient and brings your product or service to your doorstep. Hence it removes competition as not many local businesses have yet entered this domain.
In Conclusion
Mobile apps are a smart and efficient tool to take you’re your business to the next level. They help businesses to create a virtual space for marketing, management and sales all encompassed in a single platform.

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