5 Things to Know for Keeping up Google Play

  • By Manisha
  • 28-08-2018
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Google Play Stores which is made available on the Android operating system. As per the statistics, there are around 2 billion Android users all around the globe. In order to satisfy, these many numbers of users, the app developers behind the screen are playing a great role. The various app developers and app publishers are giving their best to deliver the best services for the huge number of users. Not just creation, but also its regular updation, and being prepared for changes are always welcomed in the Google Play ecosystem. Let us discuss the various things which has to be taken care for being keeping up with Google Play.
Reentry of Google Play Awards
Awards are always encourages. This gives a lot of energy to the mobile app developers to perform better. The Google play awards for this year happened on 18th of May at Google I/O. In this ceremony, the various Android apps developers who have done an outstanding role in their respective role. It is a mark of appreciation for their innovations and ability to adopt new platforms, helping in maintaining the quality standards of the Google play and thus providing the users with the amazing experience in using it. The parameters for judging the efficiency of the developers were exceptional technical performance, star rating, and freshness. 
‘Google Play Protect’ supports Android App Security
google play protect
There is a very high need for security. This has created the huge demand for the introduction of a lot many security systems. Owing to such, Google has launched the latest security system, in which this security system will continuously keep an eye on all the apps on the android device for security reasons. This constant checking system is being named as ‘Google Play Protect’. With the help of this Google Play Protect, all the android apps on the android devices are protected. This protection is achieved by regularly updating the apps and if in any case, any suspicious errors are founds, will take action to eliminate it. This Google Play Protect runs by default in the background, but if the user wants to particular update an app, he or she can do it by clicking on the update of that particular mobile app. And in any case, if any app is not downloaded from Google app stores, then this Google play protect will warn about it.
Top Developer Programs have discontinued
Retirement is for everything. Same as the top developer programs. The top developer program has been discontinued by the Google play. It is not displayed anymore. But, the selected app can be seen with the option of ‘Editor’s Choice’ badge. 
This kind of removing the app from the Google play store is to keep up the quality of the Google play store. It is fact that not all the app will be of high quality. The Google play aims at the individual apps and games which worth with the help of their editorial board.
Not only removing the top developer’s app but also, android excellence is also recognized. Android excellence collection will display the games and apps which deliver the user with the best experience on Android, as reported by Google blog post. The various best features which are expected from an ideal app are a great design, localization, best practices, technical performance, and device optimization. 
The Google Play Store Icon is been Updated
Google always go with the simple designing’s. Same as with the Google play store Icon. Earlier the Google play store is used to have just the colorful play store triangle, but from May, this colorful play store triangle is being seen in a shopping bag. The color of this shopping bag is grey, into which is the multicolored Google play store triangle. The edges are this new icon are smoothened with round edges. It will undoubtedly suit all kinds of backgrounds. This new icon is first seen in pixel devices, but Google will soon launch the new icon in other android devices too. 
Updation of Policies on Google Play
Not only the Google apps but also the various policies for the developers are also updated. Google has revised the policies of reviews, ratings, install policy and malicious behavior policy. 
As per the new update on the reviews, install policy and ratings, no developer can manipulate or affect the placement of any of the apps in the Google play. Neither they can affect the rating of the app. This kind of restrictions are needed in order to keep the fraudulence levels at check. No developer can influence the user to rate any app in return of some favor. 
This kind of Policy introduced by the Google is helping in bringing down the rate of steal data or monitoring the data. The various apps on the Google play store need to be updated using the Google’s mechanism only. 

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