5 Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile App

  • By Nimesh Gohil
  • 27-07-2020
  • Mobile Apps
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Since mobile devices have increasingly become a part of every customer’s life and they are keeping customers connected with the brand and brand owners. They are also considered the new battleground for brand loyalty. If a business wants to retain its customers and capitalize on their digital savvy behavior, they must build a compelling mobile presence through mobile applications.

In the competitive market, businesses are striving hard to win customers and increase their retail value. They have to be vigilant more than ever as customers have various choices to choose your competitor over you. Creating brand loyalty is a vital prerequisite and is not as easy as you think of for the success of every business. However, just providing customer-centric & high-quality services or selling good products on your website is not good enough to gain a customer’s trust and retain them.

And in this digital era, business owners have to face plenty of challenges every now and then. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to retain your customers and make your brand stand out among the competitors. So apart from providing a good service or building a mobile app, you must invest yourself in engaging your customers and boost return on investment.

Well, here, in this blog, we are going to explain why developing a mobile app for your business is mandatory in this digital era and how it will help you increase customer loyalty. We are mentioning some key functions you will likely want to include in such an app.

Offer Reward and Promotions
Obviously, everyone loves extra rewards and promotions. A mobile app encourages customers to purchase their products or leverage services by offering rewards and promotions directly to your users for their loyalty. You can also reward your customers if they recommend your app to their friends and invite them to use it.

You can also set up a loyalty program that gives customers discounts, exciting gifts, and exclusive offers. This can generate excitement about your product and also grab the user’s attention, through this you get increased customer loyalty.

As per the research, 76% of women and 72% of men are likely to shop the products from the app which offers a loyalty program, discounts, offers, and rewards.

Offer Personalized Content
Since we know content is the king and key of any marketing strategy, it can help you win customers with their specific needs. The majority of customers switch to mobile apps to receive the dedicated and personalized services they cannot find on a website.

By delivering interesting and personalized content, you can engage your customers. This helps you build a stronger relationship between your customers and your brand. This will make your app users feel unique, encouraging them to use the app and purchase the product. Not only does this mobile app help engage you with your customers but it also gives you an insight of customers - customer behavior, their wishlist, and preference.

Provide a Valuable Customer Service
There would be certain times when your customers would face some problems while going through your app. During that time, they could expect your loyalty and presence to help them out from the trouble. If you can satisfy customer’s thirst and queries, you can surely see them on your app frequently. But if you fail to achieve it, you are pushing your customers and losing your market value. This can be the worst nightmare of any business owner.

Extend online support whenever the customer is needed so that you can improve your customer engagement as well as turn your customers into lifelong acquaintances. Even you can provide customer feedback form so that you can come to know the customer’s requirements and what they are looking for. You can improve your service by working on their requirements. This is the most effective way to retain your customers and stay connected with them while acquiring new ones.

Take Feedback from Your Customers and Listen to Them
When your parents gave you advice when you were a teenager, you least bothered listening to them, got defensive and probably said something like, “I really have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sometimes business owners react to customer feedback just like a teenager. They don’t consider their feedback as valuable and don’t care to hear it as well.

Every business should make an effort to take feedback from customers and listen to it in order to improve their service. If the customer is not happy with your functionality or design, try to fix it and make it more user-friendly. Once the changes are done, tell the customer about it. It’s a great way to show your customers that you are not just taking their feedback, but also implementing it and showing the care.

Notify with Push Notification
Push notification is the most powerful tool which helps you communicate with your customers and keep them engaged by sending in-app and real-time messages to their devices. As compared to emails, these push notifications have more impressions and click-through rate of 17% to 20%, while emails come at only 2-3%.

This will surely keep the customer interested in your business if you notify them with regular updates and relevant information. As per the survey, it has been concluded that 97% of online customers read updates within five minutes of release.

In this competitive market, consumers can also be notified of promotions and other benefits before they expire, to help users participate actively and not to miss out on an opportunity of any discounts.

Deliver Smooth and Seamless User Experience
If your app consists of many errors and bugs, then your customers might never look back again. Customers want a flawless and seamless app experience without even encountering bugs and errors. They don’t like waiting for hours or love to see apps crashing every time they open it.

Moreover, your app UI/UX and design should be readable and should not require anyone to zoom in and out to read the information. If you’re integrating any image in your app, make sure to make it mobile-friendly. If you find any bugs in your app, make it error-free and give the user the best user experience.

88% of online customers are not likely to return to a site if they face any bad experience.

Since people are spending most of their time on mobile devices, it’s really very important to focus on a mobile application that helps you generate business revenue. Hence, customer loyalty is an essential factor to please the customers and keep them engaged with your products.

Mobile apps have transformed the way customers connect with your brand and create value for both customers and the company. If you focus on developing a good and customer-centric mobile app, there are fewer chances of losing your customers. This will turn out to be a good result, resulting in brand loyalty and brand engagement.

That’s why the customer loyalty program is an essential factor for the growth of any business. Offering a customer loyalty program will encourage customers to come to your website and purchase more, help you build a strong relationship and stay connected with your buyers.

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