6 Benefits Of On-Demand Service Apps That Users Are Crazy About!

  • By Kartik Kakar
  • 16-01-2019
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on demand service apps
The on-demand economy is proliferating by fulfilling the consumer demands of immediate access to goods and services. Today consumers have convenient access to order groceries at their doorstep, book a taxi or a hotel and even order prescribed medicine online. Successful on-demand apps like Uber, Zomato, Netflix or Airbnb are matching the supply with the demands of the consumers challengingly.
For example, Uber is leading its way into the ride-hailing service industry. Earlier when there were no such apps, getting a cab meant waving at the passing cab drivers and waiting for them to stop. Moreover, there won't be any guarantee that the cab driver would agree to your destination. Thanks to the on-demand ride-hailing applications that have made the process much more easier. Just with a tap on our mobile phones, we can now book a cab, track our route, know the fare ranges and much more.
What are On-demand Service Apps Exactly?
On-demand service apps basically act as a mediator between the service provider and the consumer. It connects potential service providers and buyers on a single online platform. These apps help in managing our day-to-day activities in a much more easier way. On-demand apps have entered a lot of industries such as beauty, healthcare, fitness, travel, real estate and so on.
On-demand service based apps work on a B2C and C2C business model, i.e. customers are divided into two categories: service providers and end users. Thus, an on-demand app is built, in consideration to both the parties. Here are the top benefits of on-demand service apps, that both the categories enjoy: 
Flexibility & Availability
Service providers have the option to select their availability. They can choose the time slot when they won't be available or vice versa. For example, at times some restaurants show their unavailability of delivering food while you use a food delivery app. This flexibility ensures that there are no false promises being made to the end users and they are free to select from the other options available. Also, on-demand apps allow flexibility to the users to select the service provider of their own choice and cancel or reschedule the order under certain circumstances.
Geolocation Facility
One of the most important benefits of on-demand service apps is the Geolocation facility. Geolocation benefits end users as well as service providers to track the order after it's been placed successfully. GPS integration even benefits the delivery person to deliver the order at the exact location on time. The real-time tracking and greater visibility using a map is definitely the most preferred feature of an on-demand application. 
Easy Login and Sign Up
Another add-on feature is easy registration and login process. On-demand apps provide options of easy sign-ups by linking in with your social media account or through your email. Those days are gone when a user had to fill all the details and create a separate profile for each app. Also, these apps enable users to quickly sign up through (OTP) phone-number based registration. 
Payment Gateway Integration
With multiple payment options integrated into most of the on-demand apps, customers enjoy the easy transaction process. Customers pay using a debit card, credit card, cash on delivery and much more depending upon the particular app. This leads to an increase in payment conversions and overall user experience. 
Push Notifications & Fare Calculation
Push notifications have now become a necessary feature in an on-demand app for the users. Customers get notify about various promotional offers, real-time order status, and other such information through messages. Users don’t even have to be online for the same, as these notifications can be received offline as well. 
Reviews & Ratings
When we look out for a service provider, the first thing that comes to our mind is whether to trust the provider or not. To overcome this issue, on-demand apps provide ratings and reviews against every service provider. The early users of a particular service help in assessing its quality by providing their valuable feedback to others. Service providers can also comment, get notified and improve based on the feedback provided. 
The Future of On-Demand Economy
Many on-demand app businesses are now exploring the new technology trends, that can be integrated into an app. For example, chatbots are all set to shape the future of on-demand service apps. Chatbot can be promising support for on-demand services, with its quick delivery and 24/7 availability. It can drive user engagement through order placing functionality, promotional offers, personalized recommendations, real-time assistance and much more. In the end, you just need the right technology partner that has proven experience in building on-demand apps using new trending technologies.

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