6 Free Time Tracking Apps That Improve Your Productivity

  • By Jennifer Betts
  • 03-01-2020
  • Mobile Apps
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Time management is a serious matter in the corporate world.Professionals are paid for the work they do and the pitches they bring. Professionals often question themselves at the end of the day, whether they achieved as much as they hoped for or not. Experts believe that time tracking app is an essential tool for time management. Time tracking apps help employees to stay efficient, organized as well as doing more tasks in a limited time.
If you think about it, you can get more things done in a limited time when you allocate a certain amount of timeto it. For instance, if you set that you have to finish a task within an hour, you would work more productively and efficiently to get it done. In simple words, using a time tracking app will save the employees and the company’s money and time.There are many time tracking apps that companies like ApplifyLabs offer; they provide multiple features like GPS tracking, productivity monitoring, as well as invoicing.
We have created a list offree apps for time management currently available in the market.
Clockify is a free time tracking app for teams and individuals. The app is accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, there is also a desktop version of the app for Linux, Windows and Mac as well as a browser-based version for Firefox and Chrome. Users can manually add hours or use the automated timer that they can start as they clock in.
The app lets you generate weekly productivity reports and have accessibility to view the time totals of your team on a dashboard. The app also offers informative charts about the amount of time spent on work.Clockify also offers progress tracking of projects and budget tracking.
Toggl provides an artless time tracking experience to its users, which is perfect for helping them stay on task. Initially, the app was built to assist professionals and teams in tracking their billable and time.The app offers functionality across different devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux. Moreover, it even offers a Chrome extension.
Additionally, if the users change their devices, the app synchronizes the data across to keep the progress records. Moreover, the desktop version of the app sends the users a notification to begin the timer if they have forgotten to start the timer and been working for a while.
RescueTime tracks time automatically in the background and also block sidetracking websites. The app is available in a desktop and app version. It supports Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.RescueTime is considered the best time tracking app out there. It focuses on productivity and has a specific feature for it called FocusTime.It offers the users to set time schedules for blocking distracting websites; also asks if the users want to block a particular website, he/she has been on for a while.
The hours’ time tracking app has the most user-friendly interface. The users can start and stop timers without any hassle. The Timeline feature of the app lets users fill gaps between their worktiming to give a complete account of their day.
The app’s reports section is well structured and beautifully designed. It also offers numerous filters to provide more specific and detailed reports of every part.The app is only available on iOS and browser-based, which does not offer much coverage.
actiTime offers great work management and timekeeping functionality. It assists business owners and managers have a transparent work and result progress of their team members. The app also offers the employees with invaluable productivity data and precise billing.actiTime only offers manual time entry.
The Timetrack app is beneficial for the individuals who want to track their daily activities in specific time slots.The app is available on Android and iOS and provides an easy way of recording all activities and view reports to check how the tasks are organized. The app is popular for improving work productivity, fighting distractions as well as building healthy habits etc.The app works great for tracking individual goals and productivity.

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