6 Intriguing Ideas To Use Snapchat For Business

  • By Kefaya Hassan
  • 12-07-2019
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It’s already halfway through 2019. And if you can't look beyond the Holy Trinity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your allies for engaging with your consumers, then this one is for you.
There is a relatively new and thriving platform for marketing that you probably have ignored, and that is Snapchat. Here’s an interesting trivia. As of 2018, nearly 68% of people between the age 18-29 use Snapchat. Thus, it is evident that leveraging Snapchat would be beneficial for your business. Your target audience could be a student seeking scholarship essay examples or a working professional.
It’s definitely great news that you have another viable marketing channel to engage with your consumers.If you’re new toSnapchat and have little to no clue how to apply it to your business, this may be confusing or intimidating.
Luckily for you, we are here with a few insightful ideas on how to leverage Snapchat for your business. Let’s dive in.
1. Post stories more often
Once you’ve set up the Snapchat account for your business, the next thing to ensure is it’s always active. For this, you need to post relevant content to your story on a regular basis.
Just try not to go overboard with posting content. Posting 20 times won’t present you with any favorable outcome.That’s because people are going to skip over your posts anyway. Depending on the number of people a specific user follows on Snapchat, they’re likely to have plenty of stories to view each day.
Based on these numbers, you can update theSnapchat story about three times each day, every four or five hours.This will help keep your engagement high at all times and prevent your followers from skipping over your content.
2. Promote a new product or service
Keep your followers engaged and updated with exciting news on your business and brand. A new product launch is something worth mentioning.Even if your product is not launched yet, you can use it to generate enough hype and build anticipation among the target audience.
Now, before proceeding with the promotions, you need to consider how often people visit your website. It’s unlikely that they’re checking your page regularly, but they are checking Snapchat every dayfor sure.
Just because you are presenting a new product on your website doesn’t mean your target consumers will see it. That’s why you’ve got to take control of other marketing channels as well.
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3. Interact with the followers frequently
You must have heard that communication is a two-way street, and it’s the same in social media. You need to use the platform to communicate with your followers and not just pester them with branded content. If your followers write to you, take some time out to respond to them. It highlightsthat you care about what they’re conveying and speaks volumes about your brand.
Utilize the poll features ofSnapchat to ask your followers about their preferences and get to know them better. These also work great as survey tools. You can also play quizzes and quick contests with your followers.
A gentle reminderhere though,Snapchat doesn't have a native poll feature. You'll have to adopt third-party apps, which let you create polls that you can share onSnapchat.
4. Consistency is the priority
You can’t post 20 snaps one day and then be a complete no-show for the rest of the month. Businesses have to be consistent with postingvaluable, meaningful, and engaging content on social media to strike a chord with and connect with their followers.
The best way to maintain consistency is to follow a social media calendar and monitor the frequency of your posts. You can have amonthly or bi-monthly calendar and see to it that your Snapchat posts are properly distributed throughout the month.
Building your credibility as a business on Snapchat and driving engagement takes time. The only way to grow your tribe of followers is by being consistent in your efforts.
5. Leverage the sponsored lenses
If you’ve seen those famous dog filters, then you know Snapchat comes with a bunch of them. Add theselensesto your images and videos. Have fun taking your pick from dog ears to funny glasses, to blizzards and what not. Snapchat lenses have a wide range of options that you can definitely leverage for your brand.
Businesses can choose tosponsor lenses that users can add while taking pictures and videos. The average user engages with a brand’s lens for 20 seconds – and often shares images and videos while using the lens. This makes lenses an incredible and interactive marketing strategy.
6. Maintain exclusivity
How do you make sure you’re offering something new for people to follow you on Snapchat? After all, there’s no point of it if you aren’t leveraging the potential of different mediums and offering exclusive, medium-specific content.
A surefire way to acquire and maintain a steady baseof followers on Snapchat is by presentingexclusive content (something that they won’t find on other channels). Whether it’sinterviews with experts or product demonstrations, think about all the new content you can promise your Snapchat audience. This should be done even before you plan the content strategy for this medium.
Winding it up
You may be new to Snapchat, or you might be looking for some inspiration to spice up your existing Snapchat marketing campaign. The tips that we’ve laid down are going to work like a charm. Also, remember that Snapchat is all about being fancy-free and footloose. If you keep it consistent and creative with your content, you are going to witness more and more engagement. Go ahead and snap away!

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