Are you losing users On Android Apps? Find Out the Right Way Now

  • By Bruno Bourdmone
  • 02-10-2020
  • Mobile Apps
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Releasing an app is not enough. You have to make constant efforts to increase the download rate for your app. But what will be the situation when users start leaving your app?

You must be probably wondering that you have no control over this situation. Isn’t it? The thing is, there are a lot of techniques that can not only help you in retaining users but also help to increase users.

You can go with React native push notifications for Android mobile apps, offer more features, make necessary changes to increase user experience, and so on. To help you more with this, let us discuss some right ways to retain and bring new users to your Android mobile app.

Push notifications: There is no match to what push notifications can do for your Android app. Their ability to carry rich media motivates users to take action. You can add image, text, gifs, emojis, graphics, video, etc to make push notification more eye-catchy.

Moreover, you can also use segmentation and personalization to your advantage. Push notifications offer you an ability to send automated, personalized, and timely notifications to users. This enhances the user’s experience on your platform. As a result, you will not only get good user retention but also attract new users to your platform.

On the other hand, if you are already using push notifications, you are required to focus on frequency. A balanced frequency is key to attract users.

Use social media: These days social media is one of the biggest sources to attract users to your platform. According to “Datareportal” currently, there are more than 4.57 billion people on the internet in the world. This is about 59% of the total global population. Among them, more than 3.96 billion are active social media users. Among them, more than 3.91 billion are accessing social media through their mobile. This means you are getting 99% of social media users on mobile.

This means you can use various social media platforms for the promotion of your app. This will not let you bring new users to your platform but also helps you in retaining existing users.

Go for In-app and Online ads: There are some users who don’t show an active presence on social media platforms. To target them you can go for online and in-app ads. The thing is about one-third of users discover apps while using other apps. This means you will get better results using in-app and online ads as compared to search engine ads.

You can choose cross-advertising for this purpose. This will let you use other platforms for your advantage and vice versa. This technique will not only bring new users to your platform but also saves money.

Speed: When it comes to Android Apps, speed plays a crucial role. With a hectic working schedule, the audience is looking for quick solutions. This means your app should be capable enough to offer quick and workable solutions.

The navigation on your app should be smooth and rapid. Your app should provide users with what they are looking for. It should not take a long time to search for a specific item on your app. You are required to constantly work on fixing bugs. Once you are successful in providing a rich user experience, you will not only get better engagement but also an increased time spent on your app by a user.

Easy communication: Two-way communication is effective in building a strong relationship with your customers. It is a good way to provide your users with a direct channel of communication. It is good to have regular feedback from your users. This will make them feel special.

Moreover, it will create an opportunity for customers to share the problem with you instead of posting feedback directly into an app store review. This will give an opportunity to new users, to easily track you. You can prevent this from happening by providing easy access to your knowledge base or FAQs. You can also add live chat or other direct communication channels to solve queries and issues of your audience.

Update your app: How will you feel when you are being served with a single dish every day? Obviously, you will not like to eat it after two or three days. The same is the case with your Android app. Android apps are increasingly becoming popular these days. This is due to the added number of features and more competition in the market.

To make your app effective, you are required to focus on enriching the user experience. You are required to add new features. You need to update your app on a continuous basis to engage users.

Conclusion: With an increasing number of Android phone users Android apps are also increasing at an alarming rate. This means you need to put extra and sensible efforts to increase app engagement rate. You need to put extra effort into making your app more effective. This will not only make you stand apart from your competitors but also generates a solid customer base.

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