Best Android Apps Ideas For Startups

  • By Shubhanshu Agrawal
  • 15-04-2019
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android apps ideas
Android is the world’s most popular operating system. With its simplicity and easy availability, it is very popular among developers as well as end users. With this popularity, it is a good idea to start your app development company with Android development. With this, it is obvious for a question to tickle your mind - with what app idea should I start with?
To answer this question, let’s discuss some of the app ideas that can help you out in app development.
Tax/Invoicing App
With improved business practices and minimized use of paper, businesses are shifting more towards adopting the tax/invoicing app. With this, it is now far easier to calculate tax according to income and investment and maintain invoice of the expenditure. At the individual level too, tax/invoice apps have proved to be stressbuster. So, developing an app for an individual or for an enterprise, both have great scope and are in great demand.
Home security app
With the advent of IoT, the industry has seen a tremendous demand in connected apps. Among this is the need for a home security app. As security is crucial in the digital world, so is in personal life. People are now too conscious about keeping their home, family, belonging, and pets safe. Although there are a number of offerings by different companies, yet this area needs lots of consideration.
To start with, you can develop apps that integrate effectively with indoor and outdoor surveillance, sensory alarms, and other monitoring tools. Apps for domotics are also in great trend these days.
Project management app
Project management is an area that is getting more digitized these days. With a number of projects lined up, organizations find it difficult to manage the projects in traditional ways. There are some companies that have tried to aid the project management through their services but, there is still a lot more to do. Different organizations have different needs so, they need focussed apps that not only dampens their burden but makes the process swifter.
Online shopping app
With the huge success of online shopping giants like Amazon and eBay, local shops are now heading towards launching their services in the local area. Although these local shops face tough competition, yet they are competing with giants to establish their business and mark their visibility before the customer. This is the area that demands skillful developers whose innovative apps can help establish these local businesses. In this area, online food or restaurant service is on the boom.
On-demand services app
“In the middle of something and caught in a situation? Let us help you get out of it.” With these lines, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is - on-demand service. With an app, the on-demand service providers are trying to make themselves available with the customer 24x7. While the market is still scarce of a good app, this area attracts developers to build an efficient app to serve the purpose.
Tours and Travel app
Often people are perplexed about travel destinations and, it is not that easy to find a pleasant place to travel without any expert advice. Here the necessity of the Tours and Travel app arises. Although there are a number of such apps in the field, yet only some have gained appreciable popularity. With an elegant and informative travel app, you can attract valuable traffic and hence set up the business.
All-in-one social app
Today most of the people are engaged with nearly every social media platform and, to access each one of them, sometimes it gets quite cumbersome. What if a single app provides access to all of these? Well, this can be a great idea if you can guarantee 100% security. As everyone is very conscious of their social image, any leak will present a very image of your app.
Ideas are a result of creativity and, at the time of developing an app, your mind may strike with different ideas. But, when you choose an app design idea, it is better to choose the area that has a futuristic scope. Technology is always evolving and, before developing an app, do take care that the technology doesn’t sweep your app out of the market. Before choosing the road not taken, it is always a good idea to first flow with the market and be creative with that.

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