Five Important Mobile Apps For Student To Learn Positively

  • By Jessica Jones
  • 16-11-2018
  • Mobile Apps
mobile apps for students
The advancement in technology has resulted in positive benefits to educational sector. There are many apps that are developed by keeping in concern the learning opportunities to student. Apps are useful in the learning process because students mostly have smartphones and they can easily download apps which can be utilized for their overall development. Educational apps are available for different types of students depending on their learning needs. Some educational apps are designed in order to enhance the learning process of high school students, while some others are for graduates in order to sharpen their knowledge and understanding. Some useful apps in the learning process of students are indicated below:
Memrise: This is an important app particularly for those students who are facing difficulties in learning a new language. The desire among student to learn new language is significantly increasing because of globalisation of entire world. Students believe it a competitiveness to have a good understanding of different languages because it particularly enhances the overall job opportunities available in the market. Memrise is a good app that can significantly help student in learning a new language. This particular app helps in learning vocabulary through gamification. The user needs to install memorise in the smartphone and this particular app will required the user to select a language that he/she wish to learn. As a result of this, the app will introduce various words and phrases, and also performs spelling and aural recognition which could be beneficial to learn a new language. It is an easy way to learn a new language.
Udacity: This is also an important app that is useful for students who wish to learn a particular subject in detail. Udacity helps student by offering them free online courses, and there are hundreds of topics available for the students to select from. This allows a student to easily select a particular topic on which they have interest, and this free online course can aid significantly in their learning process. Udacity also offers the option to get a nanodegree by paying a small fee. This particular opportunity allows a student to get feedback from Professional, and also a verified certification which could be of significant help in getting a good job.
Brainscape: This particular app is highly useful when student prefers to learn at twice the speed.  Brainscape helps in doubling the learning speed of a student by way of utilising flashcards. This is achieved by way of efficiently pacing the repetition of each concept, and this particular effectiveness helps student in retaining knowledge efficiently. By way of placing important concepts at right intervals, it becomes possible for the student to remember concept positively. The main advantage of this particular app is that it determines the right time for giving another quiz, and this timing efficiency allows student to retain knowledge about them in their memory.
Photomath: This particular app is for those students who have learning difficulties in maths subject. Photomath as the name suggest help students in learning algebra in a better way. The high school students that require extra level of attention on how to isolate "X" in the algebra homework, we can make use of this particular app to learn the process efficiently. Photomath help in instantly solving the issues and explaining each and every answer and this can be positively done by way of taking a photo of the question and inserting it into the app. The step by step process of the entire solution is provided by this app which is useful for the student in learning math.
Gradeproof: GradeProof is an important app in terms of enhancing the written style, as it helps in checking a paper for originality, and identify important grammatical issues that could significantly impact the writing quality. It is an important tool that acts as a personal editor and helps the user in improving their sentence and their writing styles. However the complete benefit of this app can be possible by way of making a small payment of $10 per month, but its advantages are significant in achieving efficiency over the papers written by students.
By way of utilising these apps, there can be significant learning possible among students in a range of areas.

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