Five Things To Consider When Creating A Smartphone App

  • By Raunak Pandey
  • 07-04-2020
  • Mobile Apps
five things to consider when creating a smartphone app
Mobile usage has increased dramatically over the past decade and smartphones have completely changed the user interface landscape and user behavior. Applications have taken the place of mobile websites and businesses are recognizing the power that a faster, a more user-friendly application can have on customer retention.
Just like websites, there are now many different tools and software to help even the most amateur developer create their own smartphone app. There are so many websites that allow you to take a personalized approach to create your own app, which can be useful for individuals, startups or small businesses.
If you are considering diving directly, here are five things you should think about before broadcasting your app live to the world.
Hearing device research: is there a demand?
If you already have a website for your business or just a website for which you want to create an app, be sure to check your Google Analytics data to see if there is a demand for a smartphone app or not.
If you visit the Devices tab in Analytics, you can find out if your users are interested in mobile or desktop devices when it comes to using your website. If you find that most of your users are using mobile devices to search your site then in that case also an app may be a good idea. However, if you see that few people are using a mobile device, in that case, a smartphone app may not be worth the investment.
User interface and efficiency
A smartphone application must be more elegant and faster to use than a mobile website. Take the time to research your competitors' apps and the app designs you admire that might work for your product, then start designing the user feed for your app.
Think about the information the user needs to know as soon as they open the application and plan their movement. To do this, the best solution is to create complete wire structures, on paper or in digital form. These wireframes will be your guide during the construction process and will allow you to design your application with your users in mind.
How much will the application cost?
Using a DIY application maker like Yappi will give you a better idea of ​​the return on investment. With a one-time cost, you will be able to accurately determine the amount to be charged for your application or if applicable.
You may find that conversions made through an app fully cover the cost of creating and running the app itself, which means you may be able to offer it for free. This will increase the chances that your users will download your application.
Create a marketing strategy
Once your application has been created, you need to distribute it around the world. Using standard tools, including social media and blog ads, you can get the message out to your current users. However, this will not help attract new users.
Google advertising can allow you to create PPC ads only displayed on apps and not on desktop searches. You can even create PPC ads that appear in Google searches performed only on mobile devices. So it's more convenient for users to download your app instantly to their phone.
On which devices will your application be available? Android vs iPhone
There are two main application stores where your mobile application can be presented: the Android store and the Apple store. As Android and Apple sales start to stabilize, it's worth considering placing your app on both.
If you prefer to choose one or the other, you can determine the type of mobile device primarily used by your users by selecting Google Analytics. This will give you a better idea of ​​whether the majority of your users are using Android or Apple smartphones.
Investing in a smartphone app is something that every business owner should consider. Although responsive mobile web pages work well, they will never be as quick and easy to use as an application downloaded directly to your phone. Not only are smartphone apps faster to use, but you can also build awareness of your brand and build user loyalty by properly customizing your brand.

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