From Scratch to Hatch: Develop Apps Like Never Before

  • By Pooja Sharma
  • 10-06-2022
  • Mobile Apps
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Want to create an app of your own, but have no idea where to start from?

Well, you are right where you need to be. This article is a comprehensive guide to help you create an app from scratch.

How To Create An App From Scratch

Determine a unique idea for your app

The very first step in the process is to generate a UNIQUE app idea for your business.

Why I am emphasizing on this is because, there are 4 millions apps in the google store and play store combined, and if your app is just a remix or replicate of the others, then you think anyone would choose a new addition over the trusted ones?

Once the idea is established, then comes defining your target audience, features of your app, goals and objectives that you wish to achieve with this app.

Decide on the platform

Once you have a clear vision for your app, then comes one of the most crucial decisions.

You need to decide whether you want to launch your app on android or iOS. Take time to think this one through!
You need to consider which platform is most suitable for your potential audience.

Personally for me, your app would perform better if it’s available on both the platforms and in return your benefits received are doubled.

Market research and analytics

Before you dive in completely and start the development process, there are a few things you need to research for.

If your app idea is unique, you need to conduct a market research to understand the scope of your project. This includes understanding the users pain points and figuring out the solutions to their problems.

And if something similar to your idea already exists in the market, then try researching the loopholes and scope of improvement in the successful products.

Time for the tech part

This stage indicates that your product is actually coming to life!

It’s now time to design wireframes. This will help you to visualize the flow and layout of your app and eliminate any graphic errors. Once this step is done, creating mockups or prototypes will help you see the performance of your app as an end user.

You may want to take the help of a mobile application development company for this part of the project. If you wish to go with an online method, then tools such as Figma, Fluid UI might be the best option for you.

You also need to figure out the technology and language for your app

For instance for an ecommerce app, technologies such as Java, JavaScript, PHP are considered the best. But if you want to create an on demand delivery app, then various technologies are required at various steps:
1. For search and menu - GrubHub’s API
2. For secure payment integration- Braintree or stripe etc.

Essentials to be kept in mind while developing your app
These are the following points you need to consider before finalizing your app-
Take your time to ensure that you have followed the correct guidelines
Avoid over use of push notifications, this irritates the user and might lead to uninstalling of your app

Ensure that your app is Future proof
Create a fast database for your app considering its structure, required size, scalability, data security and safety and speed.
Once you have finalized the technology and design strategy for your app, it is now time to reach developers and get the apps developed according to your needs.

App Testing and Feedback
This is one of the most crucial steps that cannot be missed.

Once you are satisfied with the development process, testing your app becomes necessary to avoid any bugs or errors in the design or wireframe of the app.

To get better results, you can conduct both internal and external tests. There are no tools required as such for internal testing but there are some online testing tools available such as UserTesting, Ubertesters.

You can also map your users journey to get better insight of all the possible actions a user might take on your app and improve your interface accordingly.

Marketing your app

Do not neglect the importance of marketing. Even if you create an exceptional phone app, there is a high chance that your target audience might not be aware of it. Therefore creating a landing page is a must!

Taking help of marketing channels, requesting feedbacks, sending out newsletters or even creating a BOMB website for your app can build a better connection with your customers.

Time to Launch
This is the moment you have all been waiting for, it now time to handover your app to the audience.

Inform potential users of the availability of your app. To avoid any legal obstacles, adhere to the guidelines of your app platform - Google play store or Apple play store.

To ensure the smooth functioning of your app, keep optimizing and updating your app according to the current needs. Use the feedback for your app to make improvements and fix any bugs or errors timely.

So the bottom line is, your application should convey your business language and morals and should be able to provide some value to the customers.

Create the app step-by-step and do not try to haste the process. It’s always wise to seek help from the experts in the matters that seem challenging to you.

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