Gojek Clone: The Go-To Super App For Taxi, Logistics And On-Demand Services

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  • 01-02-2019
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gojek on demand app
"A Gojek clone app is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to build their presence on the digital platform. With the world’s complete dependence on the smartphone, a Gojek like app will, without doubt, do great in the market."
Gojek is in a league of its own with its capability to integrate multiple services into a single application. This Indonesian start-up, founded in 2010, became a huge success in South East Asia because it gave solutions to a major consumer need.
Gojek was developed to decrease travel expenses by giving bikes for hire instead of the cars. It has now evolved into a taxi-hiring, delivery and on-demand services combined into one application.
A Gojek clone app is an imitation of this successful application. It enables a user to enjoy all varieties of services such as taxi rides, motor rides, on-demand healthcare, beauty services and over 50 other services all in one single ensemble.
The era of super apps has taken over the industry as they enable users to enjoy easy access to multiple services on one mobile app. This trend began with WeChat and has even taken over other platforms such as Facebook, Google and a few others. It is still a novel idea but its impact is being felt by its users around the world.
Developing an all-in-one business is not a simple feat to achieve. Intense planning is required to build this kind of application.  A powerful Gojek clone can help reduce an entrepreneur’s responsibility. They can rely on this already thriving model and generate good revenue.
How does this Super App work its magic?
The workflow of a Gojek app is simple and much like an uber clone application. The only vital difference is the provision of the three service options. A user can choose from taxi/ride booking, delivery-on-demand or other service-hiring options. The following is typically how a gojek clone app works:
A user registers on the app using their contact information. An app can enable quick verification even through a user’s social media account like their email or Facebook.
Home page
Users are then brought to the home page after registration. Here, the plethora of services that are provided is neatly listed for users to choose from.
The Big Three
A user can select a service from the options given to them. The services provided usually come under the following categories:
* Taxi-booking
- On picking this option, a user can book a motorbike or a car like any taxi-booking app.
- After entering their pick-up and drop location, available drivers will accept/reject their requests.
- Users and drivers will be able to locate each other easily using the inbuilt navigation system.
- An estimate of the fare will be displayed and on completing the trip, payment can be made through cash, card or online wallets.
- Users can rate the drivers on services provided.
* Delivery
- If a user picks the delivery option, they can deliver any type of good to a certain location
- After entering the pick-up and drop location of the parcel or document, a delivery personnel will be assigned for the service.
- Payment can be made in cash or online.
- Rating and reviewing of services can be done.
- The parcel/document can be tracked and a user receives live status updates on it.
* On-demand services
- On-demand services such as beauty care, doctors, plumbing, maintenance and a variety of other services are available on the app.
- A user can pick the type of service they require and the provider will ensure that the service is fulfilled.
- Rating can help users pick qualified service providers.
- On fulfilment, payment can be made through cash or online.
A Gojek app can do the following things for you:

Go Ride
Gojek allows its users to hire motorbikes for travel. This proves to be a cost-effective option. 
Go Car
Gojek also provides taxis for hire to pick up and drop its users. Users can comfortably travel and pick any type of car they prefer.
Go Food
Gojek partners with 75,000 restaurants and more. Users can pick from a range of options and enjoy any cuisine they like.
Go Mart
A user can order their groceries through this app from any of the stores listed on Gojek. Users do not need to leave their homes to shop.
Go Send
Delivery of couriers and parcels are also available on the app. Services are quick and reliable.
Go Box
Heavy goods can be sent through this application easily. Vehicle type can also be selected depending on the parcel’s weight.
Go Tix
With this service, users can browse through the events happening in that time period and book through the application. Users can also register their own event using this app.
Go Med
Users do not leave their homes to buy medicines. They can place orders and conveniently have the medicines delivered to the address they specify.
Go Massage
Booking professional massage services in the comfort of your home is made easy with this app.
Go Clean
Users can book on-demand cleaning services and relax knowing their chores are completed.
Go Auto
Users can avail maintenance services for their vehicles through this application.
Go Glam
On-demand beauty services can be booked on this app and professionals are sent to the users’ homes.
Go Pay
Go Pay is a virtual wallet that allows users to store their money. This money can be sent to other Go Pay users or transfer to their bank accounts.
Go Bills
Users can pay their bills conveniently from the app itself. They do not need to leave their homes and everything can be done with just a few taps.
Go Points
Go Pay enables users to win points that can be exchanged for vouchers.
Go Pulsa
Recharging of mobile phone talk time and data is possible on this application.
Features of this All-in-one:

User profile
Users can enter their personal information into the application. This allows for easy identification.
Real-time vehicle tracking
This is a useful feature for users to know the status of their delivery or their driver location. The navigation system built in the app is accurate and reliable.
Saved locations
Addresses that are frequently visited can be stored on the app. This way a user does not need to repetitively enter a location everytime they travel.
Scheduled booking
A user can book rides in advance for a later period. This makes the lives of consumers much easier.
Booking history
A history of the users' past bookings, trip fares and other information is available on the application. Any information on trips can be obtained in this segment.
Multiple modes of payment
Users can pay through multiple modes like cash, card or any digital wallet. This is a great convenience to users.
Users can share rides and the cost of the trip. This is economical and also environment-friendly.
Rating and reviewing
A user can rate the services they enjoy and also give feedback in order to better the services provided and the application’s features.
Estimated travel time
The estimated travel time based on the pick-up and drop locations is displayed on the application.
Estimated trip rate
The app helps a user to get an estimated cost of the travel before they actually make the trip. This is based on the distance to be travelled.
Push notifications
This allows the user to receive notifications or alerts through SMS or email.
Seamless UI
This app offers its users a seamless user interface and makes it convenient for them.
Categorized service listing
Services on this app are listed neatly and categorized in an easy-to-use way.
Why is Gojek a huge hit?
Gojek expanded to the sensation it is now by recognizing a need and providing a feasible solution. Gojek is different from other apps in the way that it provides more than just one service in a single platform. It gave its users a cost-effective way to carry out their everyday tasks with much convenience. It is a huge success in South East Asia for these reasons.

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