How to Choose Between Android And iOS To Fit Marketing Budget Constraints?

  • By Anshul Sharma
  • 08-08-2019
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choose between ios and android
With the popularity of mobile applications, it has become a necessity for almost all businesses. It is hard for a new business to manage the budget constraints which prevents them from going for the more efficient native Mobile App Development for both platforms which have a rich set of features. This is when they think of choosing between iOS and Android mobile app development.
Marketing budget depends on parameters like location, market focus and the cost of mobile app development. But in general, businesses invest in app development and wish to get massive growth at a stringent budget. Though it is difficult but below we have highlighted a few points which can help you get an answer to these questions.
Points to Consider while choosing between Android and iOS
You need to look at these points which can help you in making a concrete decision while choosing between Android and iOS platforms.
- Know your Audience
Many businesses think that since Android app users are relatively higher (74%) compared to iOS users, going for Android is a safer option. But in reality, you need to have a look at your target audience. If it is based in regions like USA, UK, Canada, France, and Russia which comes in Europe and USA, then it is better to go for iOS mobile app development rather than going for Android app development.
- Revenue Generation
Well, revenue is what businesses work for. The platform you choose strongly influences the revenue you generate. Though iOS has lesser users on its platform, surprisingly it generates double of what users generate on Android when combined. So rather than making an app for both iOS and Android, you can consider going with iOS if revenue generation is your first priority.
- App Development Cost
Application development cost depends largely on the time invested by developers. Moreover cost for development of both iOS and Android platforms is almost similar when it comes to price per hour charged by developers. Moreover, since the Android platform has more users it means it needs to be tested more compared to iOS. This is why iOS mobile app development cost is relatively lesser compared to Android app development cost.
- Development Time
As mentioned above, the development time is dependent on app development cost. And since more devices need to be tested quite often for Android, the time taken by Android app development will be more compared to iOS. In case, you are looking to build a highly complex app, then better go with iOS platform as it does not need much testing.
- Publishing App
Both Apple’s app store and Google Play store have different guidelines which are a must to be followed in order to publish your app on play stores. Moreover, your developer or a Mobile App Development Company in UK would be publishing your application which requires fees to be paid. For instance, the apple app store charges $99 per year from a developer and $299 from a mobile app development company.
Google though charges just $25 as a one-time payment and makes it easier to publish app on its platform. Moreover, it will accept your app to its play store in a few hours compared to apple which has strict policies for publishing.
- Expected ASO Cost
Both iOS and Android App Development require you to do App Store Optimization (ASO) in order to gain success. Though many would believe that Google Apps will rank better compared to Apple apps, in reality, Google’s search engine algorithm makes sure it shows results according to the device. ASO just like SEO does the job for you, hence having an App Store Optimization team will do wonders for you irrespective of the platform.
- Expected Cost per Install
Cost per Install is the cost which is a metric for businesses to decide mobile app development cost. It is the cost which a development company or a developer incurs when a user installs an application. In general, app store rates are higher compared to the Android Play Store. But the revenue generated through the app store is more. This is where you have to decide which one you would like to go ahead with.
- Response from Push Notifications
Push notification makes engagement with users easy thus helping in maximizing conversions and improving retention rate. The reason push notification as so important is because it requests or provides information rather than forcing users. In general, Android apps show better user engagement with push notifications.
Wrapping Up
We hope you have developed a clear understanding as to why choosing between both iOS and Android platform is extremely important. This mix of technical as well as marketing factors should help you in making a well-informed decision.
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