How To Make The Most Effective Business Model of Cooking Gas Delivery App

  • By Kunal Gohil
  • 22-01-2021
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Have you ever imagined twenty years ago that you can book a taxi or you can get your favourite lip-smacking food without leaving your home? But thanks to the on-demand delivery apps, today you can easily get these by just making a few taps over your smartphone. After seeing such great potential of on-demand apps, many businesses and startups have started taking a plunge into this market and the gas delivery business is a part of those businesses.

The traditional method of cooking gas delivery is very time consuming, customers have to go to the gas service provider’s office for registering their orders. Even their cylinders get misplaced or changed during the deliveries.

Overall, the gas delivery experience was not so good previously. But today, on-demand gas delivery apps are changing this scenario. Now the customers can get their supply more conveniently than in the past.

Although the gas delivery business is an unexplored sector, you easily make profits in it by making an on-demand cooking gas delivery app for your business. With this solution, you can provide convenient gas delivery services to your customers. 

If you are thinking of creating a successful cooking gas delivery app for your business, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will show you the business models and the essential features of a cooking gas delivery app.

Business models of cooking gas delivery app
Selecting a suitable business model is vital for any business. Basically, a business model is a detailed strategy for doing profitable business. It can help you to offer competitive prices to your customers.

Cooking gas delivery is a trending concept in the markets. However, it is still not explored much by businesses. So, if you are looking to start a cooking gas delivery business then you first need to understand its business models in detail. Here are the most important business models of a cooking gas delivery app:

1. Cooking gas aggregators
Cooking gas delivery aggregators can have an attractive opportunity to start a gas delivery business that connects the gas distributors and cooking gas manufacturer to connect directly with the end-user.

It is not easy for the cooking gas manufacturers to directly deliver the cooking gas to their customers. For delivering gas, they first have to tie up with the gas distribution agencies. Then these agencies deliver the gas to the customer. This process is very long and tedious due to which the cooking gas manufacturers have to incur high costs.

Cooking gas aggregators can solve this problem by directly delivering the cooking gas to the customers. They can allow the customers to directly order their cooking gas from the manufacturer. Also, the customers can easily select the brand and quantity of the cylinder. So now the customers do not have to face any trouble.

2. Cooking gas delivery providers
Cooking gas delivery providers can easily start the doorstep delivery of cooking gas by using an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution. With an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution, you can provide speedy gas deliveries to your customers.

A cooking delivery solution enables you to keep a detailed record of your inventories and daily orders. Also, you can keep a tab on your business by accessing daily transaction reports. Apart from this, you do not need advanced technical knowledge to operate it as it offers you an easy and user-friendly interface.

If you are still using the old method of delivering cooking gas, then this is the high time for you to switch to a seamless on-demand cooking delivery solution.

Features you need to integrate into your cooking delivery app
Robust features are the crux of any mobile app and the same is applicable for the cooking gas delivery app. The more features you offer, the more successful your app will be.

If you think that it is expensive for you to make a feature-rich app then you can first launch your app with minimal features and then you can add more features later on.  Here are the essential features of an on-demand cooking gas delivery app:

1. Vendor and driver profile management
Now, you can easily handle multiple vendors and drivers profile with on-demand cooking gas delivery software. A cooking gas delivery software enables you to add or remove your vendors or drivers at any time.

By using an on-demand delivery solution, you can easily have a record of essential details such as name, address, trip details, earnings, etc. Also, you can check the per vendor gas distribution and charge them accordingly. 

2. Real-time tracking
Real-time tracking is one of the most important features of an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution. By using this feature, you can easily track your cooking gas deliveries. By using the real-time tracking feature, you can easily optimize your delivery routes so that you can make more deliveries in minimal time.      

3. Order management
The admin panel of cooking gas delivery solution has a history of all your business transactions. Also, it provides you with a detailed report of all your orders. This data is based on the bookings made by the customers via your cooking gas delivery app.

Apart from this, you can also check out the status of your orders such as ongoing, completed, pending, cancelled, etc. In this way, you can earn large profits by managing your daily orders more efficiently.  

4.Real-time analytics
By using an on-demand cooking gas delivery software, you can easily keep an accurate record of your daily fuel deliveries. Also, you can get important information such as daily earnings of your drivers, cancelled or pending orders, drivers’ ratings and reviews, etc.   

In this way, this feature can help you to know the exact position of your business at any point in time. 

5. Multiple payment methods
Payments are the most important aspect of any business. That is why you need to integrate multiple payment methods into your app. You would also have to provide a secure payment platform to your customers for a safer payment experience.

Provide seamless payment options such as credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, etc. to your customers. If a customer prefers to pay by cash, then offer them with the ‘Cash on delivery’ feature.    

Final Words
Filling gas into the cylinders can be tiresome for the people. So they are looking for a convenient way to get cooking gas. Thus, this is the right time for you to make an on-demand solution for your cooking delivery business so that you can provide a comfortable gas filling experience to your customers.

For this, you can hire software development company or you can take help of the remote developers to make a robust on-demand cooking gas delivery solution for your business.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are still having any questions in your mind regarding cooking gas delivery solutions. Thanks for reading this blog.

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