How to Monetize Your Mobile Apps with Rewarded Surveys

  • By Molly Mitchell
  • 19-07-2022
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Through rewarded surveys, you may monetize your apps and raise user engagement. Because many companies can use rewarded surveys to assess consumer perceptions of their brands, boost sales, get customer feedback, better understand consumer behavior and preferences, and obtain consumer insights.

For app developers wishing to add a second stream of revenue to their apps, rewarded surveys can be a high-converting alternative. For a variety of reasons, app developers may find it advantageous to reward users for completing tasks.

It's a terrific tactic to monetize the large majority of mobile app users who don't pay for apps while also motivating them to continue with the parent app.

Paid surveys are an excellent fit for your app because not all apps are developed with a strong virtual currency, which is the single most important component to success with rewarded research formats.

Why Rewarded Surveys Fit For Your Apps:

Rewarded online surveys have a high conversion rate and can be used to boost sales of mobile apps for publishers or marketers.

By using market research data as a compass, you can monetize your apps with paid surveys and move closer to your objective of successfully converting and retaining your target audience with each decision you make.

Rewarded surveys replace paid videos as the primary method of app revenue. Short market research surveys designed for mobile apps are converted from lengthy, lucrative web surveys when users desire to participate.

Mobile app users have the opportunity to do a quick survey with the help of rewarded surveys in exchange for in-app currency. Publishers are searching for innovative and beautiful methods to make money off of their apps.

We need to look at how applications generate revenue in order to make sense of these data. We'll go over everything you need to know about app monetization in this article, including the different revenue streams and how to get started and quickly increase your income.

The mobile app industry is increasingly paying close attention to rewarded surveys, which are swiftly moving to the top of the list of ways to monetize apps. Rewarded Surveys are a great way to supplement current rewarded ad solutions with a new revenue source, especially for apps that have their own virtual marketplace.

Users Love Surveys

The best option for market researchers to reach consumers on mobile is through mobile incentivized surveys, but app users can also utilise them as a means of contact with the app publisher. The polls in publishers' apps should be used to quickly collect user feedback for their own needs.

Rewarded surveys are a fantastic additional revenue source for mobile apps because they can generate sizable revenues, engage users, collect in-app feedback for the publisher, and engage users.

Publishers who include financed research into their video games or mobile applications are helping the industry shift a significant amount of funding away from online panels and toward these products.

Publishers may sell their apps while gathering valuable user data using rapidoreach wide variety of paid surveys. The user interface is incredibly straightforward and enjoyable. Start the process of making money off of your app right away.

Rapidoreach Rewarded Surveys can help app developers increase their income by compensating them for each successful survey they complete.

The CPA Model (Cost per Action) provides a strong incentive for app developers: surveys can pay up to 20 times more than standard ad formats and 5 times more than video advertisements.

App developers utilize the rewarded surveys as a type of advertising to monetize their applications. For app developers, paid surveys can be a very lucrative source of income.

How rewarded surveys works:

One of the key advantages of in-app compensated surveys is that they give gamers another way to interact with their favorite games if they don't want to make in-app purchases.

It has been found that compensated surveys frequently boost conversion rates and average spending per user by encouraging higher levels of general participation.

By taking paid surveys, you could dramatically enhance your profits. They offer app developers eCPMs that are astronomically high. This is done so that marketers will have the money to invest heavily in events and premium users.

By monetizing the vast majority of non-spenders, the rewarded surveys help publishers to maximize the value of each user.

A number of mobile app publishers and developers are now able to easily offer a wide range of digital goods thanks to market researchers and other businesses that conduct rewarded surveys.

As they grow more prevalent in the in-app ecosystem, be certain that your rewarded survey gives a reliable and satisfying user experience. That implies complete control over conversion rates, display frequency, branding, and other factors.

If you're ready to use surveys as a source of income, there are simple ways to do it. Rewarded surveys give your apps a continual sense, much like segmenting your customer base.

It feels much better to watch an internet movie or advertisement for something than to be made to. Rewarded surveys are far more profitable than banner advertisements because of the high attention rates.


From a marketing standpoint, rewarded survey research sessions are a potential source of income thanks to the in-app virtual currency that facilitates them. Since they are immediately rewarded with the virtual currency that is exclusive to the apps they are now using, users are happy to opt-in and participate in their surveys.


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