Interesting Factors You Should Know in Building Your Bike-Sharing App

  • By Brenda Darlene
  • 10-08-2018
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bike sharing app development
In this blog, let’s discuss the intriguing facts in developing a bike-sharing app. But why is it needed? 
Just imagine, 
How long do you think, you can survive without food - 3 weeks?
Without water - 3 days, 
Without air? Not more than 3 minutes. 
True, right? Give a try if you don’t believe, but don’t blame me.
Air, the saviour of our life is being polluted and is the reason for many health issues, even deaths. A shocking report from World Health Organisation states that 4.6 million deaths take place each year due to air pollution. Many countries around the world are organizing summits with intense scrutiny and constant efforts to reduce air pollution. Two major causes of air pollution are industries and motor vehicles. According to the report from the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, motor vehicles cause 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the US. 
Some of the solutions to control air pollution include - 
  • Walk or Bike to Nearby Places
  • Use The Bike-Sharing Programs
  • Carpooling
  • Electric-Bikes
  • Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles
Bike-sharing or bicycle-sharing has received increasing attention in recent years. 
Bike-sharing, a solution
Bicycles support clean and green transportation as it operates on muscle power rather than gasoline. It offers a fast and flexible transport option that can substitute cars for short trips. 
Little steps towards the right direction
Bike-sharing can help towards creating a better tomorrow, by curbing pollution. Presently, it is becoming a popular green transportation choice in many countries around the world. 
Many successful transport companies have included bike sharing in their commutation process. A recent example is Uber. E-hailing Herculean Uber now adds a new feather to its cap. It purchased the electric-bike start-up - Jump, expanding its transportation business by adding bike sharing feature to it. Uber for Bikes is the new kid on the block. 
Benefits of Bike-sharing
Thus, there is a growing demand for bike-sharing. It is a cool mode of transportation as it lets you park anywhere. Bike-sharing system allows people to borrow a bicycle from a dock and return it at another dock that belongs to the same system. It is a good option for short trips across the city and is, 
  • Convenient
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally Friendly
Furthermore, researchers have found a new bicycle that goes a step forward further by cleaning air as people cycle. Such innovative methods are yet to come to practice. 
Build a bike-sharing app
bike sharing app
Bicycle sharing helps in the entire process of self-sustaining development. This helps to attract more customers to your business as most of us prefer it as a popular transport option. AppDupe, the best clone app developing company supports you with its impeccable mobile clone, Uber app for Bikes.
Contribute towards green transportation and clean environment, by doing your part of starting a business, which supports environment. Citizens are becoming more environmentally focused and you can be a pioneer in this particular segment by developing an app. Bike-sharing business helps you to earn more revenue as well as succour your part in reducing air pollution. 
You may think what a small start-up can do towards a big problem of air pollution. Do you know one thing? Little by little ants make its colony a thousand times its size. A small beginning is a disguised success. Get rid of your fear and hesitation, start your business with an app like Uber for Bikes. 
Help yourself and the world; be the change, you want to see.

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