Partner Yourself With These 8 Travel Apps To Experience Stress-Free Travelling

  • By Abhyank Srinet
  • 04-01-2019
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When it is time to travel, be it for professional reasons or for a holiday, there are enormous little problems which can totally dampen your trip. But to skip that pain all you need are the necessary tools to make every single part of your vacation a breeze. So be it from the App Store or Google Play, we have for you some of the best travel apps to keep that stress of planning and travelling to the minimum.
kayak app
Kayak gives users a swift comparison of thousands of travel sites on your smartphone or tablet. The features which attract people are comparing flights, tracking flight status, deals on hotel and car rentals, booking the accommodation,  managing your itineraries and useful information like airline numbers and airports.
Kayak can be also called as your best trip planner as it gives you numerous important details like your hotel confirmation number or flight gate number. You can also access all of these details in real time.
google maps
google maps app
Google Maps is one of the most downloaded apps worldwide.
It helps you explore new places, offers you traffic updates, info on public transit, the city tours with useful 360-degree street views and above all this, offers a voice-guided step by step GPS navigation.
It is currently the best navigation app which offers accurate directions for your travel by car, public transit, walking, cab, or on a cycle. It also lets you download specific areas for offline use so you are able to use the app in remote areas where you hardly gets any mobile signals. 
When looking for ideas Google maps will be your perfect guide to find out places such as museums, restaurants, gas stations and also let you know how busy the place is in real time.
google translate
google translate app
Google Translate lets you feel at home and comfortable in a different location where you can easily navigate between languages.
With Google Translate you can translate 58 languages in text and also hear 23 languages.
Google’s Translate app is also a default app for many smartphone users where it comes preloaded on many Android devices and is also available for the iOS devices through their web browser.
It is no doubt the most handy app when travelling to a place where people speak and use a  language completely different from yours.
flightaware app
This is one app that has to be there on your phone when you are travelling. You can track almost everything about your flight, whether it’s your flight time, the gate number and the real time tracking of the conditions of the airport you are travelling to and from.
So in case you fill up the Airport’s name you will be shown all the arriving and departing flights from that particular Airport.
The app will also show you the plane route and provide real time updates on when the plane lands, the taxi time and the take off from the Airport as well.
hopper app
hopper app
Are you one of the budget travellers always looking for great deals? For getting the cheapest possible price for a plane ticket all you need to do is download Hopper. Hopper lets you look at the cheapest flying dates to fly.
The app tells you when to buy your tickets through push notifications. It claims to help you save up to 40 percent on your next flight by carefully analysing and tracking a whopping number of flights.
Hopper’s user interface is very user friendly and the company says that the user can book a flight in just 60 seconds or less.
Apple has added it to its App Store Best of 2015 list while Google recognised it as the winner of 2016 Google Play Award.
airbnb app
If you are travelling, then download Airbnb, as the app will give you suggestions to rent a room in a house or apartment which is much cheaper than hotels and lodgings.
It very conveniently connects hosts to guests directly and provides safe payments too. The Airbnb app also has feature called Trips, that offers Experiences to choose from during the stay which are basically curated events.
So if you are planning to save money on boarding then is the app to look out for and download ASAP.
uber app
The Uber app is now actively working in about 84 countries and over 800 cities. It is declared to be the global king of ride sharing apps as it was the pioneer of on-demand taxi services. Uber can be very handy, especially when you are abroad.
After you download the app it lets you request a car(size and capacity of your choice) directly within the Uber app after showing you the vehicle rate and fare quotes depending on the cars. When you request the cab you can now connect with your driver regarding location, it lets you also track the approaching car’s location.
You can also securely pay the fare using your debit/credit card in addition to cash.
So when you are travelling you can skip the trouble of looking for taxis and taxi stands.
xe currency
xe currency app
Although not one of those beautiful looking apps, the XE Currency app is a strong currency converter app which is available for both iOS as well as Android.
The app gets updated constantly while offering live exchange rates for each of the world’s currency and also the precious metals. You have the option to store the most recent rates that can be easily accessed even when your device is offline.
The app works perfectly on your Android device and even on your Apple Watch. So conversion of currency becomes smooth and easy when travelling or on vacation with XE Currency.
So if you are travelling then by downloading the above mentioned 8 great apps and by relying on them you can easily save on flight tickets, get to book your accommodations within a budget and get real time updates on your cab, your airport, customs, etc. They are a tool in your pocket to smoothen your travel path and make the road ahead easy and comfortable.
It further helps you plan the whole trip yourself and even gives you room to twist your plans a little in your favour as per your preferences.
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