Top 7 Tips to Win Users and Influence Conversions with UX for App Design

  • By Anthony Blair
  • 28-09-2018
  • Mobile Apps
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With so many mobile apps to choose from, mobile app developers are scrambling for the best ways to attract users at first glance and make them linger on the app until they influence conversions. And with less than 1 percent of the millions of apps being successful, what did the rest of the 99 percent do that flushed all their efforts down the drain? I guess the safest answer is that they simply didn’t give users a good user experience (UX). 
But failure will only make us (or the mobile app developers) better and smarter. If you happen to be one of them, keep your chin up. Move on because life goes on, and maybe, moving forward, you can do these top 7 tips to create an excellent app design for the best UX. 
1. Revolve Design around Users
This is the most crucial part of putting your mobile app together. You need to identify your user’s needs in order to give them a smooth and relevant experience. Don’t design based on your preference but plan the layout for the users. 
2. Keep it Simple 
According to surveys, the first three seconds a user is on an app can be the showstopper. If they can’t find the necessary information within the first three seconds, then they will likely abandon the app in a snap of a finger (eeeerrr…tap of a finger). So make sure you give them a good first impression. Keep everything simple and focus on a good usability design. 
3. Choose the Colors Wisely 
You know how color combinations have something to do with designing a particular room in your house? It’s because colors are said to have a psychological effect on people. The colors should reflect the concept of your product. For instance, you can't just dominate your app with a black-colored scheme if you’re selling environment-friendly stuff. 
4. Categorize Several Pieces of Information 
Most of the users access your app when they’re on the move, therefore, reading long texts might prove to be a hassle. Provide valuable information in snippets or by portions. 
5. Stick to Mobile App Conventions 
Users expect how mobile apps will look like in general because the layout is usually similar, regardless of product or service. Stick with the basics like putting the menu icons on top. Putting them on the side like a dock seems unconventional and peculiar to deal with. 
6. Focus on Readability and Tap-Friendly Features
Mobile and tablet screens are getting smaller by the day so make sure you fit everything in a small interface but not to the extent of compressing everything that they turn out unreadable. Make the fonts, function buttons, and call-to-action buttons user-finger-friendly.
7. Give them a Good Onboarding Experience 
The moment a user downloads your app; they want to make sure they’ll know how to navigate it immediately. Provide users with a sequence of steps so they can start using the app without getting perplexed. The last thing you want to do is lead them astray and the best thing you should do is lead them to conversion!

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