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  • 24-10-2019
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popular apps in 2019 2020
2018 was phenomenal for application development. Many companies have concluded that mobile apps are no longer an additional investment. They are in demand, and therefore financial investments in them are necessary. Mobile is the best way to satisfy customer needs and increase sales.
The number of free applications downloaded in 2017 exceeded 254 billion. Compare: In 2012, 57.33 billion were applauded. Now mobile development is one of the most rapidly developing industries.
Mobile applications dominate the market:
Google Play social networks
- lifestyle
- gaming
Large companies (retailers, banks, and hotel and restaurant business) use mobile applications for branding, expanding customer interaction, direct marketing, etc. But the owners of small- and medium-sized businesses are also not far behind. They caught the wave of mobile progress and actively created their own applications.
Listed below are the latest trends in mobile apps. They will determine the future of mobile application development.

1. Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things)
The idea of ​​everything “smart” is rapidly developing: cities, houses, transport, education, medical services. How does it work? For example, you left home for several weeks, but want hot water in the boiler by the time you return. Not to work the same technique idle for almost a month? Electricity is low in price. It is enough to remotely set a certain turn-on time and ask the boiler to warm up. In our country, such applications have not yet become mega-popular. There is a “danger” that world hype will soon pick up our fellow citizens, like a sunami wave, and take it into the ocean of universal admiration for the Internet of things.
Mobile apps experts predict that in 2019 IoT will be TOP in many countries. For comparison: in 2016, the Internet of things revenue amounted to $157 billion. By 2021, this figure will reach 662 billion. Annual revenue growth will be approximately 33.3%.
It directly relates this popularity to the download ability of mobile applications, since all IoT devices controlled by smartphones through mobile apps.
iot smart city
2. Accelerated Mobile Pages
It speeds up another trend on the way Mobile Pages (AMP). Since Google introduced the AMP project, page loading on mobile devices has sped up. Besides this innovation, Google announced that they will provide an isolated search index for the mobile network. From an SEO perspective, this step will transform all approaches to mobile app development.
Faster mobile pages will help web applications load faster on all mobile devices, reducing bounce rates. This change will also help publishers increase the visibility of their ads and create a boom in visitors to their sites.
AMP Benefits
- Increase in the number of visitors
- Highest click-through rate (CTR)
- Increased visibility of the advertisement
- The highest page rank easy analysis of visitors
- Lower failure rate
- Ease of posting content
- No site map required
- Mobile Search Index Mobile search “Carousel”.
accelerated mobile pages amp
3. Mobile payments
Customers involved in online purchases through mobile applications use online banking or credit cards to make payments. But with introducing Apple Pay and Google Wallet, customers are gradually moving to E-commerce (mobile commerce).
For companies, this is a great way to collect data and analyze customers, and for customers is a more convenient way to pay for purchases.
E-commerce will remain strong in 2020.
mobile payments
4. Augmented and virtual reality applications
In 2020, they will go beyond entertainment and games. In 2019, we saw a growth trend caused by consumer demand and the need of the business for new technologies. Both augmented applications (Augmented Reality - computer technologies complement the user-perceived reality) and virtual (Eng. Virtual  - a world created using technical means) reality have great potential for transforming various industries.
Industries will primarily drive the market for augmented reality applications such as retail, healthcare, engineering and real estate. Virtual reality technologies will be more focused on gaming and event spheres.
Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR)
Presentation of products and services to customers using visualization;convincing the target audience of the relevance of the company’s products, and in real-time;Using technology to train employees in a high-tech way, which helps increase productivity.
augmented reality ar apps
Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR):
demonstration of products in virtual exhibition halls (there are no problems with space);promoting products through a combination of photography and technology, which makes processes more interactive;use for company branding and aggressive marketing;providing 3D vision of products.
5. Applications on demand
On-demand applications are now very popular. They make our life easier and more convenient, because we can use it anywhere.
For example:
- cleaning service
- laundry service
- beauty services
- food delivery
- taxi service
Why are these apps so popular:
- convenience
- availability of necessary services
- timely services
- easy payments
6. Applications for organizations and BYOD
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the literal translation sounds like “Bring your own device.” More and more organization owners are thinking about developing their own program. In 2018, I expect the demand for hybrid enterprise applications to increase. 72% of organizations have already begun investing in BYOD for employees.
byod apps
In the coming year, more than half of the world’s employers will need individual development for the company. I know hybrid applications to work in the form of an application, but they are essentially mobile websites. Their use helps to reduce costs and accelerate developing mobile applications.
7. Cloud applications
Now mobile applications developed immediately with cloud management. With cloud technology, it’s much easier to use data that does not use the phone’s internal memory.
More and more mobile apps are becoming cloudy following Dropbox, Google Drive.
According to the forecast of Cisco VNI Global Mobile Forecast, by 2019:
Cloud applications will provide 90% of the total global mobile traffic; mobile cloud traffic will increase 11 times, the annual growth rate will be 60%.
Cloud-based mobile applications are especially attractive to enterprises because they solve the data security inherent in BYOD. Protecting confidential information of corporate employees is always relevant. No personal data protected by the cloud and is safe.
cloud computing
8. Android Instant Apps
Android Instant Apps are proprietary applications that function as websites and, because of their convenience, attract more people. Android Instant Apps does not require installation;It eliminates the boundaries between the application and the website.
- access to applications from anywhere without installing on the device
- Launching Android apps with the same ease as loading a web page
- compatible with all versions of Android Jelly Bean up to the current version
- saving space on your smartphone
- Lack of loading unwanted applications
android instant apps
9. Artificial intelligence and Chatbots
An individual approach to clients and communication with Internet visitors are beneficial for any business.
Applications are increasingly receiving information about the preferences of their users. Monitor the reaction of visitors. They analyze it. Then, they use the information received to direct the visitor to the business whose services he needs! So the bots of the well-known Siri and Google Now act. If you “make a deal” with them, they will direct visitors to your business. Thus, the popularity of mobile applications with artificial intelligence in 2019 will only grow.
10. Fantasy Mobile Sports App
fantasy mobile sports app
With recent market reports to be believed, the global e-Sports market revenue is anticipated to reach $2,174.8 million by the year 2023, with there being a growth at a CAGR of 18.61% during the forecast period.
For the unbeknownst, with the escalating prominence of video games & amp; e-Sports, the number of e-Sports events across the world has also increased. You can see the live streaming of gaming tournaments on portals such as YouTube, while Twitch.tv is trending. So as the prominence and live streaming of e-Sports is growing, a demand for e-Sports fantasy leagues will also rise. It is because here fans may create their own fantasy sports league teams based on live matches. This way, the rising popularity of e-Sports has in a way triggered the growth of the fantasy sports app development market.
What is Fantasy Sports?
Well, not everyone has the exact idea of what are fantasy sports games. So, for the ones that don’t know, Fantasy Sports is a game where the participants create their own virtual/imaginary teams with the use of real players from different teams scheduled to play in a match or a league. The win or lose depends on the real performance of players in their created fantasy team.
Final Word
Mobile application development is now at the peak of its capabilities. With the help of an up-to-date modern mobile application, you are sure to attract the attention of the target audience to your business.

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