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  • By Ankit Singh
  • 05-11-2020
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The busy schedules have left us with maximum unhealthy choices, where we eat junk, sleep late, take stress, and welcome diseases. In such a disturbing environment it is very much necessary to give attention to your health, but the time crunch doesn’t let you hit the gym or take the personalized Yoga classes to stay healthy.

But not anymore!

Yoga apps have brought fitness to your fingertips, letting you schedule your classes as per your convenience and charge your mind and body with positive thoughts. Are you ready to know more?
Just keep scrolling this post, as we have compiled a list of Yoga apps that you can download to stay healthy. Let’s hop onto the journey together.

If holistic well-being is on your mind, then you must try Grokker, as it is a perfect combo of Yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and much more. App has got to offer thousands of fitness videos and easy-to-use filters, letting you select your intensity, duration, and equipment. It also provides "21-Day Happy Yoga Challenge" and "Weight Management Jumpstart" so you can start your fitness routine with a goal in your mind.

Cost- $15 per month
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For a plate full of Yoga poses, pilates, meditation, this app is the best platform for you. It has got more than 3,700 classes and an easy UX of the app. It lets you pick the right exercise so you can start to get a super comfortable fitness routine right at your fingertips.

Cost- $18 per month
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Pocket Yoga
This app is a blessing for the beginners, who want to break down every pose so everything gets perfect. You can select from the different classes, that can be from a 5-minute session to an hour-long regime. You get to follow an animated instructor and you can further select the difficulty level. The app works offline, so you can plan a vacation on a remote location and feed your mind and body with the Yoga delight.

Cost- $2.99
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Asana Rebel
As the name suggests, this app is nothing but a revolution in the Yoga, letting you experience an intense Yoga workout to beat the game. You can burn fat, build strength, and select the Yoga asana fitting your demand and work schedule, so your fitness regime doesn't get compromised.

Cost- $38 for 3 months or $59 for 12 months
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Peloton Digital
If you ever dreamt to get trained by the NY trainers, then this is the app for you. The top-notch Yoga classes offered by this app provide live studio classes streamed from Peloton's NYC studios each day. To try it out, you can sign-up for the 14-day free trial before taking the night long membership.

Cost- $19.49 per month
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Daily Burn
Daily burn is a complete package to lose those extra pounds, but in the Yoga section of this app, you get to see a different aspect. It lets you reach your goals, by curating your classes into weekly workouts. To get a personalized workout regime, you can take classes on-demand in categories like "balance" and "hip openers" with videos from real instructors.

Cost- $10 per month
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5 Minute Yoga
This app is the perfect fit for the users, who want to try their hands at some of the light yoga moments, as none of the yoga flow in this app is more than 5 minutes, which makes your workout highly reasonable to match your daily schedules. Worth to mention you can try this before hitting the sack at night and wake up with a fresh mind.

Cost- Free
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Food for thought
No wonder, in a healthy body, a healthy mind lives, and that only attracts the positive vibes around to make the most out of the current environment. With the above-mentioned Yoga apps, it becomes highly convenient for you to plan your daily timeline with productive measures, in which giving relaxation to your mind, body, and soul is the prime reason. With this hope that you will pick the best Yoga apps for your daily work routine, I sign-off for today, but stay involved with this space for more excitement to roll-in.

Until my next post, Happy Reading to my lovely readers.

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