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Businesses are making use of mobile apps to reach customers and improve brand recognition. People now tend to seek mobile solutions more often and thus, enhance the growth of the mobile app development industry. Mobile applications have ended up as a major contributor to our day to day life to maintain a business or daily life. At present Android and iOS applications offers larger part of the application market.

Currently, there are a large number of mobile application development companies in Nigeria and some African countries. To choose best and main out of them is difficult. If you are looking for trusted mobile app developers in Nigeria then you should pick a best mobile app development company that develops an app that supports various mobile platforms. Here we are sharing top 10 mobile app development companies in Nigeria.

The List of Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Nigeria |Top App Developers Nigeria 2023

hyperlink infosystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem has a rich experience of developing mobile application in the world, serving development solution for various industry verticals. With an expert team of developers, we focus on developing customized solutions on specific business requirements. They have the great experience in building state-of-the-art mobile based applications at a cost-effective rate. Their highly-skilled team of experts provides world-class services and solutions to their customers whilst securing high returns on their investments.

Their special focus on clients needs and insight of ownership towards every project allows them to give best & quality services at affordable rates. Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the best deserving company to place on this list.

Services Line:

AI Development Android App Development AR App Development Internet of Things Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Unity 3D Game Development Wearable App Development Web Design Web Development

pixie technologies

Pixie Technologies is an experienced mobile and web development company based in Lagos, Nigeria. They have over the years focused our expertise on creative design and application deployment for many different types of businesses around the globe. Their team has great experience and expertise in developing highly interactive mobile apps using the latest operating systems that are extremely user-friendly and functional.

Services Line:

E-commerce Development Internet Marketing Mobile App Development SEO Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Cittrex is an IT company with proven skills and experience with web and mobile app technologies. They are very committed to ensuring the delivery of the best of technological solutions for your business. They are made up of a very active and passionate team of IT experts who have the technical know-how and are very trendy with advanced technologies. They have gathered immense experience in the industry across international and intercontinental boundaries.

Services Line:

Branding E-commerce Development Internet Marketing Mobile App Development SEO Social Media Marketing UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


They are passionately driven by technology, they constantly invest in research and development to improve their existing capabilities. They utilize their experience and partnership with world's leading companies to deliver robust IT and security solutions. Their in-house user experience developers will capture your demands and your targeted audience. Their team of expert mobile applications developers leveraging their skills in knowing what your demands are.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Bemasapp has a mission is to utilize digital to make the analog world sufficient. At Bemasapp they develop connected brand experiences which help people attain their aims. They make a relationship, increases conversion, spurs usage and build new revenue streams. They make & market unique experiences that make value for people and brands.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design

sqt  web solutions

They provide online solutions that will help your company to reach your customers rather than waiting for your customers to reach you! They know that customer satisfaction plays an important role in attaining our target goal, therefore they made it their priority to deliver projects that will put a smile on our clients face. They are a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to coming up with some amazingly designed apps working in the most challenging conditions.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design


Their expertise covers the creation of web and Hybrid mobile Applications. They work to client specification and satisfaction. Their core values are a set of principles that guide their every action as a business or individuals within the business and they are. A definite end, a lofty goals and determination to reach it no matter the circumstances or challenges on the way.

Services Line:

Internet Marketing Mobile App Development SEO UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Viratec is a Nigeria based application, software development and payment solutions company. They utilize their experience and expertise with the world’s leading partners with decades of software development experience, bringing the latest creative and technological trends to Nigeria. To transform the Nigeria payment space with imaginative and innovative solutions based on quality and timely delivery, cost-saving, and efficiency.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design
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ynet interactive ltd.

They have great expertise in world-class custom Web and Mobile app development, Web Hosting, Consulting and almost any other piece related to web or programming. They provide their employees with enough leg room and space to ensure stress-free work environment. Their development services help customers develop new opportunities for their business.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development


Their mission is to provide the best software development solutions and tuition fee payment engine of education in Africa. They strive to develop the best internet apps with the high technology. The proven successful experiences in marketing & publishing clearly help improve ROI of customer investments. They put an attempt at connecting individuals and organizations, producing positive values & innovative ideas to their city and its people.

Services Line:

Mobile App Development UI-UX Design Web Design Web Development

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