5 Keys to a Successful Salesforce Integration

  • By Anshu Mallik
  • 27-07-2022
  • Salesforce
salesforce integration

Technology has completely revolutionised business setups and operations in today's world. Customer engagement is one of the essential factors that promote healthy business growth. You can not achieve your business goals until you provide your customers with a great experience. That’s why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) forms a crucial part of any business.

Salesforce has grabbed a #1 position in the world of CRMs as it offers numerous benefits to its users. The integrated CRM platform is helpful in Data Analytics, Marketing Automation, Customer Service, and Platform Development applications. Furthermore, it provides a 360° view of customers for different departments of your business, such as sales, marketing service and others. Salesforce also facilitates making better decisions, enhancing productivity, automating workflows, and Modernising the data infrastructure.

Salesforce Integration is not as easy a task as it seems to be. One needs to be cautious and must check for various requirements beforehand, including code APIs. Custom changes in the UI and workflow are equally important for a successful Salesforce integration. Let us now discuss five best practices for a smooth Salesforce integration:

1. Prefer Suitable Connectors to Integrate Apps
You can find profuse iPaaS vendors helping you with an effortless Salesforce migration through their pre-built connectors, such as Mulesoft, Informatica, Oracle Integration Cloud, Dell Boomi, and Workato. Although using an iPaaS vendor is a great choice, you must ensure that you opt for a suitable iPaaS software. Not every iPaaS software grants you the option to integrate on-premise/cloud apps to Salesforce. We recommend availing of salesforce integration services from well-known companies if you don’t know anything about iPaaS vendors & software.

2. Opt for an Easy-to-Use iPaaS Solution
As you are aware by now that numerous iPaaS vendors and softwares can help you smoothly integrate Salesforce with your business. It is significant for stakeholders to choose an easy-to-use iPaaS solution that lets you effortlessly perform its function. Selecting a device that offers straightforward integrations on a graphical interface is equally important for a facile integration. Having API integrations and development is a must for the platform to ensure that you can create custom APIs and integrate them.

3. Consider Platform Approach
You must consider using the integration platform cloud service for application, data, and process integration. It features real-time integration for your business and facilitates convenient integration from and to the cloud and on-premise systems. Developers can create integration workflows and connect apps with the help of iPaaS. You can save a lot of effort and time by effectively accessing all apps and data centrally without having to switch apps or use multiple frameworks.

4. Consult Salesforce Partner to Save Cost
Enterprises that don’t hire Salesforce Integration experts may realise later that their users are missing out on getting a unified view of apps. It is because their processes and data are not aligned together that causes inconvenience and significantly reduces efficiency. You can conquer this issue by availing of the membership services offered by integration partners. Businesses can save a lot on maintenance costs with ongoing support and timely enhancements.

5. Go for the Hybrid Integration Platform
Every business comprises numerous departments, and while planning for integration, stakeholders must consider the interests of each department. The issue gets complex when particular departments rely on a cloud application while others cannot switch from on-premise systems. Opting for a hybrid integration platform is the only solution as it allows you to integrate both cloud-based services and on-premises systems.

Although Salesforce Integration provides you with ample benefits, you must remain careful before making a move. Considering the above points will definitely help you perform a smooth Salesforce integration. However, it is better to hire experts when you face trouble in analysing data needs and integration scope.

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