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  • By Mohit Bansal
  • 03-10-2020
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Confused! Whom to choose between Sales and Service Cloud? Don’t worry, the tremendous amount of Salesforce modules merits can puzzle anyone. However, choosing one in the place of another can be painful for not targeting the mark. And for choosing the right one between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, you should be aware of the fundamental difference of both.

These giant Salesforce products are prepared to target various purposes such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Products, Quotes, Case and many more. Although their benefits overlap quite well yet differences can’t be neglected.  

As an experienced Salesforce development company, we consult many clients daily and can say there is no less number of confused ones. During consultancy, we also clear the air on when, why and for what purpose you should choose these cloud modules.

For now, let’s start with Salesforce Sales Cloud! 

Staring with Sales Cloud
According to Salesforce’s report, “41% of Salesforce revenue comes from Sales Cloud sales”. This core sale product is designed for many purposes such as automation, maintenance and analysis. The reason behind it is gaining popularity is its usefulness for both sales representatives and managers. There is a massive list of fields that Salesforce sales cloud could help you. 

Highlighted fields Sales Cloud is making the difference:
●    Accounts
●    Leads
●    Reports
●    Dashboards
●    Campaigns
●    Tasks
●    Products
●    Quotes
●    Forecasts
●    Territory Management
●    Custom Apps
●    Tabs & Objects
●    Self-Service Portal
●    Cases
●    Visual Workflow

Benefits of Sales Cloud
- Personalized customer journey and helps to build loyal customers
- Insights, guidance and forecast help sales teams to empower sales faster and smarter.
- Expand the reach with a new sales strategy
- Place all information in place and give all intelligent alerts in one place

Issues Sales cloud can handle
- All over the place info struggle
- Critical information loss
- Less time to scale fast
- Dull process of running reports
- Push a deal forward time consumption
- Need of unique system for your unique business

How can you grow your business with Sales Cloud?
- Help in lead management- Sales cloud manage leads for you, as hot leads don’t wait for long. If you don’t offer them, someone else will. In a usual context, rep teams start with the largest and nearest one, rather than the hottest one. The cloud sets the pipeline in a much smarter way.

“It processes fast, as at the time you might track the lead you can close it with Sales cloud.”  

- Make your sales team more productive- If you want sales reps to focus much on sales instead of administrative plains, Sales cloud can help. It guides them through the sales cycle and prioritizes the work, such as:

1. Take the guesswork out of your sales cycle
2. Progress from anywhere
3. Make your team a mobile powerhouse

Service cloud explanation
Both Sales and Service Cloud overlap, but it doesn't mean Service Cloud does not have individual features. Its advanced customer service management and agent productivity improvement make it an ideal marking choice for businesses. The sales-centric Salesforce product deals with many other sales-related issues such as:
- Quotes
- Sales management
- Sales forecasting
- Sales contracted
- Opportunity splits

“Maybe this is the reason, 31% of salesforce’s revenue comes from service cloud.”

Service Cloud benefits
- Helps to create a more comprehensive system for accurate targeting and better serving
- Provides you with a complete view of customers
- Automate service process and streamline workflow and much more
-  With complete customer history, your service agents are smarter

We understand Sales Cloud brings sales and makes customers for you. But it's also a known fact that happy customers come back and back again and represent your brand in front of others too. So if you think the service team is just a break-fixer, then you might think again. In this case, a service cloud can work like a magic stick.

According to a service research report- “78% of business buyers can switch the brand if they don’t get consistent customer service.”

Standard Service cloud objects
Agents work with customers, and it's crucial to close the lead ASAP. In such wise, Service Cloud gives a readymade place to collect data. It has three standards to work, which are:
1. Contact- It represents your customers, where personalized customer information helps. 
2. Account - It represents your campaigns and works with contact, cases and other company-level data.  
3. Cases- It represents the issues your team is working on to resolve.  

How good it is to have both Clouds together, right?
Well, it's possible! Salesforce has brought these two powerful products together. So if you’re looking for something power-packed with both Cloud advantages & expertise, go with Sales+Service Cloud Solutions. With this option, both departments share a mutual customer base to help. You cannot only get leads but can nourish them too.

What can Sale+service do for you?
1. Improve the sales team with customer intelligence- The combined collection gets everything better than an individual. It takes wider information such as customer history and leads to the right solution.   

2. Help in closing deals- Surely your sales team would be impressive, but with this, they can do it more effortlessly. Just imagine a customer service agent on a call and spot a cross-sell or upsell opportunity. Converting it into lead remains just a minute of work with a rich source of customer information.   

3. Make your customers coming back- In a long (weeks or months) closing deal journey, a positive experience of the customer's sales journey can help well.  The best experience information of any customers can help you target them again with the right offers. The full source of rich customer information is key to a smoother conversation.

Over to you!
Sales Cloud is responsible for lead generation, increased sales, and opportunity of any business. However, the Service cloud is a helping module for your customer services to handle customers better. We hope the doubts are clear now and you can choose them wisely.

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