15 Link Building Strategies For 2020

  • By Shane Brown
  • 19-11-2020
  • SEO
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Link building is an essential part of SEO services. Without proper link building, you cannot stand in the competition. Today, every brand is trying to bring as many backlinks as possible for them. This will help them to rank high on various search engines in a better way. You need to identify the facts that you need to make changes and the modifications to your site.  

Sometimes quality guest post services can help you to build quality backlinks for your website. In the case of developing the link-building strategies, you need to keep on experimenting with new things. The more you can brainstorm your ideas, the better backlinks you can fetch for your website.  

Important Link Building Strategies That Can Help You To Boost Your SEO   
Several link building strategies can help your business to boost your SEO services properly. It would be best to chalk out how to help you develop your branding strategy in the right order.  

1) Link Reclamation   
Link reclamation is the easiest way to make the quality link building for your website. It would be best if you reclaimed your website's backlinks that previously existed but are now replaced or broken. You can use the tools like Moz to type in your brand and identify any unlinked mentions present across the web.  

You can make use of various search operators before you find any mentions of your brand. It would be best if you found the mentions of your brand.

2) Brocken Link Building   
The concept of broken link building is as same as that of the link reclamation strategy. The only difference here is it leverages all the broken backlinks of your website's different pages all across the web. In the middle of that, you can identify the fact whether any broken link is present on your website page when you are doing your research.  

Suppose you want to get hold of the goldmines of the broken links you need to do the topic research using Ahrefs and SEMrush. It would be best if you researched the keywords that are related to your industry. You can use any one of the tools like Ahrefs or the SEMrush to do that research.   

3) You Can Do Reverse Engineering For Competitors Link Building    
You can use the SEMrush Or Ahrefs to get the complete details of your competitor's backlink sources. You need to do the complete mapping of the DA/PA traffic of your competitors' backlink source.

The unique referral domains can give your website the requisite value for which you are doing the link building.

4) Resource Link Building   
Resources link building possesses a low success rate, and it claims the manual outreach is more. When you acquire the resource link building for generating high-quality traffic to your website, then the resource link building is the best option for you. It will help to pass authority to your website.

This is the most crucial resource link building that you must consider from your end while doing the resource link building.

5) Skyscrapper & Modified Skyscraper   
In this method, you need to create great content for your website that is worthy of getting quality backlinks. This process's main objective is to create high-quality content that can rank well on Google and other search engines for a particular set of keywords that you want. The process must include creating a better version of your content. Here better means writing a more extended version of the content, adding some interactive videos, infographics, and more.

6) 10x Content   
Here 10X content means you are providing the content on your website that is ten times better than your previous content or your competitor’s content. Now the question is, how can you do it successfully if you are competing against some major brands. It would be best if you thought out of the box while creating content that provides 10x value to your business.  

7) Guestograhics   
You can do guest posting to apply the infographics to explain the core meaning of your content. It will help you to develop interactive content for your website that your readers will love to read from their end. Sometimes infographics create more impact compared to simple text contents. 

8) Ego bait   
It is a proven performer in the SEO based link building process for your brand. The primary approach is to target the ego of the influencer marketer. It can be done by tagging a piece of content in the portion of the snippet. Ego bait will encourage the influencers to post the backlinks for your site in the future.   

9) Thought Leadership
Another effective way of building links is the method of leadership. Here, it would be best to make links for your website by sharing your thoughts on a topic where you are an expert and deeply care about this topic. It is the easiest way to drive traffic to your website.   

10) Create Original Research   
You can get high-quality links on your website when you perform in-depth research for your link building sites. It helps to create a positive impact on your brand. If the research is conducted correctly, then it will add value to your brand in the long run. The reason is you will get high-quality backlinks for your site in the future.  

11) Create Tools & Widgets   
The tools and the widgets that you are using can create an impact on your link building process. You need to earn the organic backlinks that may help you catapult the search results for those keywords that are very hard to rank on different search results. 

12) Influencer Link Building   
Influencer link building can help you to get in touch with the high traffic community of your industry. It will develop your branding process faster and easier. You need to identify the influencer of your niche to get quality backlinks from there very quickly. The objective is to give value to your industry's influencers so that they can provide you quality backlinks for your site.  

13) The Moving Man Method  
The basic idea here is to get a secure link from a currently tied page in the redirect chain. These link building tactics are very complex, and success here is not guaranteed always. It would be best if you kept on checking your basics always correctly to get the desired results of your choice. 

14) Build A promotional Database
A promotional database can provide your brand the required leverage to get the quality backlinks for your website. You can develop partnerships and relationships with many communities of your business niche to build your service

15) Promote The Content You Want To Link   
You need to promote the content for which you want to get more backlinks for your site. You cannot delay the process as others can compete with you for the same keywords and the content you are trying to get a higher rank on various search engines.

Hence, these are some of the important ways to apply to get success in your link building process. You need to identify your niche and build your community according to that for getting high potential links for your website in the future.

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