7 Ways To Enhance Your Local SEO

  • By David Neeble
  • 04-09-2019
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Businesses need to consider affordable SEO package to achieve improved online visibility. Search engine results pages appear to be very competitive but Google has implemented some revisions which contain paid ads and an opportunity to showcase your local business. These are placed above the organic search results, so with the right effort it can make a big difference in building your local brand online.
Businesses need to make improvements in their local SEO campaigns for a significant effect on the rankings of organic search. Below are some tips to consider besides looking for an affordable SEO package campaign:
- Local Search Simulation
Researching keywords is the best strategy to start with local SEO. This can be done by using the right keyword tool. Google has made it difficult to simulate local search results in different locations because it has gotten rid of its locality search filter. To avoid this, many SEO firms decide to do the following:
i. Incorporating parameters into their URL
ii. Using online tools for targeting GPS coordinates
After finding your proposed keywords, you can now begin filling in work. You should consider generating content for targeting less competitive keywords. Remember that it would be better if you place the keywords to your anchor text or HTML tags.
- Link Building Opportunities
A quality link building campaign is very important to achieve a prosperous local SEO campaign. This is also essential when doing local SEO. However, it is time-consuming to earn and build organic links. An authoritative sensation should be needed in your content so that your influencers can trust you as well as the content you publish.
As soon as the influencers point out your content as a quality one, you should take this advantage and build your link. It is hard to earn a link from an influencer, but your time and effort that you apply are the most important. You should focus on how to collaborate with the influencers and find other ways that can increase your local brand’s reputation online.
Helping webmasters replace and look for broken links can be an easy way to earn quality backlinks.
- Researching Your Competitors’ Local Strategies
You can also check your competitor’s strategies that they implement to acquire websites that are linking to their business online. Through this analysis, you can plan to get more backlinks which may help your local SEO campaign by doing the following ways:
i. Checking out the websites that link to the competitors
ii. Determining their domain authority
iii. Compiling relevant and influential domains
iv. Executing link outreach to compiled domains
- Ensuring NAP Consistency
NAP implies name, address, and phone number. You should keep this consistent on every website that it is listed. You may use an online software to oversee the citation. The existence of inconsistencies should be immediately dealt with. NAP is very important for both rankings of the local organic and local listing.
- Google My Business
Google My Business page is a very important ranking feature on your local list. It is therefore important to optimize through the following:
i. Claiming or adding your listing
ii. Verifying your account
iii. Updating the details of your business
iv. A link for your website
v. Uploading high-quality and recent business images
After having your page, you should consider gaining customer reviews and having the citations to enable local listing for optimization purposes.
- Encouraging Proof of Customer’s Satisfaction Doing Business With You
Social proof like testimonials, case, reviews, and studies are the most essential ranking signals. This will usually determine whether customers will avail your service or not. Getting customer review is not very easy but below are some methods used to improve the number of reviews for your local business:
i. Encouraging customers to provide reviews. This can be done by giving out brochures or business cards with a QR code inside.
ii. Requesting reviews. Many people do give reviews when requested through email or other means. Positive feedback can also help you build a reputation online, so pursue the review aspect diligently.
- Structured Data or Record Markup
Structured data is very important especially for your business to appear in the graph panels of Google. It also makes it easy for your visitors to find your reviews and NAP on the snippet delivered. Different markups are supposed to be used on different platforms. You can be able to manage and accomplish markups for different locations by the use of software available on the internet.
Before starting your local SEO campaign, make sure that you analyze the rankings of your current local search. Through this, you will be able to perfect your keyword research, perform competitor analysis, and comprehend Google My Business. More importantly hire an experienced SEO firm to assist you with promoting your business locally by implementing the best marketing strategies.

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