Best Practices to Rank High On Google With Content Optimization

  • By Naman Modi
  • 09-10-2020
  • SEO
google with content optimization

Words you must have heard often are, content is king. That's because it's true. If you don't believe it, try and let me know your results. Optimizing your content is a building block of traffic attraction. And that's also the essence of website optimization services. When you write focusing on humans, you fulfill their search intent and achieve remarkable results with search engines. The below tips are your guides to earn you good Google ranking:

Wow your audience with great content
What does it mean? It is self-explanatory. Offer your readers with useful stuff. Avoid writing thin content and impress them instead. Although this is not enough, it plays a considerable part in the picture and is insanely powerful. It also increases the chances of a high Google ranking.

Do keyword research
This activity can be easy if you use free keyword tools like Google keyword planner, which is ideal for a starter. And Ubersuggest tool will provide you with more keywords that are not available in the Google keyword planner. These tools will guide you in your content strategy. If you want to determine the perfect keyword, it's crucial first to understand your industry and audience. You might want to start using the keyword on your heading as well.

Perfect your site's layout
You will work on this to ensure an excellent user experience. Make your format easy to navigate and explore, even if it means hiring the website optimization services. Optimize for mobile, get your page loading like a car on the fast lane, and more.

Optimize your content
Are you using the right keywords or other necessary elements in your content? With Content Assistant, you can find your content score. If your results are from 80 percent, you are doing a good job. But if they are below that, you might try checking if your content matches the user intent. Other crucial details, like using the long-tail keywords, optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs, need not be overlooked. Working on these on your content will bring the attention of the search engine.

Keep it evergreen
Anyone, including yourself, will appreciate reading fresh content. Work on posting new content to impress your readers. And guess what? The search engines will love it too. Google wants its users to get the most updated articles possible. If you're going to get ranked high, you will have to improve your Google's content results. Update them frequently and get a calendar to remind you when you are supposed to do this - plan for weekly or less.

Use a mesmerizing Meta description
Including a Meta description in your content is crucial for Google; otherwise, your article will only show a random snippet. But when you add a custom phrase, it will show in your results. Those words should immediately capture your audience and click to quench their curiosity.

Add optimized images
As people relate better to graphics than mere content, adding them to your content increases readability. Pictures add a significant impact. They tend to deliver a message quicker with clarity. However, ensure your image file size is adjusted not to impact your page load speed. Add alt tags to serve as text substitute, and image tags as well. If you find yourself battling with this, you can use the website optimization services.

Use optimized video
Using videos on your content is perfect for grabbing your audience's attention. No wonder marketers have discovered this secret of marketing. Use great clips that relate to your niche, and they should be clear and audible without distortion. You can add keywords to the video's title, your descriptions, and tags. Then share them on social media platforms where your target audience is likely to hang out.

Improve readability
When you are writing, it's crucial to use easy to read grammar and avoid jargons. Your niche might be in hospital and medicine, but that does not mean you write exclusively to the physicians. A lot more people might be looking at your content and can benefit from your content.

In conclusion, content optimization starts with informative and beneficial writing for the user. While applying for the above strategies, your content will get those beautiful Google rankings. However, using website optimization services will increase your chance of getting into SERPs.

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