Top 5 Advanced Link Building Tactics to Crush SEO In 2020

  • By Mashum Mollah
  • 20-07-2020
  • SEO
link building in seo 2020

Link building is an important part of SEO that will help you to rank on the first page of the search engine result page. If your quality content is not on the first page of Google then you need to build links with quality sites that will boost your SEO.

Link building is a part of off-page SEO and you must know all the strategies of link building so that your post can rank on SERPs. You need to keep in mind building backlinks is not enough as you need to build backlinks to only quality and relevant sites. For example, if your site is related to business then you need to build backlinks with only business sites and building backlinks with fashion sites will not help your site to gain much authority. These are the minor things that you need to keep in mind.

On the other hand, you can take the help of the link building services too if you are unable to manage your link building process. Those services will help your site to rank on the search engine result page as well as gain ranking and authority.

To crush SEO, you need to develop a strong strategy because without a strategy you will not be able to proceed further. It is very important to plan powerful strategies for your site so that you can take your site to the next level of success.

Top 5 Advanced Link Building Tactics to Crush SEO In 2020

The importance of link building for your site is already discussed above. Now, let’s know the top five link building tactics to crush SEO in 2020.

Write a Good Guest Post:
If you want to build backlinks with quality and relevant sites then you need to write a good guest post. There are many website owners who deliver poor content to other sites because they think it is just meant for link build.

But this is absolutely wrong. You should always deliver a good article to them so that you can drive traffic as well as build authority for your site. This is one of the advanced link building tactics that you must know in 2020.

List your Site on Trustworthy Directories:
This is another vital part of the link building tactics i.e., you need to list your site on trustworthy directories. This way you can get a free referring domain without any article. You just need to create your profile on those directories and give the link to your website homepage. This is also one of the advanced tactics that you must know.

Build Relationships:
Before building backlinks you need to build your relationships with the high-quality sites so that if you get a chance to link your one site then in the future you can get the chance to link other sites too.

Building relationships are a very important part of the SEO that you must know in 2020. This will help your site to grow.

Ask For Backlinks:
If you are a beginner then you can ask for backlinks from any of your friends, relatives or anyone whom you know has a blog. This is one of the best ways to build backlinks for a beginner. Then, you can search for quality sites to build links.

Search Your Competitors:
Yes, this is another tactic to build backlinks for your site. If you don’t know to which sites you should build backlinks then you can search who your competitors are. Then you can build backlinks with those sites that have a referring domain of your competitor.

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