What Are The Strategies To Generate High-Quality Links From Images?

  • By Jack Calder
  • 30-10-2018
  • SEO
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High-quality backlinks have always been an important factor in SEO. It determines how search engines like Google display a site in search results. They continue to be relevant today without any doubt. As a matter of fact, Search engines view every link to your site as a confirmation of the quality of your content and show it in their SERPs accordingly. As we all know that images are widely used in SEO(Search Engine Optimization), so the question arises can digital marketing professionals use images to get high-quality backlinks to their websites? Let’s mull over all possibilities and facts now.
high quality links from images
1. Commercial Use of Image Sharing Option
We all know that SEO professionals use images extensively in Search Engine Optimization. As they reel under huge pressure to optimize several websites every day and fetch tangible results for the projects they are working on, so they use images of other websites with some edits. It’s a widespread practice all over the world. Without your knowledge, several people share your images on their websites, social media channels, etc. If you come to know this, contact those persons and ask them to point a backlink to your website for using your images free of cost. This will divert a good amount of traffic to your website.
2. Get Backlinks from Image Sharing Websites
It’s a fact that today’s internet audience is crazy about the interesting information presented via image content. They love to share image content in maximum to spread useful and advantageous knowledge. So, create user-centric image content, and share them maximum on different image sharing websites. This will help you to generate a lot of traffic to your website if the created images fulfill the needs of the targeted audience.
3. Intensify Image Bookmarking Activities
All Internet users know that there is the possibility to make bookmarks in almost every browser. If you like a site, it’s very easy to save it by bookmarking it so that you can return to it at any time and read the available content. Such stored pages gradually become more and it is quite difficult not to get lost in them and not to forget what was saved. Image bookmarks are a solution to this problem. Such a handy addition now works almost all browsers. All bookmarked images point users to your website.
4. Use More Images in Guest Blogging
We all know that guest blogging is all about writing useful posts and getting it published on websites or blogs operated by others. Successful Guest Blogging brings several positive results and helps you to make more revenues every day. Use informative images in Guest Blogging materials and make sure they contain useful links pointing users to your website. If this happens, lots of referral traffic is diverted to your website every day.
Final Words
To be honest, SEO professionals and digital marketing individuals take a number of steps to get high-quality backlinks to websites and increase the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns. By using the above-mentioned ways, you can easily grab quality backlinks to your website using image content. Best of luck!

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