Which Way Is SEO Heading In 2020 To Accommodate Emerging Trends?

  • By Virang Kachhadiya
  • 12-08-2019
  • SEO
seo trends 2020
Going online is the best thing you could do to promote businesses nowadays. Now that smartphones have overtaken desktop computers through sheer convenience and ease of use, mobile optimization is high on the agenda. Similar to the brick and mortar shops in the town, it is a mad scramble online to attract customers with seemingly fabulous offers. Many a wolf may appear in sheep clothing and make sweet promises to attract incomes. Meanwhile, SEO tricks are doing rather well to make online companies rank higher on search engines, improve online traffic, and increase CRO.
Glancing at the possibilities in 2020 and beyond
Now that 2019 is half done, what is likely to happen during the remaining months? What were the trends in 2018? Though we have been saying similar things like video and voice search across the last few years, things are happening and intense drama is in the offing. Companies that attract thousands of visitors and make fortunes understand what SEO means. Feeling the pulse of the user and gauging customer intentions would reach very far.
The mystery of browser algorithms
Every company wants visibility and higher chances of customer visits and potential business on the first page of the SERPs. That seems to be like asking for the moon because the first page can accommodate only a few companies. Further, search engine ranking criteria are not understood and keep changing all the time to avoid malpractice. However, the dominant trends are apparent, and they need to be continuously updated on a war footing.
Quality content on websites attract serious attention
Outsourced content writing jobs to affordable rates in developing countries will only sacrifice quality. It is a sham and shallow age of the present. The new generation with a glut of updated information via the web excels at flippant talk that appears like the learned approach. Use a little judgment, and you soon realize that it is all empty words that have been nicely arranged to create sensations. It is high time that content includes E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) over the given subject like pet dogs rather than interesting babble along with pretty pictures and heart-warming videos. It is time for the expert, and specialization is essential.
Social media and the human element
A midst the saturation with technology, getting human is important, and social media is where it happens. Personal approaches are essential with the world tiring of machine products that promote sameness. Websites need to improve that human touch and feel factor rather than mechanical information. Google would pay more attention to the social channels, and the impact upon SEO would be handled.
Brand promotion
Closely connected with content quality, functional quality garments would make compelling subjects for content writing, videos, and images. In a word, it is brand quality and reputation that stand in the way with too many ordinary garments and a few fakes that pretend to be big names. Advertising and reviews online can make a difference, but they require the expense, skill, and intelligent content creation.
Promotion of brand names uses partnerships with similar companies, and online portals reflect the news. Involvement of celebrities and levels of trust in the company matter. How does the company deal with complaints and how soon are they settled?
Get real about advertising
Almost every advertiser makes a hefty profit, but adverts often distort the facts to attract attention. Avoid getting blacklisted on search engines by cheating and fakes, threats, and discrimination. The visual appearance of banners, for instance, should not get in the way of the user. Target audiences need to be honored. Crawlers will get to the truth soon enough.
Keywords and Voice and Image search
While we cannot do without keywords and now everyone has become an expert at it! We need to get innovative and creative and cater to whims and fancies. Millions already use the voice search facility, and image searches too would minimize the use of typed words that not everybody will be able to do. Since an average individual, today possesses several devices, using pictures to search for a particular flower is no big deal. Using the voice facility also reduces some of the numbness of using machines all day long.
Appropriate use of geo-locations
With each of us occupying a point in space and time, don’t you think company locations would matter so much? Users should not be turning off geo-locations on devices. Information retrieval and accuracy of information would be better facilitated with geo-locations. Physically, gains would result for somebody searching for a restaurant and yours being the closest one. It is so much more comfortable with geo-location turned on since the city, and town name need not be repeated each time a search takes place.
The magic of video rages on and on
One wonders how many videos travel the web each day! Nothing could be trendier than the video services to the promotion of products or services for 2020 UI/UX. Users will quickly understand video content rather than text and images. Video is so lifelike and so realistic. See the product being used or service delivered in real-time. Search engines would quickly grant a high rating to websites with quality video content.
Blockchains and digital currencies
Records of transactions in crypto-currencies are maintained over a blockchain. Digital currencies are getting popular due to convenience and ease without a central authority.
Company security and safeguarding personal information
In spite of hackers, it is definite that cloud security is getting safer with time. Just imagine the vast amounts of company information that need to be protected. Further, individual personal information like bank accounts should be kept secure too because so much of crime can happen with stolen identities. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is one such EU body. Risks are everywhere, but the noose is getting tighter, and greater online security is in the offing.

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