Why Business Entrepreneurs Opt For SEO and its Importance in 2019

  • By Dipen Patel
  • 21-12-2018
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seo and its importance in 2019

What Is SEO
Search Engine Optimization, as we say SEO, is nothing but a method that ranks your website on search engine.

Do you remember the last time you clicked open a browser to look for an answer or a solution to any problem? Whether it's is a purchase you wish to initiate or a product you want to gain information, the best place you try your research is a browser. Google has answers for all and that too in the shortest possible time. Agree? 

Yes, you possibly do. 
So, in the current digital scenario, Search engines are trending. Digital marketers and business entrepreneurs use this platform to promote their products. However, the visibility of any site depends on its ranking. In simple words, the higher the ranking, more is the traffic propensity towards a website. And here SEO comes into the picture.
But what is SEO? 
The subtle form of ranking a web page and likewise leverage traffic towards the same. To state further, a ranking of a webpage largely depends on several factors but these factors are subject to change keeping in mind the search engine you are working on. 
Importance Of SEO 
Business Professionals today leave no stone unturned and incorporate all the desired tactics to strive success in the market. There prevails two kinds of these, one that has a dedicated set of clients and would flair their product only to those specific clients. The other being the business professional that do not own any client set and need to induce strategies to target the potential customers. Where the former does not need SEO strategizing, the latter part of the business millennials promotes their products through websites. However, to enhance ROI and drive a huge user base, it is desirable that your website ranks top or least have higher visibility. 
SEO has been found to have immense priority when it comes to business marketing. Having said that, it becomes imperative to know the importance of SEO:
- People surfing on the browser and searching for a product suggest that you intend to induce action. 
- According to several studies, it is seen that web pages that have topmost visibility drive maximum traffic. This, on the other hand, reflects the fact that webpages on the next page need to fight to strive. 
- Online researches happen mostly over search engines. If your webpage ranks high, then there is a high probability of your business rising high.
So, in case your website is still struggling to find it's way among google ranking, it's high time you incorporate SEO tools and techniques.
Basic Steps of SEO
SEO can either be given to an agency or you can employ an in-house SEO. However, before this, you should be well versed in strategies and a budget so that you can invest in the requirements. Start with doing homework. Perform a background check and see where your website stands and also keep a check at your competitor's website. Once you are done with knowing where does your business stand, you can next start with working on keywords.
The most important element in SEO is Keyword Planning. SEO seek a considerable amount of keyword with each having a significant density. Websites that rank high have optimal keyword density. You should try to increase your keyword density by few percentages so that overall traffic increases. To have a higher rank, your website must have a page that has a significantly higher keyword density to increase the overall traffic. Proper usage of tags, headings, image tags and body copy to leverage the probability of higher visibility.
Once you are done with strategizing and further setting goals to target customers, you next need to draft a plan. Several kinds of research reveal that strategic plans help manage the campaign for a client. You have conducted earlier work to see where does your website ranks, and this will now aid implementation of plans and execute desirable strategies.
Content fixing, websites amendment, outreach, and backlinks are the best way to increase the popularity of your website.
Tools of SEO for several activities
A plethora of tools exist today that help you in your debate for the free organic traffic search. True that ranking high and taking a page at the top requires a great deal of time. Few of the most common tools are:
- Google Keyword Planner 
One of the best platform to optimize keywords is Google Keyword Planner. This platform helps SEO analyst to perform researches and also analyze keyword list with their occurrence density to give you an idea about which keyword is most popular and the frequency of the same.
- SEMrush
Another popular SEO tool designed online is SEMrush. The tool help analyst sees the search position of the domain along with keyword ranking. Additionally, it gives a list of a few other keywords having similar occurrence density.
- Longtail Pro
One of the best SEO tool you can use for optimizing search engines and the best part you can do it all yourself. You need not to be an expert or an SEO analyst. Excellent interface with simple and straightforward techniques, longtail pro is more than just a keyword planner.
- Deep crawl
As the name suggests, Deep crawl propensate to the deepest level of the website to provide you significant insights about the same. A site exploring, indexing and validating content are some of the SEO techniques used by this SEO tool. The deep crawl also exposed the technical issues your website might be facing that reduces the credibility of the site and likewise, the page rank drastically declines.
Why do we need SEO In 2019
Digital markets are on the verge of transformation and with this, business professionals also need to integrate features that exploit resources to help them strike better SEO. Yes, SEO techniques might change in the upcoming years owing to the mobile devices and technology we use. Alexa, voice Technologies all would alter the digital world and this on a whole boosts competition. Hence, for all the marketing geeks, it would be imperative to stay ahead of their rivals and employ the best SEO techniques to tailor to all the marketing needs.

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