12 Most Effective Tactics To Improve Your Social Media Presence [Infographic]

  • By Helga Moreno
  • 01-08-2018
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social media presence
If you are struggling for your social media marketing campaigns success, I advise you to read this intro and view the infographic included in the article. I am going to cover simple, yet effective tactics of boosting your social media influence. 
It has been proven by scientists that we process visual information faster and remember it longer, so I decided to simplify the things for you. 
But let me explain a few points before you’ll start to study infographic.
Do you know what is the best thing about social media? People come to read your posts because they want to. You don’t force your messages to them. They are interested in your products or services.
That’s really cool but the question is how to increase the number of your social media followers and engage with them. 
You don’t need to be an SMM professional to grow your influence, however, you will have to nurture your followers. You will need to establish yourself as an expert in your business niche. 
Please note that boosting your social media influence is not something done once in a lifetime. The process is similar to growing a plant. It requires your constant care (watering, cutting, weeding, fertilizing, etc.). Growing social media influence is a time-consuming process.
What I’m going to feature are some of the tested tips that will help you build your social media influence. Most of them are generic, so they can be used by anyone. 
social media presence
Need Further Explanation?
Ok, let’s discuss every point in detail. 
You need to launch conversations
You need to devote some time to your audience if you want to attract new followers and keep the old ones. Not sure what to talk to them about? Simply ask them about their daily activities. 
You need to have followers to become popular on social media, so you’d better start building your gang. Add your friends, your peers, people who are interested in what you are doing.
Running a blog is also a good idea. Don’t forget to comment on other people’s posts and be easy to access to your followers. You need to interact with them instead of just posting what you did or are going to do.
Track the trends
Follow people’s conversations. It’s really good if you can contribute to that topic. Don’t think, do it. Having small talks on hot topics in your niche is a brilliant way to reach out to people and attract new followers.
We, at Ahrefs, use the Content Explorer tool to find the most shared content in our niche quickly and easily.
content explorer
It finds the most shared and the most “linked to” content on any topic across the web.
If you have too many results, you can filter them by publication date, a number of social shares, language, word count, etc. This will narrow down the results of your search.
But that’s not all, you can see the social share graphs. They show content performance in different social networks over time.
content explorer graph
I use “Who tweeted” feature to find influencers when I am going to run an outreach campaign, it’s very convenient.
Carry out contests, events & post news
People are emphatic creatures. They like to reach out to their peers. They want to be involved in your life events. Reach them out by holding contests and regular events. Don’t forget to encourage them to get involved. Share the latest news and developments at your company or in your life with them.
Build contacts using hashtags
Do you use keywords and hashtags to reach out to people on social media sites? These are good tools for the purpose. Not sure how to take full advantage of them? Watch other people and learn from them. But you need to be sagacious.
Posting original content is a must but you should never forget that other people also have what to say, I mean they have interesting things to share. What you can do is curate some posts and share them on your page. One more golden rule is not to overwhelm your followers with posts. You need to find the perfect balance between being creative and selective about what you post.
Are you good at something? Promote it!
It’s cool to be a generalist as you get the unlimited freedom to post about everything. But this is not an option for you if you are running a niche business. You simply can’t afford to be a generalist. So, what you need to do is find some specific topics that resonate with what you do and create posts related to them. This is the way how you can become an expert on a certain subject. You’ll see that eventually, people will start to trust you.
Measure social media activities 
If you carry out any sort of activity on social media, it’s natural that you want to know what comes out of it. It’s easy to find out everything you are interested in. Sign up with social media measurement websites like Klout or Kred. They are pretty intuitive and all instructions are available on their websites. When you’ll sign on, you will get necessary insights on what you are doing right and what is not working.
Your audience can also make specific inputs
Let’s imagine that you have just launched a new product or service. Would you like to get inputs on a specific issue? Of course, you would, so why not ask your followers what they think? As a rule, people are eager to share advice. Such kind of interaction will increase your engagement with the existing followers and add new people to the community.
Mention high influencers in your posts
It’s beneficial to mention high influencers names and give compliments on posts written by others on your wall as a part of their fame will be associated with you. If you are doing this on Twitter, you need to add @ before the influencer’s name. If you are doing this on Facebook and Google+, add + in front of the name. This is also one of the tricks to increase your social media influence.
Maintain friendly relationships with high influencers in your niche
Of course, you are not the only one working in your niche. There are many others and they may be much more influential than you. If you will nurture connections with some of these people they may mention you in their posts or share your content. 
Connect through alternative channels
Why limit your conversations to social media networks? You are not restricted in possibilities. For instance, you can record podcasts, host chats on Google Hangout, give radio interviews, post videos on YouTube, and so on. There are so many ways to connect with people and all of them will help you build your social media influence.
Over To You
As you understand there are many more ways to increase your social media influence. Try to observe what other people are doing successfully and adopt those techniques to increase your influence on social media.
Now please be so kind and answer a couple of questions related to the information you have just read. Did you like my infographic? Are you going to use any of the listed tactics for your social media marketing campaigns? 
Your feedback is welcome in the comments section & please don’t forget to share the infographic with your friends on social media accounts if you find it worthy ;)

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