5 Social Media Trends Your Mobile App Must Integrate

  • By Monika Kushwaha
  • 15-05-2020
  • Social Media
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Mobile apps are a powerful tool for a business enterprise to expand user base, create brand awareness and grow ROI. There are more than 5 million apps in both the Google and Apple app stores, and more are released on a daily basis. In 2019, a person spent over 85% of its time on mobile apps, which is approx 2 hours and 41 minutes per day.
But not every app is that engaging and for that right strategy needs to be followed. One of the keys to make your app a successful is to keep users retain for longer duration. It has been observed that successful mobile apps have integrated innovative social features that allow users to connect and engage with your business. You can consult Mobile Application Development Company in India to get better insights of these features for a successful mobile app venture.
This post walks you through the top 5 social media trends you can incorporate into your business mobile app to make sure it engages users:
1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Data breaches are serious threat in the digital sphere. They come in several forms including data leaking, identity theft, and many more. With a rapid growth of mobile app users, data protection has become a major priority for businesses. With so many cases being reported on daily basis, companies started to implement AI & ML as an important social media trend in their mobile app to reduce the number of data breaches.
AI technology can help to prevent identity fraud, strengthening 2FA, and blocking malevolent links. AI algorithms are also useful to develop anti-malware software and login audits to secure users from cyber attacks.
Machine Learning is another technology helping mobile app developers to secure user information in social media. Several cases have been reported regarding leakage of a large amount of information. AI couldn’t handle such data leaks alone because its algorithms are more beneficial to smaller data sets. But its integration with ML is quite beneficial for mobile apps data security.
2. User Generated Content
Podcasting, social media networking, digital videos, blogging, wiki articles, reviews, and other content posted by users is termed as a user-generated. More and more users share posts from their favorite brands to win prize. The main reason behind user-generated content popularity is its ability to build bond between consumers and brands. This way, business owners should implement below steps to establish a connection with their target audience:
- Contest to engage your customers.
- Market research to know the target audience preferences.
- Create an engaging content.
3. AR & VR
Emotional connection with the content is the main reason behind integrating AR & VR to social media app development. Augmented Reality is an amazing way of augmenting real-time environment to boost user experiences. Popular apps are using AR filters to superimpose two and three-dimensional images on human faces. With such a powerful influence of AR on social media, there is no doubt it will change our daily lives. AR games are gathering huge popularity and they will drive users in large numbers to a mobile app.
Virtual Reality creates a simulated environment, making users to interact with the virtual world. People can feel immersive experiences from any part of the world! Facebook offers Facebook 360 allowing users to view photos from multiple angles. Is VR a prominent feature of social media? Yes, it is. VR is going to change the complete scenario of business apps.
4. Real-Time Video Streaming
Video streaming is becoming a major trend on social media. In 2017, millions of users watched how the baby giraffe was born at Animal Adventure. This has revealed how live video streaming can bring million of users. And seeing this feature small, medium, and large-sized firms are integrating it. Here is the list of popular video streaming strategies used by business enterprises to boost brand awareness among their target customers:
- Show content related to a TV program.
- Share real location during live video streaming.
- Integrate different social media channels for broadcasting.
5. Integrate Buy Button
A proven strategy for every business is to provide the customers a simple buying process. And social media is the most prominent platform where firms will find their target customers most of the time. If they are not able to visit the stores or e-commerce websites, serve products to them on their favorite platter that is Social Media.
If a user finds the image of your product on social media, give them feature to buy it on the spot. Provide a ‘Buy Button’ which helps them to shop through the social media channel without going to shopping site. Buy Buttons is a new social media trends to achieve desired business goal.
Wrapping Up:
Social media will undergo a lot of transformation in the near future. As more and more people are using them in the world, mobile apps with latest social media trends might be in demand. Other than that, there is a severe risk of online hacks, which is quite a challenging job.
In our post, we have discussed important social media trends that are worth integrating in a mobile app. These trends will definitely enhance the user’s experience and keep them engaged.

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