6 Effective Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

  • By Kefaya Hassan
  • 24-12-2018
  • Social Media
boost your business with snapchat
While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter remain the most popular platforms for social media marketing, Snapchat is also making its way into the list with its 186 million daily active users. If you haven’t included Snapchat in your marketing strategy, it is time to do so. This post provides some effective tips that will help you to boost your business using Snapchat.
1. Post your story regularly:
If you think creating a Snapchat account is going to be enough to boost conversions for your business, you are mistaken. You need to make sure the account is active. If you don’t post stories on your Snapchat account on a regular basis, people are going to forget about the existence of your brand on the platform.
Since the Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, you need to post often, maybe multiple times a day, to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your followers. However, don't go overboard with the posts. 3-4 stories are enough for a day unless there's a big event.
2. Rope in influencers to take over your account:
Influencer marketing is already popular across leading social media platforms. Some brands have already started using it on Snapchat as well. It might interest you to find out which celebrity or influencer is willing to collaborate with you for a Snapchat marketing campaign. Once you rope in an influencer for the campaign, you can expose your brand to a wider audience.
Since the influencer has a steady following on social media, you can gain a better mileage with this trick. In fact, you may get a number of new prospects when you allow an influencer to take over your Snapchat account. You can pay the influencer for this or have a different agreement depending on what’s viable for both the parties.
3. Promote new products:
To get your followers excited about your brand, keep them up to date with news about big occasions like a product launch. You don't need to wait for the day of your product launch to do so. You can start teasing the followers with a sneak peek, behind the scenes or perhaps logo designs of the new product as soon as you get your hands on them.
By building hype and anticipation, you can get your consumers ready for the product even before its release. So, you must keep posting engaging stories on your Snapchat account. You cannot expect the target audience to check your website every day. But, they do check their Snapchat feed. So, there are higher chances of getting the followers excited about your new product.
4. Reply to the followers:
Putting up stories on the account on a regular basis is the best way to engage with your followers. However, you cannot just rely on the posts for conversions. You also need to engage with them at a personal level to nurture the leads. If you get a reply to your story or receive a direct message from the follower, you should definitely reply to that.
Talking of other social media platforms, people can read your comments and know if you are interacting with your followers or not. However, on Snapchat, it is between you and the follower. This is why you should focus more on responding to the followers. It can make them feel special and help you earn their trust.
5. Choose your posts wisely:
Don’t just post mindless stories about your brand on Snapchat. If you really want to increase the conversion rate, you need to ensure that the posts are relevant to your brand and to your audience. Try to avoid the issues that are too controversial.
If you are running a company that provides academic assistance, you have to keep in mind that your services cater to the students. While making the most of Snapchat, do not forget to highlight that you provide online essay editor at cheap rates.
You can also discuss social issues that are relevant in today’s world, and how your brand is involved in such issues. There are a few pain points of every group of audience. You need to identify them and direct your social media strategies accordingly.
6. Drive traffic to your website:
You might be wondering about the benefits of posting regularly on Snapchat. If your posts are intriguing enough, it can compel the audience to view your website, at least for one. And thanks to the new feature on Snapchat, directing the audiences to your website is now easier than ever.
With the new feature, you can add any link to your post. When you are uploading an image or video clip, just click on the paperclip icon to attach the preferred link with the post. You can add the link to your landing page to leverage on the Snapchat follower base.
If you are yet to consider Snapchat for your social media campaigns, it is a good time to include it in your marketing strategy. Follow these aforementioned tips and you will see a noticeable change in your conversion rates.

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