7 Video Marketing Content Ideas to Strengthen Your Bottom Line

  • By Gaurav Kanabar
  • 04-05-2022
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video marketing content ideas

Creating an engaging video takes time, resources, and talent. Whether you are producing video with an outside or in-house team, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. One of the significant challenges is that after all efforts to build a phenomenal final product, a big puzzle is often overlooked: the promotional strategy.

You might undoubtedly be great at promoting your blog content, but social media trends and video marketing content are a whole new beast. Video content resonates amazingly with audiences; just include a video on your landing page and experience a boost in conversion rate. If you're planning to go with it, this article can help you look over 7 video marketing content ideas that will help you strengthen your bottom line. You need to take enough time to drive viewers to find and watch your video.

What is Video Marketing Content?

Video marketing content is a new strategy that adopts the principle of creating and sharing consistent and relevant video content with the targeted group to acquire fascinating and interesting ideas. In today's digital marketing world, it becomes vital to know how you can rank your video, what percentage of people read your blogs or watch videos, and how many people follow your channels.

You need to understand that most people these days prefer time-saving methods to read, shop, and visit. Your video content can help them in taking important actions. As many people prefer exploring videos, most video content producers find it challenging to produce content that engages more audiences. Brands that want to produce engaging video content need impressive ideas.

Importance of Video Marketing Content: Why You Must Focus on it?
During pandemics, most people in the US spend their time watching digital video across multiple devices and formats. There were around 244 million digital video viewers in 2020 in the US alone; this shows more than a 3% increase compared to the previous year.

Content trends preferences by Hubspot show that video content is no longer limited to entertainment purposes. Video marketing content has extended to brands. More than 54% of customers want to see video content from a business or brand they support. With growing video demand, many industry influencers are proactively producing different types of video content to meet the growing demand.

Wyzowl's survey shows that more than 86% of marketing professionals use video content as a marketing tool. They believe that video content potential helps them to grow their business. However, almost 78% of professionals agree that videos have helped boost sales, while around 86% of visual content helps them increase website traffic.

Users are viewing videos on different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or any other. Videos are one of the most favorite content types for customers to see from brands. Approximately 73% of customers claim that they get influenced by the social presence of a brand, particularly when it comes to making a product buying decision.

All the above-listed statistics clearly represent that videos are getting popular with time. It greatly influences customers' purchase decisions; hence it's no surprise that Instagram has become the fastest-growing social platform that uses video content to drive more purchases.

Video content is in great demand as more and more people are paying attention to it. Most prefer to skip written and audio content. Hence brands can choose to go for short or long video marketing content to advertise their business product or service. Undoubtedly video content marketing is a good way to go.

Step-by-Step Process to Develop Video Marketing Strategy
We might have come across many types of video ads on social, OTT, and video streaming platforms. Feature-rich video streaming script will make everything easier; you can create and use video on the platform as promotional content. The platform also enables you to show the ads differently, like banners or others.

Developing a video marketing content strategy is similar to developing a blogging strategy. The primary difference is that here you need a camera instead of Google Docs. There are basic steps that you can consider for developing a video marketing strategy.

Define Your Goal
Select a Format
Execute Your Plan

As you gain traction, you can easily start hiring contractors to professionally record the visual content for you and put the footage together. You can choose to upgrade your cameras in the future; it's essential to just get started. Commit to releasing a video for months and watch as you gain traction.

7 Video Marketing Content Ideas That Help You Boost Your Bottom Line
Video marketing content is an easily consumable and engaging form of content on the web; it can be addicting when used correctly. Everyone has lost track of time on video platforms like YouTube or any other; it's too easy not to. More than 55% of people choose to watch the video every day; however, 78% watch videos at least once a week.

This number is growing steadily, which demonstrates why video content should be a powerful part of marketing strategy. Coming up with video content isn't easy. If you are planning to include video content into your marketing strategy, then here are 7 video marketing content ideas that will help you boost your bottom line. It also enables you to mix things and drive more engagement with your campaign.

Optimize Your Video Thumbnail
The video thumbnail is an important component to drive more visitors to watch a video. "Everyone judges a book by its cover"; hence it becomes vital for you to dress your marketing video for the occasion by giving it a play-worthy thumbnail image. One of the creative ideas is to ensure visitors play the video by using engaging images.

Run a Video Campaign on Social Platforms
One of the perfect ways to drive people to your video content is by offering something for free. Where can you do this? It's the social network where people are likely to spread and share your video content. Turning to lead to your landing page means driving more people to play the video. You can choose to go with Twitter and Facebook video campaigns to boost engagement.

Add Share Buttons
Are you aware of how powerful social media is? In fact, you can start and end your day on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other platform. You can ensure that your video content is sharable on all the platforms. You can use advanced tools and platforms that enable you to share out the shareable link directly on the video content.

Ask Viewers to Share Video Content
Viewers can help you share the content and spread word of mouth. Hence don't feel ashamed to ask your friends, family, and other members to share your content with others. This can help you closely connect with your targeted market and boost engagement.

Don't Ignore Email Marketing
An email has made its path from being messages between academics to widespread global usage. The number of email users has reached around 4.3 billion in 2021. This figure is expected to grow and reach around 4.6 billion in 2025, making up around half of the expected world population.

Video and email marketing are a perfect match. Adding the word "video" in a subject line can boost the click-through rate by 65%, the open rate by around 19%, and decrease unsubscribers by 26%. You can boost the email engagement by adding a video thumbnail to the email.

It's free and easy to incorporate videos into ongoing email nurture campaigns; it can also lead to better attribution. For example, using HubSpot, Mailchimp, SendPulse, or any other platforms enables them to pipe video viewing information into the lead workflow and scoring.

Pin Your Video to Your Twitter Feed
As of 2021, Twitter has approximately 206 million monetizable daily active users globally. A few of the most-followed Twitter accounts include celebrities like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, president Barack Obama, and many more.

Twitter is favored in the United States; as of January 2022, it had an audience reach of 76.9 million users. However, countries like Japan and India rank second and third with 58 and 23.6 million users.

By pinning a Tweet, you can ensure that the Tweet does not get lost in the new tweets you are consistently posting. It will drive more engagement to valuable video tweets. Pinning your video to your Twitter feed led to ten times increase in conversions. This is an effective way to drive more views for your video.

Share Video in Online Communities
No matter whether it is a Linkedin group, Reddit, Twitter chat, or any other popular online community, you must actively engage in these realms and share your video marketing content when relevant.

For example, when you are working for inbound marketing, you can join and start a conversation with people who are struggling with the inbound efforts. You can choose to share an explainer video, answering all their questions and how to help them in an engaging manner.

Ending Note
Video marketing is the most popular content tactic for B2C as well as B2B companies. It helps to build enough content to keep strategies buzzing for an uphill battle for many. You can come up with engaging and creative ideas to create interesting and engaging content. Take enough time to explore the great content ideas that are all around the web. Different styles of videos can often motivate a treasure trove of untapped range to take benefit.

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