Choicest Instagram Marketing Strategies for a Newly Started Business

  • By Daniel Mattei
  • 03-08-2018
  • Social Media
instagram marketing
Are you of the opinion that Instagram is simply an image-sharing application? If that is what you think, it is high time you changed your mindset. In this article, you could explore how Instagram could help in promoting your brand and boosting your business right from the early days or the budding stage of your business.
Instagram is supposed to be the most popular and frequently used social media platform that has over 800 million monthly active users. Instagram is actively assisting numerous big and small businesses in generating sales and building their brand image and boosting social media presence. Here are some of the top Instagram marketing tactics for giving your business the support that is required during the earlier days.
Focus on Selling Stories & Not on Selling Products
It is not enough to have an impressive and extensive list of Instagram followers for your business to boost product sales. It is essential to be an integral part of a community for selling your products effectively. You need to engage Instagram users and then consider selling your products to them. You could boost engagement via stunning pictures, an amazing behind-the-scenes- story, a video informing the user about your true brand values etc.
You must not push your products and must not indulge in overdoing the selling act. You must cleverly invest in gorgeous pictures and videos that have exceptional production values. This makes a tremendous amount of difference and you could easily get real followers for Instagram.
Post to Cater to the Unique Requirements of the Target Audience
You must have initiated your business keeping a precise group of consumers in your mind. Therefore, you need to share posts that focus on your target audience and you need to focus on their unique requirements. These consumers would most probably buy your products as they need the products more than others.
You need to clearly highlight exactly what your brand is all about, what products and services you are offering and how your products would be altering and improving their way of life. Concentrate on what your target audience is looking for and witness the boost in engagement and the increase in conversion rates.
Rely on Personalized Branding Instead of Sponsored Advertisements
Instagram is the most successful social media platform that concentrates on organic reach instead of relying on sponsored advertisements. With a business that is taking baby steps, an entrepreneur would need to stick to a tight budget. Instagram could prove to be really helpful as it promotes budget-friendly cost-effective marketing and brand promotion. As an owner of a small business or a startup, you must consider leveraging the power and full potential of this social media platform and its organic reach.
Start creating and posting pictures and videos based primarily on your brand’s mission and vision. This would be boosting your business’s reputation. You must realize that personalized branding could be far more effective as compared to some sponsored advertisements on Instagram.
Consider Leveraging Instagram Stories
instagram stories
Instagram Stories could be helping you in unleashing the fullest potential of Instagram for your new business. New brands could make the most of the Instagram Stories and use it predominantly as an active marketing tool for gaining more visibility, diversifying creative direction, and encouraging user-generated content.
You must try the above-discussed Instagram marketing tactics for your business that is at an early stage. Another strategy that could really work is, going live on Instagram.  When you go live on Instagram, your precise target audience would be getting a notification. Thanks to this feature, you could be interacting more intensely with them and infusing a human touch to the relationship that you share with them.

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