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  • 17-06-2019
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buzz about your app on social media
Nearly a month ago, a potential business idea crossed your mind, and that's when you decided to develop a mobile app! Then, you went ahead and hired a team of expert mobile app developers. After a lot of brainstorming, hard work and dedication and a few months down the line you have a promising app ready that will undoubtedly be able to address a particular issue or a problem. But, before developing the app, you might have explored a lot many articles and blogs about the mobile application on the internet. Hence, your app has smooth navigation, impressive design, and user-friendly interface that makes it comprehensive and enables it to serve the purpose adequately.
Viola! You've hit the perfect cord! And, now you eagerly wait for it to become an instant hit on Google Play and Apple App store. But, hold on! If you think that your part of the job is done, and you can now sit back and relax, you're wrong, my friend!
On the contrary, the most import task of your project starts now. What your app needs is an all-inclusive marketing plan, to grab the attention of your target audience. A well-planned marketing strategy will not only create the required hype but will also help improve the number of app downloads.
Creating a demand for your app is quite essential, and there are various means to do so. Experts might have different opinions about the best practices. Few might suggest opting for in-app ads, whereas, few might urge you to choose for the app store optimization. In case, you are a newbie to the digital world; it will undoubtedly create a dilemma for you.
No matter how capable and problem-solving the app is, if it fails to find a place in the smartphones of its target audience, you are reaching nowhere. With just app store optimization, you will not be able to attract the right audience. You'll need a more efficient plan to build a dynamic digital presence.
The answer to your dilemma is Social Media.
Promoting your app through social media platforms, it not only proves to be an effective marketing strategy but it also is a cost-effective strategy to get more downloads and create a buzz. Social media platforms are not just ideal for the new apps but can also help existing apps to reach out to a broader audience and build brand awareness of a larger scale.
If you are not aware of how to use social media for app marketing, this comprehensive guide is just for you!
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Start promoting your app before its launch

Don't wait until the launch of your app is la. Although your app might be in the development state, start the promotions right away! Creating a buzz in advance can work in your favor. How to start?
Live and active apps would definitely have their own social media accounts. But, for the promotion of new apps, you need to create social media accounts first. It is the first step to get started.
Create social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.
The next step is to write the business description. All the social media platforms provide enough space for a short introduction about the product and the company. You need to write a crisp, precise and informative description that creates curiosity among followers. Social media is a two-way street. You don't just need to lure people to follow you. But, you also have to follow others. Find industry-specific accounts, groups, and people and start following them. By doing so, even before your app hits the market, people will have an idea about it.
Apply different strategies for different social media platforms

All social media platforms are not the same. The one-fit-for-all option does not work here. You need to have an individual plan for each social media platform. For example, a content strategy designed for Facebook becomes irrelevant for Instagram as it's a photo-sharing platform. Hence, you need to take some time first to explore all these platforms and then create a different strategy for each social media platform.
One of the most effective and useful social media platforms, Facebook is a social media channel that you cannot disregard. Facebook has millions of active users and provides an outstanding opportunity to create genuine followers and exceptional brand awareness. It is also a powerful medium to engage with your customers directly and improve your brand credibility.
Ensure that the content posted on Facebook is informative, to the point, and innovative. In addition to that, your content should provide relevant information and useful insights that could be further shared by the viewers.
Initially, you might not get more followers, but don't lose heart. Keep posting relevant content, and you will see improvement. Also, share your posts on relevant groups to gain more visitors to the app page. Furthermore, you should participate in discussions and debates pertinent to your business niche.
Moreover, to gain more followers instantly, you can also opt for a paid campaign that offers splendid results. Here, you are allowed to target your audience based on different parameters such as age, gender, location, and other demographics.
However, it does not mean that you rely on paid campaigns only. In the long run, organic reach creates brand awareness and recognition. So keep a fine balance between organic content and paid content.
Creating a Facebook business account is essential irrespective of your app and business niche.
Twitter is a micro-blogging social networking site that allows users to write short and crisp content. Though the character limit is restricted, it does not make it, a less powerful medium to use. It allows you to share more creative and unique and interactive content that obliges users to like and retweet.
With its powerful advanced search feature, you can find users who might download your app. This advanced search feature facilitates you to search for keywords, hashtags, locations, and accounts.
Here, too, you can take active participation in pertinent debates and discussions and follow influencers related to your business niche. Retweet and like posts of users and start communicating with your opinions and suggestions for the relevant considerations.
Furthermore, you can also use a paid campaign feature to highlight your tweet which increases visibility and engagement.
With the help of advanced tools such as Mention and Slack, you can get notified when someone mentions your product in their tweets. This will also help you to interact with potential users who might be interested to know more about your product.
You surely are in for some luck, if you plan to share visuals to captivate your audiences as there are plenty of such apps out there. Instagram is one such app that is built explicitly for photo and video sharing. It has 800 million active users per month and offers strong user engagement too. Also, it has the highest engagement rate compared to other social network sites.
Thanks to the invention of smart mobile cameras with superior picture quality, Instagram can work like the Elder Wand of Harry Potter. With modern visual technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Instagram is taking over the world with a massive storm.
Share high-quality, attractive and vibrant pictures and videos to engage users. With Instagram Stories, you can even reach out to more users. Also, try to associate with influencers who can share your posts and stories to get more attention.
By executing some interactive and fun contents on Instagram, you can lure the youngsters into participating by merely posting or sharing your product pictures on their social profiles.
Although, Quora is the youngest platform amongst all the other social sites, however, it has an excellent potential to promote your brand. It is an interactive forum wherein; you can ask any question or answer questions that interest you. And, the Upvote system helps to popularize your subject or topic of discussion. Further, even here, you can opt for the paid promotion advertising option. Building a community here is utmost important.
Make sure you appoint a dedicated resource (and not a bot) that can ask or answer the questions, and it is imperative for that person to have a real identity. Find topics of your business niche and engage your audiences with question-answer sessions.
Go Live
Majority of the social media platforms facilitate the feature of ‘Go Live,' that is the opportunity to showcase your product or services via live streaming. Here, you can interact with your audiences in real time either by attending to their queries or concerns or simply by promoting your product benefits. So, don't' wait! Go live now and flaunt your app and increase the chances of downloads.
In addition to that, you can also improve your in-app purchases with live video streaming.
Use Hashtags:
Hashtags are also very popular across various social media platforms. You can use the hash (#) sign before any word or phrase to find relevant topics for that particular phrase. Initially, hashtags were used only on Twitter. However, nowadays, hashtags are widely used across all major social media platforms.
Influencers are the best
Influencers are the ones who have an authoritative voice and genuine followers across the web world. These followers look forward to their expert advice, and hence they are ideal resources to market your product. You can approach these influencers to promote your app or social media posts to get more popularity for your mobile app. Some influencers might charge you a certain amount for the promotion, whereas few might agree to promote it for free (Only if they might have genuinely liked your offerings or in exchange of free products or services).
Content is king
You might have come across this phrase a million times while reading various articles or blogs. Let us assure you that it is one hundred percent relevant! Content definitely, is the king. The world can be your playground if you can create original, engaging and creative content.
You can differentiate your content from other business through higher quality or some unique attribute. However; relevancy plays an important role here. Your followers expect relevant, original and useful information, and you simply cannot disappoint them.
To create the best social media campaign and grow your app's visibility, you must first concentrate on creating good content. And lots of it!
Some additional tips:
Here is a list of few extra tips that you can consider to improve the visibility of your social media posts and to increase your followers.
Offer incentives
Offer some freebies or discounts to users who share your posts on social media platforms.
Sharing within the app
In-app sharing options can also motivate users to share your posts with other users.
Give recognition to your regular followers
Your loyal users expect recognition and gratification. Mention them in your content and stories and let them feel that you appreciate their efforts.
Create eye-catching visuals
Impressive visuals mean half the battle won. Hire best graphic designers and create visually-stunning images, videos, and infographics that instantly grab the attention of onlookers.
App marketing is crucial. Social media platforms offer you an opportunity to reach out to your target audience in the most superior manner. Everyone might have a different opinion when it comes to social media promotions, but one thing is certain- relevant, engaging and original content always works in your favor. Build an active and authoritative presence, and you are assured to be in good health.
Use different social media tools such as live streaming, advanced search, and hashtags to attract more users. Engage directly with the users and offer solutions to their issues.

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