Five Instagram Apps That You Can Use to Design Quotes to Jazz up Your Account

  • By Harris Scott
  • 17-08-2018
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Even when you post diverse images and content on your social media accounts, it can often become very monotonous for the followers, which can cause them to skip your posts and possibly miss out on very important content. A very simple way of breaking the monotony and boosting the engagement of your Instagram account is to post interesting quotes along with images that are visually captivating. While you could do that by adding a caption, you can take it further by adding the text quote onto the image itself and make it doubly interesting. In case, you have not ever considered posting an image with a quote assuming it to be a difficult process, here are some very simple apps that let you do the job in a jiffy:
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FaceGarage is a very simple tool that works on most browsers that you can use to create images with text quotes overlaid in them very easily. Apart from being able to use the image of your own choice, you can access the library of images that the app has and type in your favorite quotation to create a photo quote. The app lets you select the font, adjust the point size, the color, and the formatting so that you can compose the visual quote exactly as you want and place the text in the image as you wish. A simple click creates the final image that you can publish on your Instagram account and impress your followers. One of the main reasons why it has proved to be so popular is that the quotes you create do not have an embedded watermark or a logo.
Canva is a very versatile app that works on both Android and iOS as well as on web browsers. Even though the app has many features that extend its capabilities way beyond what you would ever need for making your Instagram account more interesting, Canva has proved to be very popular with social media users due to its extreme ease of use and availability of plenty of stunning pre-configured templates. Using the app’s social media post settings, you can compose flyers, banners, cards, and image posts of every conceivable shape and size with the help of the readily available backgrounds or if you wish, you can go ahead and click your own picture on your smartphone. After you have chosen the image you want to use for the quote and then framed the actual quotation, you have the luxury of playing around with a large selection of fonts. After ensuring that the font is to your liking, you can adjust the size and the color so that there is a perfect balance between the image and text, which should be very easy to read. After you have made the final selection, just click to publish on your Instagram account.
ReciteThis is a popular web app that many users of social media have been using. Just like the other apps, you can choose from one of the templates or click your own photo and then choose the font and adjust the text to your liking before clicking on the “Create” button and publishing it on to your social media account. While, you can directly publish on many social media accounts, to publish on Instagram, you need to download the image and then publish it, as you would normally do to your account. While the app operation is very simple and intuitive, all the quotes that you compose using it will have a watermark in the bottom-center of each frame. If you are really finicky, you may be able to use an image editor to crop it out before publishing. If you are looking to acquire more followers, apart from using attractively designed quotes, you could take the help of professional marketing services.
Word Swag
Available on both Android and iOS, Word Swag is a mobile app that has been consistently popular with social media users for a number of years. In fact, it ranks in the top 100 apps in the Photo & Video category of iTunes. The app makes available a special typing engine that helps users to create fresh and innovative quote designs based on background pictures they wish to work with either from its own stock or using any of the photos that they have clicked themselves. After selecting the image, they just need to type in the text of the quote in the text editor and then choose one of the styles from the fifty that are available and make their final choice from the huge assortment of choices that appear on the screen. A very handy integration with Pixabay makes available thousands of choices for the image and the quote.
A free mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms, InstaQuote gives you many options for composing your visual quote with different images, fonts, as well as color schemes. Like many other apps in this category, users have the flexibility of using one of their own images of choosing from an exhaustive library of stock images provided by the app. The app is favored by many users because it allows them to publish directly on the Instagram account instead of having to first download and then publish. You may find the advertisements a bit of a bother but then it is a free app. Some features are obviously locked in the free version of the app and available for use only in the paid one.
There is no denying the strategic use of image quotations that can be used to enliven the contents of your Instagram account and promote user engagement. Alternatively, you can use the quotes to inspire people. You can use quotes to get more likes and followers if you take the trouble of understanding what contents your followers like more and their aspirations and interests. The strategy of using visual quotes will invariably work far better when you know what is trending and how you can relate with your target audience with content that appeals to them and engages their attention.

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