Group Text Messaging: Suitable Option For All Business Centric Approaches

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  • 29-09-2018
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As per the report from Salesforce, those brands using group text for marketing will end up with an open rate of around 98%. If you compare this with the average opening rate of emails at 21%, you will realize why most of the organizations, whether big or small, are using this form of group text messaging as primary marketing channel. It is also proven to be a quality outreach services. These benefits are not going to stop with any open rate. Salesforce even came to the conclusion that group texts can easily get converted at 45% on average with a reading time within 5 seconds once received.
Helping out so many businesses:
Group texting has already helped so many businesses, schools, community groups and even some faith based organizations to communicate with multiple people at the same time. Sending group text can be one of the most promising ways to engage, notify and even promote the firm. Now, you must be wondering the reason for the proven success of this outreach strategy. Some of those points are mentioned below for you. You can even get hold of some extra points, once you have logged online at
- The method is no doubt simple. You don’t have to study or go through advanced design or technical knowledge just for sending group text message. SMS software providers will be the one creating interfaces, which are user friendly in nature and can always get accessed from any form of internet based areas or devices.
- When it comes to the monetary value, group texting is always categorized as inexpensive. These group texts will cost you few pennies per message. With the highest form of response that it might generate, text message now yields stronger ROI for businesses who are using it as part of overall mobile based marketing strategy.
- Effectiveness is another major reason for people to actually head for group SMS texting services. As mobile phones have become inseparable parts of your life, they are now considered as one of the most reliable form of outreach tools for all the companies out there. Now the only question is how much effective this texting tool is? Let’s find out that as well.
Group form of text messages for organizations:
Whether you fail to realize it or not, there are so many times when you have been exposed to group text messages in any way. The most common form of usage in this regard is by retailers, trying to invite you to take advantage of their special discounts or offers, by sending you a text message to your registered number. Well, don’t be fooled into thinking that retail is the only industry taking help of this group text messaging service as it is not! it is time to find out more about the other industries in question.
Political firms:
Political parties are now using this field o group texting for the sake of communicating police and even organizing volunteers. The same method is used for soliciting contributions. You might not realize it but all political parties use group texting methodology for encouraging citizens to move out of their place and vote.
Now for the retailers:
As already mentioned earlier, retailers might often invite you to take advantage of their discounts or special offers. They will inform you about that by group text messaging. By just texting keyword to dedicated number, they will end up promoting special deals. This is not something new as you might have received such messages at least once, if not more. The contact will receive confirmation text and even instructions to try out. Any other business groups apart from retailers will use this group text service for engaging, acquiring and even servicing customers.
The non-profit organizations:
Non-profits will often take help of this group text messaging service for communicating policies, soliciting contributions and more, just like political parties. If you are associated with any community group, you might have been asked to subscribe to group text message just to keep updated daily on the activities.
For the schools:
You might have come across the term higher education group texting service sometimes. It often helps in supporting administrators and staff mainly because of the level of immediacy it can offer in spreading awareness to students, associated with any school event. This same service can often be used for advising parents regarding any form of school closure or synchronizing he campus personnel in event of emergency. There are so many learning institutions, which have always been advocating mass form of text messaging during such times. Here, the texting work when data networks are overloaded sometimes.
Now for the churches:
Nowadays, you will come across so many churches, using this text messaging practice with the aim to communicate with congregations. This service is used over here for sending reminders about any bible study class, church service or even community events. All these services come handy with proven history of increase in attendance. On the other hand, this method of texting helps in building relationships with the upcoming generations of congregants by just communicating with them, in a way which is quite relevant to their modern lifestyle.
These are few of the many industries and institutions, which are gaining quite some popularity by addressing proficient use of group text messaging. If you are associated with any of these industries or just associated with any other firm, you are cordially invited to try taking out this service. The more you start using it the better you will come to learn about the features.
Always ask experts for help:
Is this your first time ever trying to send group text message to your relevant customers, groups or people? If so, then you might get confused, which is a common feeling among first timers. You don’t have to worry any longer as there are multiple SMS platforms available, where the software will do the job on your behalf. Just provide them with information and let them work on the rest, on your behalf.

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